Love Of My Life Episode 16

Love Of My Life Episode 16 Adelle discovers she is pregnant, Adelle fight Kelly after she inherited 70per cent of Stefano’s fortune

Adelle woke up to the voice of Stefano and began thinking about him. The family had a breakfast and since the family looked so down, Kelly proposed a trip. Adelle referred to Kelly as insensitive and this led to a misunderstanding. Isabella agreed with Adelle since it was not the right time to have fun.

The way Adelle sounded made Kelly feel bad and left the table to ask the maid if she was an insensitive person. Adelle bad mouth Kelly to Niks but Niks made it clear that Adelle had no bad motive, she was only trying to help and the fact that Adelle did not share the same ideas with Kelly and saw things differently did not mean that she deserved all those words.

Later, The kids had a misunderstanding while talking about Stefano. Gideon said their father would come and Andrei said he wouldn’t. As they were arguing, Giddy pushed Andrei and the latter also pushed Giddy for him to fall. Isabella appeared in the scene and asked why he pushed Giddy.

Andrei explained that Giddy pushed him first and Isabella said he was the senior. She told him not to do that again and made him turn to use her slipper to punish him. Andrei went to inform Adelle and the latter dust up with Isabella. Isabella told her that if she had a problem with how she runs her home she could leave.

Once Kelly heard her son was pushed by Andrei, she got upset and seek for justice. Gideon went to beg Andrei to request for his forgiveness. Andrei forgave him and Adelle came in to inform him that they should pack and leave.

Gideon went to inform Kelly. She had a cheerful face that Adelle was leaving. Gideon told her to stop them from leaving but Kelly sat him down and told him that it was Adelle’s choice and decision to leave and she could not stop her from going.

She told Gideon to keep it in mind that he would not go anywhere because the house was his rightful place to stay and only him alone had to stay. Gideon asked the reason for the word right. She heard a commotion outside and Kelly went out.

Nikolai stopped her from going and Kelly also added her voice. Adelle said she was leaving and suddenly she began to feel dizzy and felt like throwing up. Nikolai helped her to sit and Kelly saw that she was gaining weight and she told her and Niks that she could be pregnant.

Since Adelle did not know her status, Kelly brought her a test kit and she went to check. She was pregnant and she told her son that his prayers and wishes have come to pass. Nikolai went to inform Isabella for her to stop Adelle from going to the province.

Adelle after putting up an attitude finally accepted to stay and told Niks that she was the one who was wronged but Isabella never apologised and felt that she made her stay due to the baby she was carrying.

Niks made it clear that he was not stopped when he was leaving the house so she should take it like that since that was the form his mother conceded defeat and apologise.

Kelly couldn’t get enough drink so Eden got her the ones she hid in her room for them to celebrate. Unbeknownst, Kelly was rather in a sad mood that Stefano actually got Adelle pregnant since she thought she was only his baby mama and had an ace under her sleeves not knowing he has gotten Adelle pregnant.

While brooding, holding Stefano’s portrait, Isabella came there to confront her for drinking. She said she was sharing some drinks and suggested they run a test on Adelle’s child to know if it actually Stefano’s. Adelle asked her what she was talking about since she was the wife.

Kelly said they did same to her son so they have to also do that to her child. Nikolai said no one would do that because her son was kept away for long that was the reason they conducted a DNA test on her while Adelle is the wife.

Adelle got offended and in her room told Niks that she could tell that Kelly was not sincere when she congratulated her. She thought she had an affair with another man and called Kelly names. Niks told her not to mind her because Kelly was drunk.

Kelly went to her house to meet her friends and she did her selling online. Her friends told her that it would get to a time she wouldn’t have to stress herself as her son’s inheritance would be in her hands.

Fast forward, the lawyer came to share what Stefano left behind. Stefano did not leave any will so per the legal means the wife had to get 70per cent of what he left behind and his children would have the other 30per cent. He left one condominium and it had to be split half, half between the illegitimate son and his biological son.

Kelly whispered that then her son got nothing. Isabella urged the lawyer to continue. He said Stefano’s shares in the Gonzales company would be for Adelle and her children but before his death, Stefano fixed a Trust fund for both his children. Each would get 1million but they would have to reach a legal age before.

Kelly asked the lawyer a question why can’t her son get his at the moment but Isabella did not allow the lawyer to answer and told Kelly that when Gideon reaches the legal age. When the lawyer left, Niks asked why she wanted her son’s own now and she said her son might need it now.

Adelle interjected that her son would waste it so she needed to wait for the legal age. Kelly got upset with her for throwing that jab. She made it clear that she did not teach her son on how to waste so she could not say such a thing about her son.

Kelly explained that any unfortunate thing could happen to her son. He might fall sick or something and Isabella said they would cross that gutter once they get there. Nick explained that they were there for her. Kelly left and was with the maids when one told Kelly that she was rich now since her son has inherited a fortune.

One interjected that Adelle was the millionaire since practically inherited everything. One said if she had married Stefano, she would have inherited all that. Kelly then in a jovial manner said she would have inherited all if she was the wife.

Adelle appeared to make a farce out of it that Kelly was jealous of her and wished to be the wife to inherit all that. Kelly made it clear that she was making a mistake she was joking around with the maids. Isabella appeared in the scene and Adelle reported Kelly to Isabella that Adelle was jealous and wished to be the wife to inherit everything.

How Adelle was bad mouthing her got her upset and Kelly made it clear that she never regretted and never wished to be the wife of Stefano because she was not the marrying type and for the money, she could work to get some. She was nota frëãky widow waiting for inheritance. Adelle got offended.


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