Love Of My Life Episode 17

Love Of My Life Episode 17 Kelly and Nikolai mate, Adelle risks her pregnancy

Isabella sat Adelle down to ask why she would conclude that Kelly was jealous of her when she was not there to hear the conversation of Kelly and the servants.

She told her not to feel insecure about what she inherited because Kelly could not be envious of her and goes around to tell the maids about it. Isabella also spoke to Kelly and advised her not to play such jokes again.

Nikolai stumbled on Isabella speaking with Janice that Kelly can’t be jealous of Adelle, even if she did, there was nothing she could do and Adelle shouldn’t fight Kelly since she already had it all, fighting Kelly wouldn’t change anything.

Janice lauded Stefano for fixing the trust funds of the kids before dying and found him as responsible. Isabella said Stefano has always been responsible unlike Niks. This saddened the heart of Niks and he went to drink at the pool side.

Kelly was swimming and he found her attractive. She joined him and he told her about his grief about the comparison he has to endure even after the deàth of his brother. His mother still saw him as irresponsible even after the deàth of Stefano.

Kelly said he was a Gonzales and he could work hard and be responsible since it was in his blood. She woke up to find herself in Niks’ bedroom as they consumed the night with marathon of së× which made Niks visit the washroom to pee.

Kelly never regretted what they did. The two found themselves as adults and they engaged eachother with smiles.

Unfortunately, Isabella came to knock so Kelly was forced to go to the bathroom. Isabella hearing some noise inside Niks room and was not ready to open, forcefully made her way in but not when Kelly had hidden. Her lingerie fell so Niks had to boot it quickly for his mother not to find out.

He was forced into the bathroom to bathroom. Kelly quickly sneaked out when Isabella left. As she found her son asleep, Isabella came knocking and she rushed to her bathroom. In the bathroom she discovered that she left her pant in Niks bedroom.

Isabella woke Gideon up and asked about his mother. Gideon said his mother did not sleep next to him last night. As Kelly overheard Gideon she came out and greeted. Gideon asked her if she slept with him and she said she did but when she came in, he was fast asleep.

The family had breakfast and Gideon requested for more hot dogs or sausages. He said he wanted small one and that reminded Kelly of what happened between her and Niks so she joked around with it. After breakfast, she sneaked her way to Niks’ door to ask about her pant.

Before Niks could listen to her, Adelle came to cause a scene which made her to have an episode. Kelly called Niks out, in the middle of the brouhaha, Isabella showed up to blame Kelly. As they rushed Adelle to the clinic, Kelly fled from home since she was scared that Adelle might lose her pregnancy and she would be blamed for it.

She told her son that the baby Adelle was expecting was the fully fledged grandchild of Isabella and prayed nothing bad happened to it. Gideon wondered what his mother meant, so he queried his mother about the person who was the fake grandson.

The doctor said the baby was okay and she bled due to stress. When they came home, Adelle was surprised to find her son crying.
He explained that Kelly and Gideon had left the house. Isabella was sad and impatient wondering where Kelly might have gone to. Nikolai told her not to worry, he would bring Kelly back home.

Kelly arrived home to find her father causing commotion. The security was sending him away when Kelly arrived and he told them that Kelly was his daughter. He asked Kelly where she went that she had her bags with her. He asked whether they went to a vacation and she gave a contrary answer.

However, Gideon told him where they stayed. Kelly stopped her son and told him that she only told him that to inform the police. Edong asked if she was married and she said no. She knew her father wanted money so she gave it to him for him to leave.

Edong used the money to buy toys for her other daughter and gave it to his girlfriend. Gideon kept asking his mother questions about her reason she left the big house. Niks arrived at Kelly’s place and she told him the reason why she left.

Niks said his mother was very concerned about her and sent him to fetch her. Kelly indicated that she was an outsider but Gideon was the only one who was his blood relation. Niks told her to forgo that idea, she was a family so he sent her back to the Gonzales mansion.

Meanwhile, Isabella was still thinking about how Kelly was coping with her grandson. She blamed herself for blaming Kelly for the cramp pains of Adelle. She advised Adelle to know how to manage her stress. As she kept blaming herself, Adelle also said she was partly to be blamed.

She confessed that she was consumed with hatred and now she would know how to handle herself. Isabella while with Janice could not concentrate on the work and still thinking about Kelly and Gideon. Janice reminded her about her advice on how one could manage stress.

To her dismay, Kelly arrived with Gideon and she embraced the boy. She asked Kelly why she left and she told her that she was scared that she would be blamed should Adelle have a miscarriage. Isabella admitted it was her fault as she was too quick to blame her.

She advised her not to engage in any banter with Adelle and blamed Adelle’s behaviour to pregnancy hormones. Kelly patched things up with Adelle and gave her a gift. An attire for workout. Adelle got upset and told Kelly that she was gaining weight because she was pregnant.

Kelly told her that she did training when she was pregnant so she did not grow fat when she gave birth. Adelle got upset for indirectly calling her fat and was walking out on her when Kelly stopped her.


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