Love Of My Life Episode 18

Love Of My Life Episode 18 Nikolai gains a job as warehouse assistant at GGC, Adelle begins to prepare lunch with notes for Nikolai, Nikolai fights at work

Kelly did work out with Adelle and the servants. Isabella and Janice heard noise and came down. Kelly asked if she was disturbing but seeing everyone happy, Isabella said no. Janice joined the training but hee boss called her which made her stop it.

She told Kelly that she would join another time. Adelle told Nikolai that Kelly was teaching her how to do work out. Nikolai was glad that they were getting along. Adelle realised that he was dressed up and he said he had a job interview.

Adelle believed he would gain it since he was a smart guy. Kelly was about to dry her things when she saw her lingerie in the line and she took it. Unknown to her, Eden has seen her. After hearing her son has applied a job at a competitor’s company, Isabella went home to confront Nikolai for his action.

Nikolai indicated that he had not done anything wrong and was even thinking she would be happy for him. Isabella said it shouldn’t be a competitor’s company. Nikolai said he applied many jobs and it might be that the Gonzales Group of Companies (GGC) competitor called first.

He told his mother that she would have rejected him before he even applied at her company. Isabella indicated that she gave him so many chances but he blew it and even went an extent of sleeping with his secretary.

Nikolai did not understand why his mother kept digging the skeletons of her past while she preached about forgiveness and moving on. Nikolai said he would do anything to prove himself. Since he said anything, Isabella got him a job as a warehouse assistant.

Domingo who toured him at the facility to show him his job also said he would transport the materials if the driver was not around and told him to get a professional driver’s license. Domingo then reported to Isabella that though her son was not happy with the job but accepted to do it.

Isabella told him not to let anyone knows that Nikolai was her son and urged him to keep eyes on him. Janice asked Isabella if she was okay seeing her own son working in the warehouse while he had a college degree. Isabella said she wanted him to learn just like how his senior brother, Stefano started from scratch.

Nikolai told Kelly about his new post and Kelly laughed saying he was in a suit yet he got a job menial job. She told Nikolai that he called for that since he told his mother he was willing to do anything. He then told Adelle and she advised him not to see it as demeaning and she cited herself as an example when she worked from scratch till she got promoted.

She was sure his supervisor would pass good complement for him to climb the ladder. When Niks left to bed, Adelle then asked Arsing if that was how Isabella was, always making her son start from the lower to the higher. Isabella arrived to hear and questioned Adelle if she had a problem with that.

She went in to query Niks if he thought telling Adelle would make him win her sympathy and challenged him to quit if he was not interested in the position. Nikolai dared her that he would not quit but would rise from the ranks.

He then gave Adelle milk and told her that he prepared for her since Mr Arsing told him how she stood up for him. Eden questioned Kelly if she had something doing with Niks since she witnessed her taking her pant which was found in Nikolai’s room from the line.

Before he would go to work, Nikolai assisted Adelle who was throwing up and he charged Andrei to ensure his mother take his medicine. At work, some troublesome colleagues of Nikolai called him a show off and intentionally pushes him for the bags he was packing fell.

Niks new friend stopped him from taking the guys on. Edong came to the big house to see Kelly but she stopped him from going through. Kelly gave him money and told him not come there anymore and promised to give him money the next day after a client’s meeting.

Isabella saw Kelly and she hid her father. Isabella asked what she was doing there and she said she wanted to buy something outside and Isabella asked why she was going in her house attire. She wanted to join her in the ride but she said she wanted to walk.

When she left she made her father go but Edong said Isabella looked familiar and Kelly said he might have seen her on television. Later, Kelly made Niks helped her package the lotions and perfumes for delivery. She told him that she was in need of an extra job.

The kids, later, wanted to play with Niks but Adele stopped them since Niks might be tired. Adelle asked Niks about work and Adelle the next day seeing Eden preparing lunch for Arsing, she took a lunch box from her to pack some for Nikolai. She attached a note to it and told him to save his lunch money.

Kelly asked her friends if they have heard a part time job and they knew her father might be in need of money. They said her son had a Trust fund but if she needed a job, she could ask Isabella. Reading the note on his lunch box, Niks called Adelle to thank her and told her he called because of the note.

Adelle explained that she was used leaving notes on Andrei’s lunch box and Niks said it was nothing. After his lunch the trouble makers picked on Niks’ friend when one told him to pack his materials since he had to leave early and the boy said he could not do it, he picked a fight with him and Niks tried to stop them.

One hit Niks and he fought him. Isabella was informed and Niks was called to his mother’s office when he was speaking with Kelly over the phone. Kelly wanted to ask about the available job at GGC but couldn’t since Niks was called.

Nikolai was reprimanded by his mother without listening to his side of the story. Nikolai refused to join the family that night at dinner so Kelly went to talk to him to listen to his problem when he was in the family’s room. He locked himself there and Keely joined him.

Domingo called Isabella to explain to her that what happened was not Nikolai’s fault and he only defended himself. Isabella asked why he could not inform her early and he sent his secretary. Domingo said the secretary did not consult him and all that he heard was that she had told her. Isabella then said she would talk to her son.


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