Love Of My Life Episode 21

Love Of My Life Episode 21 Edong fakes cancer ailment to extort money from Kelly, Adelle witnessed Kelly and Nikolai k!ssing

The family had breakfast and Isabella told Gideon to eat his favourite bacon. However, Siony opposed it and advised Gideon not to eat fat even as a child he has to eat properly. Siony asked Adelle if she would join her to the market but Isabella reminded Adelle of their arrangement with the interior designer.

Adelle told Isabella that she wanted to keep her mother company so Isabella was forced to make Janice rescheduled the meeting with the designer.

Kelly witnessed how Adelle was bonding with her mother and was happy. She told Isabella that Adelle was lucky to be spending time with her mother.

Isabella asked her where her own mother was. Kelly said her mother was late but her father was having his own family now and she also has own. Edong used the money his lōvër was saving for them to go to Hong Kong on gambling and he loss it.

Jadina, hearing that got upset and his lōvër insisted on him to do anything to raise the money to make their daughter happy. Edong then faked cancer ailment to demand 30,000 from Kelly.

Kelly did not have such an amount but knowing that it was the same sickness that k!lled Stefano, Kelly began to collect money from those who owed her.

She asked her friends for assistance but her friends did not have and suggested she asked Nikolai. Kelly said she would feel embarrassed to ask him even though they were good friends. She said she would do anything to raise the money.

She asked Janice how one could have a salary advancement and she said she was asking for a friend. Elsewhere, Nikolai went with Adelle and her family to a eatery where they ate.

Kelly after she called him and he said the place was noisy went home and took the money she saved for Gideon in order to add to the money she has raised. Edong asked someone whose relative by name Emman has cancer ailment to know the treatment and examination to lie to Kelly.

Kelly visited him and gave him the money to do the biopsy test and wanted to send him to the hospital since he was coughing. Edong told her to leave, promising that he would go. Kelly was troubled while thinking about him, she wished he gets better and was not ready to lose someone like that anymore.

Her friends prayed that it would not be cancer but something else. Kelly told them that as a child she got to meet her father twice but as an adult she only set eyes on him when he needed money and he doesn’t even spend time with her even if she was wishing he spend more time with her.

Kelly was willing to do anything to make him survive out of her depression she got drunk. Isabella told Janice that she was glad that Nikolai was getting along with everyone even with Adelle’s family. It was like getting to know her son again.

Arsing returned from sending Janice home and praised Nikolai for doing a great job for courting Adelle, that he said has left good impression on Adelle’s family and Isabella. He said he was not courting her and swore it to him but the chauffeur said he could not deceive him.

Kelly was brought home and Niks was the one who was sending her inside. They k!ssed and Adelle appeared in the scene and stood mouth agape while watching. She was trembling and almost tripped while she was climbing the stairs. This alerted Niks and called her out. Adelle apologised.

Kelly threw up on Niks’ clothes so he sent her to the washroom. Adelle could not get over what she saw and she joined the pieces together to discover that Nikolai was the man who used Kelly and jilted her.

When Nikolai came to explain what she witnessed, she asked him if he was the one who disposed Kelly after using her and he tried to explain how his relationship with Kelly was. Adelle now concluded that he was the one and confronted him for his action.

He told her to respect women and also should act responsibly. She walked out and her brother came to meet her lost in her thoughts. Elmer knew she was bothered by an issue and asked her what she was thinking about. Adelle now opened up that she had two friends who were having an affair without any strings attached.

She said she would not be able to even k!ss a man she was not dating or not married to. Siony said she would even send her back to her womb if she could do that. Elmer told Adelle that she was old fashion just like her mother because there were some people who did not actually want any labels.

Eden came to hear her still talking about how those friends of her could act in that manner. She interjected that she should allow those friends to be. She curiously asked if she knew the friends she was talking about and Eden said no. However, irrespective of the person she should allow them to be.

She talked with Kelly the next day to ask if Niks was the guy and he was still leading her own. Kelly admitted but she cleared the air that they had nothing doing and she was the one who k!ssed him. When Kelly left, Adelle asked Eden whether that was all left meant to Kelly. Eden said she thought she knew Kelly by now that life was all about fun.

She saw Nikolai and he tried to explain. Adelle said it was no longer her business because Kelly was cool and she did not have to meddle since both were fine with that relationship. Nikolai corrected her that there was no relationship.

She gave him the lunch and they had breakfast. Kelly requested that Niks should pass the hot dog to her and Adelle began to laugh sarcastically. When Kelly asked the reason for her laughter she said she remembered something and kept laughing.

Kelly knew she was doing that to draw attention between her and Nikolai. This made Nikolai asked Kelly exactly what she told Adelle about them which has made Adelle think that they were having a relationship. She said she cleared things with Adelle but she was old fashion and believed that one had to be in a relationship before they even k!$$.

At work, Isabella called Kelly and gave her the salary advancement even when Kelly did not directly ask. Isabella told her that she should consider her as family and run to her whenever she needed something. Kelly became emotional and thanked her.

Isabella thanked Janice for informing her. She said Kelly was dare in need of of the money and was actually grateful when she had it. Janice wondered what Kelly would do with the money. Isabella said unless they wait till when Kelly feels easy to share her problem.

Kelly went to give the money to her father and Edong said he was having a lung cancer. Kelly was very worried about him but the man said it was stage one cancer so medicine and treatment would suppress it. Edong went to his lōvër to give her the money and the lady asked how he got that amount.

He said he told his daughter that he had cancer and his lōvër wondered how he could stoop so low. He said she gave him that idea and lady reminded him that she did not tell him to lie to his daughter. However, they were happy to have such an amount.

In the house, Isabella and Janice stumbled on the maids talking about bikini girl which someone they almost named as Nikolai was dating. She questioned the maids but none spoke the truth. Isabella was sure that they were hiding something and asked Janice if Nikolai was seeing someone and Janice said she had not seen that.


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