Love Of My Life Highlights Episode 21-25

Love Of My Life Highlights Episode 21-25 Niks confesses his feelings to Adelle after their second k!ss, Kelly discovers her father’s lies and cut off her support, Adelle runs from home before her cover could be blown

Edong has a problem with his lōvër and he rushes to Kelly to pose off that he is diagnosed of cancer to demand for money. Kelly feels so bad for him and in desperation seeks for money to help in her father’s treatment.

She begs Janice to help her gets advance salary. However, Janice hands are tied in this matter. Kelly meets with her friends and she is scared that her father might d!e just like Stefano.

That night, she gets home drunk and ends in the arms of Niks. Adelle comes to meet both k!ssing and acts in astonishment. She almost falls whiles she apologises to them and rushes to her room.

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Adelle can’t get over it and joins the pieces together to conclude that Niks is the man Kelly talked to her about. Later, Nikolai tries to explain everything to her and Adelle calls him as irresponsible for getting in bed with Kelly.

Niks talks with Kelly about what Adelle said and she goes to talk to Adelle to clear the air. Yet, Adelle holds the issue that Kelly and Niks are having an affair.

Isabella gives Kelly the money she wants and she rushes to meet her father to give him the money. Edong refuses to go to the hospital with Kelly and gives the money to his lōvër when Kelly left.

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After that, he refuses to pick Kelly’s call. With time, Kelly becomes so depressed with everything that is going on. She sulks in the house and Niks comes to console her.

Isabella arrives home to overhear the maids talking about the mysterious girlfriend of Niks who even left her lingerie in his room and the pant strangely got missing in the drying line. Isabella questions Eden but none of the maids talk.

She orders Janice to find the girl her son is dating. Niks embraces Kelly, fortunately or unfortunately, Isabella arrives at the scene and scolds Niks for having a relationship with Kelly but he denies. Adelle together with her mother also appeared at the scene.

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This makes Isabella drives Niks to a different room to have a private talk with him. She warns Nick to put a stop to whatever he is having with Kelly under her roof and know that it is wrong to be having an affair with her.

Kelly feels that Adelle is responsible for what is going on so she confronted her for being a betrayer after trusting her with her personal issue. As the commotion is on going, Isabella and Niks comes to stop Kelly.

There, Isabella realises that all her assumptions are true and she is even shocked that Adelle is fully aware of Niks and Kelly’s affair. Isabella makes it clear that Adelle did not tell her anything. Niks tells Kelly that she should have investigated first before confronting Adelle.

Adelle’s mother finds the affair and everything going on in the Gonzales mansion as dirty and informs her grandson that she will send him away to the province. Gideon comes to inform Isabella that Shony is planning to send his senior brother away.

Isabella then sits with Shoni and Adelle to apologise for what happened the previous night and stops her from going with Andrei. As her mother is hellbent on doing that, Adelle stops her and her mother gets offended so she packs out.

Adelle feels sad that her mother and brother left her. Niks steps in to console her. Through the act, Niks k!ss her right at the middle of the street in front of the mansion. As Adelle becomes aware of the presence of a worker in the mansion, she breaks from the k!ss and slaps Nikolai.

She acts as the victim who Niks wants to devour after his dirty affair with Kelly and walks inside. Arsing had a talk with Nikolai and believed Adelle is just acting up due to his affair with Kelly. He encourages him not to give up on Adelle.

Fast forward, Kelly finally discovers that her father is not sick and only wants her money for his lōvër to do shopping in Hong Kong. She vows not to ever help him again. Kelly feels so bad when she returns home, she thanked Adelle for taking care of Gideon.

She cries over all the lies of her father. The next day, Edong comes to lie to her that she misunderstood everything and shows her medicines but Kelly did not fall for his act and warns him not to search for her again. The guards threw him out, he goes home to inform his lōvër that Kelly did not fall for his act.

His lōvër quarrel with him to find money and threatens to leave him so Edong thinks of a plan and starts to research about Isabella. Niks voices his feelings to Adelle but Adelle is indifferent due to his affair with Kelly. She is scared Isabella will scold her and claims that it is not right.

She, later, stumbles on Nick talking to the portrait of Stefano to tell him that through the act of taking care of his wife he has fallen for her and hopes he will understand him.

That evening, Kelly brings Adelle and Nikolai together while she is drinking and discovers that the two are having a secret and she plans to unravel since they fail to tell her the truth.

Meanwhile, Isabella while seeing Niks and Kelly tells Janice about her plans to allow the two to date. Unknown to her, Nikolai is rather talking Adelle after he voices out wants them to make what they have known. Adelle is against it since Isabella will not understand but Niks believe his mother will come to terms with that.

Kelly now realises the lady Niks has been talking about is Adelle. Seeing that she is the main obstacle that Adelle is standing on to turn Niks down, Kelly the next morning talks to Adelle to ask why she was not giving Niks chance.

She makes it clear that there was no peculiar relationship between her and Niks so she should accept Niks. Edong embarks on a new mission, making Isabella his target. He spies on Isabella and intentionally gets in the way for her car to almost knocks him.

He fakes to have been affected so he is rushed to the hospital. The doctor confirmed that there is nothing wrong with him but since he complains of pains, he is admitted. His lōvër came around and Janice almost caught her.

Narrowly escaping, he gets funds from Isabella and gives himself a new identity for Kelly not to be aware of him. As things are getting complicated, Adelle runs from the Gonzales mansion to live with Chamae, making the family worry about her.

Isabella wakes up to the painful realisation that her younger son is romantically engaging his late senior brother’s widow, Adelle. She expresses her dismay about how Nikolai slept with Kelly and wants a relationship with Stefano’s wife. Nikolai begs for a chance to lōvë Adelle but his mother denies him that chance.

He calls him out for destroying the unity in the family for his brother’s widow to be on the loose with the child she expecting. Knowing Kelly is aware of the relationship between Adelle and Nikolai, she confronts Kelly but Kelly defended Nikolai and even advises Isabella to accept the feelings Niks has for Adelle.

Isabella is shocked to hear that Kelly is actually supporting that bizarre relationship while she is the person Nick slept with and now moving on with Adelle. Isabella sees Niks act as a betrayal but Kelly has a contrary opinion. She calls Adelle over the phone to confront her for leading her son on to fall for her.

Niks gets offended by his mom’s words and packs out. Isabella tries to stop him but he stood on his decision to leave in order for Adelle to return home. Coming to the realisation that Niks has left the house, Kelly blames Isabella for not supporting her son and not considering his feelings.

Later, Kelly visits Niks in his new place and talks to him. Stefano reveals himself to Adelle so she gets back to the mansion and has a misunderstanding with Kelly. Learning that Niks left because of her, she visits Niks. There, she learns that Isabella protests against Niks feelings for her.

She talks with Nick and asks him to return to the mansion but Niks refuses and throws her out. Soon, Kelly discovers that her father has been lying to the Gonzales and exposes him.


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