Love Of My Life Highlights Episode 31-35

Love Of My Life Highlights Episode 31-35 Adelle risks her pregnancy over her constance tears she shed over Nikolai, Nikolai finally proposes marriage to Kelly

In her bid to get Nikolai’s attention, Kelly begins to dress like Adelle but Nikolai reminds her that she can never be like Adelle. Seeing her desperation, Janine advises her to be herself because she is such a great soul when she is of herself.

Kelly tries everything but Nikolai still stands on his point of not marrying her. Soon, Nikolai falls sick and Kelly blames herself for stressing Niks which has made him fall sick. She becomes herself and with her kindhearted and merciful quality, she takes care of Nikolai even when he pushes her away.

Nikolai, one day, wakes up to find Kelly sleeping on the couch while taking care of her. He begins to see the caring nature of Kelly and finally decides to marry him. He meets up with Adelle and bids her farewell and tells her that he is finally getting over his feelings for her. Adelle weeps bitterly when Nikolai says his final goodbye to his feelings.

Nikolai now tears all the notes which makes him think of Adelle and throws them away. For days, Adelle cries all her entrails out and talks to her husband’s portrait that she lied to herself and everyone. Kelly comes with Niks to announce their wedding to the family. The news makes Adelle cries and acts completely shuttered making the family question her motive.

After brooding she wipes off her tears quickly and lies that it is tears of joy especially with how Kelly suffered for Niks. Kelly makes her a matron of honour for her wedding. She tries hard to reject the offer but Kelly innocently makes her see the need to take that position. Adelle keeps crying in her room.

The media comes for an interview and Adelle is made to talk about Kelly and Nikolai. Passing good and emotional compliments about Niks, Isabella later goes to see her to thank her for her compliments about Nikolai. Adelle could no longer hide her mood anymore and her tears make Isabella ask her of her problem.

Adelle finally gathers courage to tell Isabella that she is in lōve with Nikolai. Isabella seeing how she is crying asked her why she did not tell her earlier. Adelle in tears says there’s no use since Isabella can’t do anything. Isabella pity her and she says she could have done something but Adelle doubts if she would have stopped the wedding.

She reveals intentions to go to the province in order to save herself from the pains she is feeling. Elsewhere, Nikolai sends Kelly to see her father to officially ask his daughter’s hand in marriage. Nikolai uses that opportunity to ask Kelly if she will be his wife and put his ring on her finger. Later,  Kelly introduces Nikolai to Edong and after throwing a fit, he gives his blessings.

Due to emotional stress, Adelle begins to have complications and she is sent to hospital. The doctor warns her against stress and also says she will have a baby girl. Hearing of Adelle’s condition, Niks and Kelly come around to visit. Adelle becomes more envious and jealous of Kelly when she sees the Gonzales family engagement ring which Kelly is wearing.

Later, Siony comes and overhears Arsing and Osang talking about Adelle and Nikolai lõve relationship in the kitchen. Thinking Nikolai took advantage of Adelle just like he was doing with Kelly, Siony wasted no time in attacking Nikolai. Kelly goes to Nikolai’s defense, however, Siony goes inside to pack Adelle’s things and confronts her for not telling her what Nikolai did.

Siony is shocked to hear her daughter’s confession that she is in lōve with Nikolai. Siony cries and scolds Adelle for her action. Janine who overheard it is dumbfounded but Isabella warns her not to reveal to anyone. In the midst of the confrontation, Isabella comes to Adelle’s rescue. The two mothers talked and Adelle was taken to the province.

Nikolai and Kelly try to fish out the reason Adelle left to the province. Isabella claimed Siony wants less stress place for her. However, the couple did not believe that Adelle would leave the place without informing them. Kelly calls Adelle continually but she hangs up on her.

Later, Niks tries and Siony warns him not to call, leading to a confrontation between Adelle and her mother. Kelly tries to get the truth from Janice and Osang.


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