Love Thy Woman Episode 10

Love Thy Woman Episode 10 Jia loses her new born son through an accident 

Dana and her friends went to a restaurant to eat. She met her high school friend whose kids bumped into her. They were surprised to meet again, she introduced her kids to Dana and she began talking about kids. This reminded Dana of her barren condition.

Later, her friends advised her to explore other means to get kids with David. Dana said she felt like she was losing David as well. She confessed that her inability to bear children made her feel insecure.

Harry ran to work as he was late to attend a meeting with a client. His colleagues prank him that the client has left. Harry looked worried but they said it was not true. They asked Harry whether his constant lateness was as a result of the gamble he has been playing in the casino. They even said his suit smelt like he has been smoking.

One of the workers came to inform him that, Mr Wong had identified some anomalies in the report he made as the figures were wrong.

Harry later had a video chat with Kai and Jia. He was informed that Jia had breast cancer and he wanted them to tell Adam but Jia did not want that so Kai told Harry to respect Jia’s decision. Harry told Kai about Dana’s inability to bear children and the insecurity she feels.

When Kai left Jia, her boss came to offer some documents for her to sign. The company has been helping Jia with finances throughout her pregnancy and her cancer treatment.

David recalled his wedding vows, Dana also watched the wedding video and cried. She received a call from David and she went to meet him. Dana thought David did not go to Singapore due to his fling. David denied the allegation and said she was the reason he postponed his trip to Singapore since he wanted to give his marriage a second shot.

They ended up in bed together, making l*ve to catch the lost time. After their moment, David asked Dana if she was ready for them to explore other chances in making babies. Dana said she did not know what she wants at the moment.

Three months later, Jia was having her regular medical checkups with Kai assisting her. Soon, her hair began to break till she was left with nothing on her head. Lucy and Dana visited the seer, she returned from China to search for means to break the curse.

The seer still spoke in parables about how the constant death in the Wong’s family could break through the nurturing of new life. That she said would shine on them a bright light. Adam spoke with Lucy and told her that they should adopt a baby for Dana. They decided to talk about it later. Harry was at his office so Adam asked him about his other family and if they needed anything but Harry said they needed nothing.

Due to the hospital expenses, Jia was owing even at work, she decided to return to Philippines, so Harry rented a place in Cebu for them. When they arrived in the Philippines she became in labour and Harry rushed her to hospital. Harry was being pursued by his gamble colleagues even at the hospital, he stepped out to settle his issue. Jia gave birth to a boy. The child is premature so Kai said they would feed him to make him feel better.

The family had ran out of money so Jia cried about they would raise money to cater for her son. Kai assured her that she would solve the problem. She told Harry and Harry advised her to seek help from Adam. Kai did not want to involve Adam in it. She sold off her jewelleries and the money still could not make up for the expenses.

Harry texted Adam to demand money from him to settle Jia and her baby’s medical expenses but Lucy took Adam’s phone and replied that he did not care and if Harry text again he would fire him. She blocked the line afterwards. She never told Adam about it.

When Kai saw the message she got upset. Harry said he would talk to Adam himself. The next day, he met Lucy and he asked to speak to Adam but Lucy referred him to the HR as they have identified some anomalies in the account Harry had been making, which meant that he has been stealing from the company and she fired him.

Harry went to meet Lucy again to tell her how his family needed help so badly. He said the baby was premature and needed medical attention which they did not have money to do it. Once Lucy learnt that the baby was for David, she had an alternative plan. Lucy decided to give Harry 5million and demanded for the child. Harry was owing someone 4million which he needed money urgently to pay so he accepted the deal.

Jia was discharged and Kai went with her to the car while Harry was supposed to bring John Yu, Jia’s son who was in an incubator. He arranged with some goons and they set the place where the child was on fire.

Jia cried for her son. She fainted and woke up in a hospital. She demanded to see John Yu but Harry said he could not save the child. It was Dana’s first day at work and she was welcomed with flowers from the workers. She was having her first meeting with her dad together with Manny and some investors.

On their way to the meeting, Lucy had a call and it was Harry. She showed him what to do and asked him never to get in touch with her again.


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