Love Thy Woman Episode 11

Love Thy Woman Episode 11 Dana lives a fulfilling life after adopting a child

As he waits at the the location which Lucy tells him, Carol gets there with Elvie for the child. Harry gives the baby’s things to them and asks where they are sending the baby but they fail to tell him.

Carol tests Elvie if she still has the plan in mind. Elvie is to act like the grandmother of John Yu, whose daughter abandons the child for her to take care of him. The child is sick and she is willing to do anything to ensure the child gets well.

After which she is supposed to go to the province to raise John Yu and if she needs something she has to call Carol not Lucy. Elvie then sends the child to hospital.

Jia cries for paying high price for the mistake she committed. Harry sees her holding the ashes of her supposed son with Kai comforting her. He feels guilty and left. On his way, his debtor calls him and he said he has already sent the 4million into his account. The debtor wants to blame Harry for the fire outbreak at the hospital to blackmail him.

David has established his own architecture firm, since he will be busy, Dana wants him to work for her father rather but David brushes the idea off.

As John Yu’s lungs have developed and is fully well, Elvie is told by her friend to return the child otherwise she might suffer a child trafficking lawsuit some day since she did not know where her boss got the child from.

As Dana promises Manny to do the presentation, she did it and gain new investors for the company. Dragon Empire holds a fiery Halloween party for kids and Dana is very happy with the kids. Adam makes up his mind to adopt a child for her.

They visit an orphanage home and are told about the legal procedure they will follow before adopting a child. To their dismay, they return home to find a child at the back of their gate and Adam orders for the child to be taken in.

Lucy is not in support of them adopting the child since they do not know where the child comes from. Adam feels a sense of familiarity with the child and seeing Dana happy with the child, he decides to pass through the legal process to fully own the child in order for no one to blackmail them some day.

Adam seeks legal attention and fully adopt the child for Dana. The child is named Michael Wong-Chao. Later, Dana calls David to inform him about the child her father has adopted for her. The kid is showered with l*ve as Adam believes the seer’s word of nurturing a new life is what is manifesting. He takes pictures of him.

Although, Dana jostle with work and raising a child. Meanwhile, in Cebu Jia still broods over her dead child and starves herself as she mourns John Yu. This makes Kai cries for her daughter’s condition.

Dana arrives at work with Michael and everyone is happy for her. Summer and Abigail in a video chat informs Jia about it. Jia is happy to know that Adam is happy and she can now die in peace. Kai who overhears her daughter saying that gets upset and interrupts their conversation.

Jia later asks for forgiveness and promised not to prepare herself for the worse anymore. She will have hope in life. After saying goodbye to her mother to join David and the child home, Lucy receives a message from Elvie who informs her that she is the one who left the baby in a lot at the gate of their house after Carol left the country.

Lucy becomes upset and scattered things at her office. Later, she talks to Carol and the latter deems the happening as good karma and advised Lucy to allow things to remain how it is. Dana and David raised Michael together in their own home. Richie opens a branch of his business in Cebu and wants Jia who is recovering to work with him to take charge of the Cebu branch.

Jia introduced Harry to him to also employ Harry but Harry comes with an amazing proposal to be an investor of the business since he has saved money. He proposed to be a partner together with Jia in Richie’s company. Richie accepted the proposal.

The company is named as Jia Wong Furnicrafts but Jia makes them change the name since her mother inspired her to be on her feet so the name is changed to J. Estrella Furnicrafts. The company is doing well in market so Richie expanded it and gives a new keys to Jia.

Elsewhere, Dana uses seduction to gain an investor for Dragon Empire Builders which shocks her workers. The investor invites her to have coffee with him.


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