Love Thy Woman Episode 12

Love Thy Woman Episode 12 Jia becomes successful

The Wongs christened Michael, five years later Dana kept nagging about David not working with her family and termed David choices as $tup!d. David had become freelance architecture to have time for his family yet his sacrifice was not enough and was going to push through with their annulment.

In a meeting with an investor, Dana was told that Dragon Empire designs were outmoded. Dana claimed they were classic, the man recommended J.Estrella Furnicrafts since they had good designs.

Dana booked a flight to Cebu to meet the CEO of J.Estrella Furnicrafts, there she saw familiar designs and she asked whether the owner’s first name starts with Jia and the person said yes. Since she was told Jia was in a meeting she took her address and went to her house.

Jia received a call from her nanny that her sister was in the house. She went home and told Dana about her cancer and her lost child. Dana felt sorry for her and asked her to visit since soon she would be the CEO of Dragon Empire Builders. Jia was happy for her.

Kai and Richie arrived and Dana sked Jia if Richie was the father of her child and she said no but Richie said yes. She asked if they were married and they said no. Richie left and Dana told Jia that Richie was handsome so she should marry him.

Jia said she was scared to die due to her condition. Dana told her not to think of that since that would prove Richie’s l*ve for her. Later,Dana asked for her leave, Jia told her not to inform the family about seeing her. Dana started to be suspicious and asked her if David cheated on her while she was in coma but Jia denied.

On her way to Manila, Dana called Lucy to inform her that Jia was the owner of J.Estrella Furnicrafts and told her about everything Jia said concerning her life. Lucy told her not to inform Adam since Jia did not want it.

In the house, David was speaking with someone on phone and Dana arrived home to hear David saying he l*ved the person. Dana went wild on him and took his phone to confirm whether it was his mother or another woman.

Dana did not understand why David was filing for divorce if not for another woman. David said Dana did not prioritise her family and always left Michael with his nanny, she was always busy with work.

Dragon Empire launched the green go project and it was established that Dana was so hardworking and could occupy the CEO position.

Jia decided to go far away for her family not to locate her so she, Kai, Harry and Richie left Cebu and closed down their shop.

Carol went to Jia’s office in Cebu to find it closed. She took pictures and called Lucy to inform her about it and also sent her the pictures.

Dana’s friends visited her at the office and told them about meeting Jia, she had a son who died and also had a cancer and failed to inform the family especially Adam about it. Dana was quite sure she was keeping something and told her friends that she was having a hunch that while she was in coma, Jia had an affair with her husband but her friends brushed the idea off.

Three years later, Lucy presented the rough content of a magazine to Adam as part of their anniversary celebration and Adam approved the content of the magazine since everything in it was perfect.

Lucy planned to include all the workers and individuals who had been part of Dragon Empire Builders for the past 25years. Adam had a flashback of when he announced Jia as the project head of the company.

In a meeting with the interior design team, they could not present something new which made Dana upset. Lucy appeared and realised Dana was having a rough morning. She complained that the company was losing clients since they were not having designs that suit the modern trend.

Lucy called for a collabo and Dana said they could have brand alliance with RJ&E interior in Singapore since Dragon Empire was a bigger brand. They received a disappointing message from RJ&E but Dana promised to get an interview with them no matter what.

After days of hustling and tussling for a meeting, Dana finally booked a meeting with RJ&E and travelled to Singapore with Lucy. They had a meeting with Mr Tang who made them cut the long speech about the profile of the company short to go ahead with their actual mission. Dana requested for a brand alliance and Mr Tang ended the message by telling them they would get back to them.

Mr Tang went to see the boss, and the person turned out to be Jia Estrella Wong. Mr Tang gave her the proposal Dana and Lucy presented and Jia wept after seeing her father’s magazine.

Lucy did not leave, she was poised to win the alliance so she sticked around. She saw a table and she made arrangements to buy some. Richie went to Jia’s office to inform her that he read the proposal of Dragon Empire and it was rich so it was yes to him but Jia said she needed time.

Lucy and Dana made a way to the president’s office and came across Jia and Richie. She anxiously asked if Jia was a worker there and asked if the tables there were her creations. Richie admitted and Lucy said they no longer need an alliance as Jia was their former employee and wanted her. Lucy asked Jia how much she was paid.

Richie revealed to Lucy that Jia was the president and the CEO of RJ&E Interior. Lucy and Dana were surprised. Dana felt jealous of her sister’s success and her eyes said it all. Jia went home to inform Kai about it.

Kai wished she had seen their faces after Lucy had been little Jia. Jia doubted they would inform Adam about her success. Jia showed Adam’s magazine to Kai and told her that Adam was looking handsome. Kai said Adam was looking old with a grey hair but he was still looking handsome.

Dana and Lucy got to Philippines and told Adam lies. They now suggested that they should form alliance with interior designers from France but Adam preferred RJ&E Interior since that was what investors were talking about.


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