Love Thy Woman Episode 13

Love Thy Woman Episode 13 Dana faints after Jia confesses her affair with David

Lucy pleaded with Dana to keep the information of Jia being the president of RJ&E Interior. Dana was trying to fish out why Adam disowned Jia. She also realised that Jia was spacing out but Lucy said she did not know why.

Dana still believed there was something worse that happened while she was in coma, since she saw that it would be unusual for Jia to keep her cancer from the family.

In Singapore at RJ&E Interior, Richie told Jia to come out of her shell to embrace her world of achievement for people to know her. In Manila, Adam started an investigation on RJ Furnicrafts which rejected their proposal and his friend Rhyan called to inform him that the company was registered under Estrella and Richie Tang’s name.

Adam and Manny took a flight to Singapore. Meanwhile, Dana and Lucy were striving hard to gain an interior designer for their company. The new designer they were targeting happened to be a relative of some workers who were layed off by the company due to the challenges the company was going through.

In Singapore, Adam pretended to be a guest just to meet Jia. Jia was surprised and happy to meet her father. She sent Adam and Manny home to meet Kai. There, he learnt about Jia’s cancer and the baby she lost through an accident which occured at the hospital. Adam found it tragic and he knew how it felt to lose a child since he lost one before.

Dana received a gift from Michael. It was a drawing, indicating he l*ved his mother. Dana also told him she l*ved him too.

Adam called Lucy to inform him that he and Manny had met the RJ&E president in Singapore and would talk to her once he arrived home with the last flight to Manila. Lucy called Dana to inform her that Adam has found out about their lies.

Kai gave the ashe of John Yu to Adam. Adam said John Yu would have had a cousin, Michael who is Dana’s adopted son. He showed them the picture of Michael and said people said the boy resembled him. He said Jia had to meet the kid he was very interesting.

He told Jia about the challenges Dragon Empire Builders was facing due to its outmoded designs. Due to that they lost many clients and investors and wanted Jia to help the business stand on its feet again.

Adam then asked Jia to return to face her past head on and should not allow the ghost of her past to hunts her. He told her to inform him whenever she was ready to make that confession.

When Adam reached home, Lucy wanted to turn tables and asked him if Jia accepted the partnership. Adam said she did not but he invited her to the company’s end of year celebration. Lucy was not in support but Adam said Jia had kept her distance for eight years and wanted her back since she was his daughter.

David was having a meeting with his attorneys to push through with his annulment with Dana. He saw a magazine which featured Jia Wong and he took it to read it. He made Patrick to search for Jia’s contact, Patrick knew David has not gotten over Dana but he denied.

Jia and Kai arrived in Philippines to attend the Victorious party. They first met with Kai’s friends. At Dragon Empire Builders party, Adam took pictures with Dana, Lucy, Manny and all his workers. As Lucy declared the party was over, Adam asked the people to wait and told Lucy that he was waiting for Jia.

Jia arrived and he took pictures with her, Dana also took pictures with her but she was envious of her sister since earlier on she ordered her secretary to disposed the Magazine which had Jia featured, calling her a show off.

Later, Jia told Adam that she was ready to voice out the truth. Adam fetched for Dana, at that time Dana has received the court petition on the divorce David has filed. She got upset and crumpled the papers. She was poised to find that third party who has made David fall out of l*ve for her to the extent of him divorcing her.

Dana head to her father’s office, in her absence Lucy came to her office and took the divorce petition from the secretary to read. At Adam’s office, Jia told Dana that while she was in comatose she and David developed feelings for each other. Dana slapped her. Jia asked for forgiveness but Dana kept attacking her.

Adam together with Lucy separated the fight. Dana suddenly collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Kai sent Jia home after he brawl.

The doctor said Dana’s blood pressure was high. At the hospital, David found out that Jia had confessed the truth to Dana. Lucy blamed David to have sent a divorce petition to Dana at the same time making Dana passed through lots of emotional stress. Dana was discharged and was sent to her parent’s house.

She was in a wheel chair as she could not walk. David asked for forgiveness and believed Dana would go through it. He promised to be there to support her and since she went through successfully with the earlier one she would go through this as well. Dana watched him with a disdain eye.


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