Love Thy Woman Episode 14

Love Thy Woman Episode 14 Dana beats Jia at the 25th Dragon Empire Builders anniversary

At the Estrellas’ mansion, Jia was told in a video chat by Summer that Dana was discharged but she could not talk due to shock. As Jia was blaming herself for her half sister’s condition, Kai asked her not to.

Kai supported the fact that she has revealed the truth, for Dana to know the woman she had been searching for all those years to have had an affair with David. Her problem was that Dana could not stand the truth.

Exploring chances to make Dana talk again, Lucy invited Dana’s best friends over to try their luck to make her talk, Dana did not. Devastated by events, Lucy wished she could postpone the company’s celebration. The next day, she overheard some of the workers gossiping about Dana and why she was rushed to hospital.

The person who knew the reason told the rest about it. Some were glad and wished David would choose Jia over Dana since Dana was like Lucy. They suddenly fled when Lucy availed her face to them. David spoke with Jia who had returned to Singapore, pleading with her to honour his invite to the 25th anniversary celebration of he company.

David withhold his annulment due to Dana’s condition. After hearing her father, informing her that he had wanted to announce her as the next CEO of the company at the grand celebration, Dana began talking the following day during breakfast. Lucy was shocked and wanted to call the doctor but Dana stopped her.

Dana made the family believed that she would not attend the party but later called David over to send her to the party. At the party, Jia met Michael Wong and she seemed to like the kid. Adam was introduced so do Lucy as Dana arrived she was also introduced. Her mother was surprised to see her.

Dana said she could not stay behind. She called Jia trying to make it be like she had burry the hatchet and laughed with her, Adam believed her children were together now and seemed so happy for the reunion. Seeing Jia, David pretended not to see her.

Adam delivered his 25th anniversary celebration speech on how the company started with the board of trustee, Manny telling him about building five high rise building to the success the company has now chalked. He also introduced Dana as the next CEO. The guests congratulated her, Lucy also acted up with Adam just to annoy Kai.

Realising Jia wanted to use the washroom Dana also told Lucy that she wanted to use the washroom. In the washroom, She fought Jia, kicked her and beat her till she torn her dress. She called Jia a whore and told her she would never forgive her. Jia managed to save herself, while running out she bumped into David and he followed her. Jia ran out to the car park and called Kai for them to leave.

Kai told Summer and Abigail that she was leaving since Jia was tired and was waiting for her at the car park. She rushed to use the washroom room first. There, she saw Dana lying on the floor, acting like she was hurt and she helped her up to sit on her wheelchair.

Lucy appeared in the scene and she accused Kai of hurting her daughter, Kai tried explaining and Lucy attacked her. Dana told Lucy that Jia hurt her and Lucy slapped Kai for conniving with her daughter to ruin her life.

Kai also slapped her back and the two women kept fighting, Shirley came to meet it and tried to separate the rivals but she could not. David who followed Jia when she left the washroom tried to cover Jia up with his suit but Jia drove him away from her. David was persistent in helping her but Jia was so upset with him.

Adam saw the two from the transparent door and wanted to go and check if it was them but Shirley arrived to pull him away for an important thing. David went to the washroom to separate the fight. Dana kept acting up as the victim, claiming Jia dragged her hair inside the toilet, unknown to Dana as she was fighting Jia, someone saw her and took video of them.

Kai defended Jia and said her daughter would never do such a thing. David went home and as he was thinking about the fight at the dragon Empire Builders 25th anniversary, Dana came to ask for forgiveness. Dana made up a story that she got into the fight since she saw David and Jia k!$$ing.

In the mansion, Jia confessed to Kai that Dana was perfectly fine and was pretending to be sick. Harry believed there was something wrong with Dana, mentally. Jia decided to cancel the bond alliance with Empire Builders in order for peace to prevail as she was scared for her life and what Dana could do.

Adam went to David’s house to punch him, David did not know what he did. Adam was unhappy that he was messing up with his family. David explained that he saw Jia hurt and wanted to help her but did not k!$$ her. Adam did not know who to believe anymore.

On his way home, he received a call from Kai who informed her about the bruises Jia suffered from Dana and told her that Dana was pretending to be sick, there was nothing wrong with her.

In the house, throwing her tantrums, Dana received a video of what she did to Jia in the washroom. She quickly called Lucy to ask of her help. Lucy made her sent the video and after seeing it, she was so upset with Dana for telling them lies about her condition.

Dana also said her mother also lied to her all those while. Lucy said she and Adam did that for her own safety and she raised her not for her to be evil. Lucy later made an IT expert. Carol suggested to Lucy that Dana might need a psychological attention for faking to be paralysed all in the name of revenge.

Lucy said she was upset with Dana but when she went to sleep she had second opinion and believed her action was normal for any woman who has been cheated on by her husband as that was how she felt when Adam cheated on her.

Jia visited her father and cancelled their deal, she wanted a peaceful life and TD her father to give everything he has to Dana since she wanted to live her life with no issue. She showed the bruises to Adam and told him Dana was perfectly fine.

Dana went to David’s house and the latter was shocked to see her walking. Dana showed him that she pulled a fast one on them for telling her lies all those while. She acted that way to ensure David did not push through with the annulment, adding that “no body leaves Dana Wong.”

Jia packed her things and saw the suit which David gave to her. She parcelled it to return the suit.


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