Love Thy Woman Episode 16

Love Thy Woman Episode 16 Gab’s identity  revealed, Dana files affidavits to counter David’s divorce petition

In the mansion of the Wongs, Lucy questioned Adam for allowing Kai into her marital home. Adam viewed Kai as part of his family, ironically Lucy saw Kai as pest who stressed her out with her presence. Suddenly, Adam experienced some chest pains and Lucy helped him out to sit while saying sorry.

Jia appeared in the scene, much to Lucy’s dismay. Jia came from the movies with Michael and the boy was with his nanny. Adam advised Jia to find a partner and build a family. In Tagaytay, Dana was cooperating in order to finish her therapy. Her friends visited and pointed out some changes in Dana’s character. They were astonished to hear that Dana was playing along just to get home early before Jia steals her position at Dragon Empire Builders.

In bed, Michael spoke with Dana and asked for her permission to go out with Aunt Pretty, Dana was compelled to accept. She then called Lucy to question her why she was allowing Jia to get closer to her son. To Dana, Jia stole her husband and if care was not taken she would also take away her son.

Lucy warned her not to allow anger to take the best out of her, otherwise Adam would take action against her. Elsewhere, Jia was watching the videos she shot of Micheal during their outing. She was so fond of the kid and wished her passing son was alive. Kai advised her to set her boundaries and not get too close to Michael to fill the void in her heart. She advised Jia to adopt since her action might trigger war between Dana and her.

At Dragon Empire, Lucy came across her former employee, Amanda whose son, Gab Delmundo was working with Lucy as a Marketer. Gab wondered what his mother was doing there. Jia arrived and Amanda referred to Jia as illegitimate daughter. Gab was upset with Amanda and ran after Jia to plead with her for Amanda’s behaviour.

Gab had a talk with his mother to demand her to explain her motive of being there while it had been two years since last they talked. Gab was upset with Amanda for concealing his real father from him. He had told her lies about him being a son of a different man.

Amanda said that was the reason she had returned to Philippines to introduce Gab to his real father, Adam. Gab knew his mother was doing that due to Adam’s fortune. Gab was only working with Dragon Empire for Adam to see how good he also was not with any ulterior motive.

Meanwhile, Lucy planned to use the return of Amanda to her advantage just to get even with Jia since Amanda was a great interior designer. Jia returned home after an outing with her nephew. She came to meet Harry who brought her a gift from his trip. Harry and Lucy warned Jia not to get too attached with Michael. Jia just wanted to step in as a temporary parent for her nephew and did not understand them.

That night, the sins of Harry’s past kept recurring to him. He tried to burry the memories with alcohol but the past memories kept recurring, leading him to shed tears. Jia went on a bicycle riding with Michael. She later had a painting on Michael’s face and took several pictures with him, all geared towards making Michael happy.

Dana told her psychologist about how her sister had an affair with her husband. She was not ready to forgive but acted up just to get back home. One morning, Jia visited Adam and found Michael drowning. She threw herself inside the pool to save him.

Dana who was done with her therapy had arrived from Tagaytay to find her adopted son in the hands of her half-sister, both soaked. Dana was upset with Jia but Michael defended Jia, saying Jia saved his life. Dana told Jia that she would not sit for her to steal her son also. She wished Jia died from the cancer. Jia slapped her. The servant handed a towel to Jia.

Jia left the house and she called her mother to meet her with a dress at the office. Jia had a meeting scheduled at 9:00am. Elsewhere, Lucy together with the investor had been waiting for Jia. She suggested they start the meeting but Manny did not want them to start without Jia. Later, Jia arrived at the meeting to find out that the meeting was rescheduled. Lucy left everything in the hands of Jia, claiming she had other meetings.

She left with her secretary and delightedly told Carol that the problem has solved itself. Unknown to her, Adam found out that Jia had saved his grandson and made a call to Manny to talk to the client to explain the situation, so the meeting was held without Lucy.

Lucy later was informed by her secretary that the meeting was ongoing and she rushed there to find out that Jia had done an excellent work so the investor would sign the contract with them. Lucy looked indifferent.

After sacking her son’s nanny for not keeping eyes on Michael, Dana bumped into David who had returned from his trip to query Dana on the reason she kept Michael’s drowning incident from him. She handed over her reply from the divorce petition and said she would keep Michael. David said the boy was their son and both had right over him but Dana said she only had right especially after David cheated with her sister. She said the reasons David gave to his petition were shacks to cover his deeds. She told David that she would not allow her mother’s situation to reoccur in her life.

Jia went home and had a relapse. Her mother sent her to hospital. After they returned, Kai was scared that the cancer would return and did not want her daughter to pass through the past experience again.

They heard a sound upstairs and they rushed there. It was Harry who had fallen from the bed. They wondered why he was drunk. Harry began to apologise, he said sorry to Jia and asked Kai to forgive him. Jia and Kai wondered what was wrong with Harry since the issue was not about money.


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