Love Thy Woman Episode 18

Love Thy Woman Episode 18 Harry confesses that Lucy bought Jia’s son for 5million

In the morning, Dana told her family that she was filing to annul her marriage. For the sake of Michael, Adam advised her to form a friendship with David in order not to hurt Michael.

Dana sent Michael to school and David appeared to talk to his son. Michael hugged him but Dana reminded Michael that he might be late. Michael said bye to both and pleaded with Dana not to fight his father.

Dana gave David attitude when he said he wanted custody of the child. Dana threatened to expose his affair with her kid sister at the hearing. David believed not everyone was shallow minded and judgemental like Dana.

As Dana left, Harry got there, saying he was there to see a friend who was a teacher. He asked why he did not go with Dana. David explained that he and Dana were facing challenges and Dana wanted to take Michael from him. Harry advised him not to allow Dana take the child as Michael was his son and has right to the child.

At the office, Lucy spoke with Adam and the latter said he was going to visit Jia and would not make it to the meeting so Lucy should be in charge. Carol wondered why Lucy was paranoid, Lucy voiced out her fears that the constant visit of Adam to Kai’s place might lead Harry to voice out the truth.

Carol said Harry did not have any evidence, besides Lucy was smart in the deal she had with Harry and the only witness Elvie died a year ago. Carol believed there was something wrong with the mind of Harry, for him to appear out of the blue to claim Jia’s child after all those years.

Lucy could not sleep and headed to Dana’s room to find her sleeping while embracing Michael. Once Dana saw her she woke up, Lucy asked her to go to sleep. She only came there to check on them as she had a nightmare.

Elsewhere, Harry went to meet Ria to plead with her to help in finding Jia’s son. Ria refused to help him, she was scared to face a lawsuit on kidnapping and asked Harry to know the number of lives which would be affected if he voiced out the truth. She asked him not to drag her into his mess.

Harry stalked Carol to plead with her to tell him where she sent Jia’s son. Carol pretended not to know anything about his claims and left in his car. As Adam was drinking his coffee, Harry arrived and he told Harry that Kai and Jia waited for him for several hours but had left to bed. He asked Harry whether he has been able to fix what he came to Philippines for.

Harry said Lucy failed to cooperate, Adam asked whether he was talking about his wife and he said yes.

Adam went home to confront Lucy on things she had been keeping secret, Lucy was stunned to hear that her dark secret was finally out.

“Harry claims five years ago you bought Jia’s baby for 5million.”

Adam asked if Harry was telling the truth, Lucy acted up and even slapped Adam for accusing her. She denied the allegations and left.

Lucy was thinking about her deeds, Adam appeared to talk to her that they should conduct a DNA test on the child to clear her name since both found the child at the back of their gate and went through the adoption process together.

Harry came clean to Kai and his sister gave him multiple slaps for doing that against her while she took care of him. Harry said he made a mistake and wanted to rectify it that was why he told Adam about it, besides Adam has assured that he would take Michael from Dana once he found out that Michael was indeed Jia’s son.

“So just like that? like he is some lost puppy?

What happens to Dana and about the poor boy?”

“And Jia, do you think this will be easy for her?”

“Harry it’s not all that simple!”

“You messed so many lives, how could you?”

Harry admitted what he did was unforgivable but he would fix it. Kai retorted that what he did was not fixable. She threw him out, Jia had a nightmare about John Yu and the container of his ashes fell. It broke and she did not see any ashes in. Jia appeared and told them about her dream.

Harry said that dream was signalling her about , Kai cut in and stopped him from talking. Jia saw the tension between the two and she asked her what was going on but Kai denied there was an issue.

Elsewhere, David was working and his mother stopped him from working himself out. Helen told him to go and sleep, David said he was having troubles sleeping. His mother suggested that he should find himself another woman. Michael also had trouble sleeping since he has missed his father.

The next day, Kai was setting the breakfast table when Harry appeared. She wondered why he was still there while she had thrown him out of the house. Harry said he would not go anywhere until he solved the problem and get Michael from Dana.

In the Wong’s mansion, Adam asked Dana what she would do if the person who gave birth to Michael comes for the child. Dana said she would not allow as she passed through the right process to adopt the boy. Dana threatened that it would be over her dead body for her to give Michael to anyone.

Elsewhere, Kai told Harry that Dana would not allow anyone to take away the child and warned Harry not to tell Jia due to her health condition. She did not want to build her hopes up for her to be disappointed. Jia came there and Kai told her to have her breakfast but she said she was in a hurry. Kai gave her the food she packaged and Harry decided to drop her off.

Kai received a call from Adam, telling her that he needed to talk to her so she should come over to the office. On their way, Harry apologised to Jia and promised to fix everything he did wrong. Jia said she has forgiven him even if he would not tell her what he did. Harry believed it would not be easy for her to forgive him so she shouldn’t say that yet.

Elsewhere, Dana sent Michael to school to meet David already there. Michael was so happy to meet his father and hugged him. David bought food for him. Dana quickly appeared and gave Michael his school bag and asked him to go to class. David knew Michael still had time so he could talk to him, Michael did not want to go, Dana forcefully pulled him to go.

She and David had a misunderstanding and she exposed David at the presence of other people. The security tried talking to Dana to tone down as the kids would overhear their marital issue.

“I don’t care,” Dana screamed.

Kai arrived at the office for the meeting. Lucy started with her but Adam intervened and they went to Adam’s office. Lucy said the place smelt like a salted fish and took a nose mask and spray to the meeting. She wore the nose mask but she realised it was not Kai who was having that body smell. She brought a fish to give to Adam. Lucy then removed the mask and sprayed around.

Jia and Dana bumped into eachother in an elevator. Dana asked her whether she didn’t die.

“You’re disappointed huh!” Jia joined the elevator.

Dana said she learnt that she had some infections and Jia said yes. Dana splashed some sanitiser around. Jia said her infection was not contagious. At Adam’s office, the two women were on eachother’s throat when Adam wanted them to solve the missing child issue amicably by conducting a DNA test. Lucy wanted things to be how it was.

“Because you will be exposed?” Kai taunted.

“Exposed for what?” Lucy unfazed.

“For purchasing a child for 5million?
Lucy denied allegations, claiming Harry was a liar.


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