Love Thy Woman Episode 19

Love Thy Woman Episode 19 Adam to run a DNA test on Jia and Michael, Jia finds out that her son is alive

At Dragon Empire Builders, Lucy and Kai dust up on the matter of Lucy buying Jia’s child for 5million. The two ended up slapping eachother, Adam decided to ran a test on Jia and Michael to find whether their DNA matches or not. Lucy takes offence in Adam asking her for the last time if Harry’s allegations were true. She left the office and met Carol to think of means to cover up for Adam to trust her again.

To Lucy, she was guilty at the sight of Adam and wanted to redeem herself. Her event planner, Jim showed up at the restaurant to ask Lucy why she had failed to talk about her 30th marriage anniversary with Adam. Lucy excused herself.

Kai went home for Jia’s DNA, when Harry approached and was happy that Adam was going to conduct a DNA test Kai shun him. Harry reassured Kai that he would leave for Singapore once he fixed the mess he created.

Adam received flowers and saw l*ve on the card, he called Lucy to apologise for his earlier action and told her she should not have sent the flowers. Puzzled, Lucy questioned him about the flowers he was talking about. Adam quickly hanged up and he opened the card to discover that the flower was from Amanda. He decided to dispose it before Lucy got to know the person it was from.

Unfortunately, Shirley was not around so Adam was holding the flowers searching for her, he ran into Amanda at the executive floor. Meanwhile, Lucy called Kai to warn her not to test her patience, she accused Kai of sending flowers to Adam but Kai debunked the claims.

Amanda told Adam that she sent him the flowers since she heard that he fell sick and wanted him to have it. Adam saw no need for her gesture. He asked her what she was doing there and she said she had been employed there by Lucy. Speaking of the devil, she appeared and questioned Amanda for being at the executive floor.

Amanda told lies that she was there in search of Shirley. Lucy then told Adam that she did not send the flowers. As Adam was about to reveal the sender, Amanda quickly acted up for Adam to conceal the identity of the sender. They made Lucy believed that there was no card attached to it. Kai appeared in the scene to also say she did not send any flower.

Shirley arrived and the flower was given to her to disposed it, as Lucy reminded her that gifts with no cards were to be disposed. Adam told his wife and mistress that they should follow him. Amanda also followed and Lucy sacked her, saying only family were going. She also warned her not to go to the executive floor ever again.

Adam told Kai and Lucy that he would let his lawyer friend handle the test and within three days they would get the result. Lucy indicated that the earlier the better so that they could start their arrangements for their 30years marriage anniversary. She caressed Adam just to get Kai jealous for her to leave.

Amanda informed Jia that Kai was with her father. Jia called Kai to query her why she was there and failed to visit her. Kai said she was already in the house, meanwhile, she was standing at the entrance of Dragon Empire. Dana and the interior team were at the conference room about to hold a meeting when she received a call from Michael’s school to be there.

Dana wanted to go later but Jia was so concerned about her nephew so Dana decided to go. At the school, she discovered that the problems between David and her was having toll on her son but she faked that everything was alright in the house. After her visit to Kai, Helen called David to inform him that she visited Kai and found out that Jia had been sick of cancer years ago and now suffering some mild blood infections. Since David was waiting to hold a meeting with a client, Helen decided to go for Michael from school.

She went to the school to meet Dana leaving with Michael, she wanted to spend time with the boy for them to go to the movies but Dana did not allow it. Jia handled the presentation and the client was enthused by it. Lucy tried to make mockery of Jia in an ironic way with her ally Amanda who she made her sit in the meeting after Dana told her she was going to Michael’s school and left the meeting in the hands of Jia.

David got home the moment his mother was setting the table for dinner. Helen told him that Dana went for Michael. She also informed him about Jia’s cancer and how she was now cancer free but suffering from minor infections. Helen then blew the news that she discovered that Jia had a baby barn in her room.

The next day, Michael was having a holiday in school so Dana sent him to the office. She left her, and told him to play game on the laptop and also gave him the remote to on the television when he wanted to watch his favourite toons. She left Dominique, her secretary to take care of Michael and told Michael not to go anywhere.

Dominique left Michael to go for the food which Dana ordered for the boy. Michael after playing games and drawing so many things in his book felt bored and left Dana’s office. Jia while heading to Adam’s office received anonymous text that her son was alive so she should fight to find him. She tried calling the line but it did not go through.


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