Love Thy Woman Episode 2

Love Thy Woman Episode 2 The Wongs rejects David’s marriage proposal to Dana

David is sound asleep, he wakes up to a phone call from an unknown number. It is his future father-in-law who arranged a meeting with him at 8:15 am.

Adam tells his secretary, Shirley about the 8:15 meeting. Being an architect who resides in Singapore, Adam pairs David with Jia and her team to make a recommendation on a project.

The team visit the site building and David has similar opinion with Jia to preserve the place and plan more modern touches to the building. Later, while working overtime with her team together with David for the next day presentation, Jia discovers that Lucy has denied her promotion as project head to Dragon Empire Builders.

She asks Lucy why she has been recommended as the sole person for the position by the HR and other superiors and she fails to approve her for the position. Lucy claims Jia is not ready, therefore she should not be desperate for the position. She subtly tells her to learn more and hone her skills better before she will be considered for the position.

Jia admits she might not be excellent all the time in her job delivery but it doesn’t mean her efforts are rubbish. Lucy maintains that her proposals are all rubbish. Jia wants that position to boost her career. She becomes moody and her mother realises on her face.

Kai knows too well her rival, Lucy is the reason behind her daughter’s sad face. Learning about what her rival has done to Jia, she makes ready to confront the witch for paying her back for going inside her husband’s pant but Jia dissuades her from it.

Jia does not want to ruin her mood for the day, she has a project presentation. Meanwhile, Lucy reveals the intentions of Adam and her concerning Dana’s life. Dana knows that and promises to do everything to make that dream a reality as her father’s saying goes: “You start from the bottom and you work your way up.”

For Lucy, Dana will not start from the bottom but from the top. She advises Dana to prioritise her career over romance since she is too young. Soon, the conference is held and David leads the presentation from the findings and recommends that the site should not be demolished as it brings a sense of nostalgia. Earlier the superiors had agreed on demolishing the site but Adam steps in to say that he asks for a second opinion.

David did a good presentation and proposes that preserving it means, heritage is being preserved as the place is an ingredient of worth. Preserving it, he says requires additional cost and labour, the place needs a little touch to make it more attractive.

After the presentation the superiors and everyone are enthused and give him applause. The project is then approved, Jia is so happy although Lucy is unenthused since Jia is behind that project but she plays along. Dana is also happy that her boyfriend has proven his career potency.

After being backed by her friends to put Lucy to her place, Kai appears at the company with a lunch for her daughter and her team to celebrate their success.

David implores to spend a little time with the Wongs since he has a word to share. Suddenly, Dana leaves to throw up, she returns to say she is not feeling well. David asks the hand of Dana in marriage. Adam wonders why so soon, Lucy suspects Dana is pregnant and slaps her.

Dana promises not to allow her baby to get in her way. David says he will take care of Dana and the baby. Lucy yells, putting an end to the conversation that there will be no wedding and expresses her disappointment.

She steps out to see Kai and Jia and lashes out at them. Jia gives a food to Shirley and leaves with her mother. However, the rivals clash at the elevator and Kai demands respect for Lucy calling she and her daughter a sh!t.

Lucy thinks Kai is happy that Dana is pregnant, on the contrary Kai does not take delights in others sorrows like Lucy. Lucy warns her not to reveal Dana’s pregnancy to anyone, but Kai puts a cheek on it. Back to the room, Adam strives to reach an amicable conclusion.

“So what are you planning to do?”

“Sir just like I told you I am proposing marriage and the baby will have my name.”

“Dana, do you agree to his plans?”

“I will think about it.”

“Dana what are you talking about?”

“We decided, we talked about this already, about the baby, the wedding, our settling down in Singapore”


“Who told you… you can take my daughter away?”

“Pregnant or not she stays here!”

“She belongs here, only here.” Adam is close to hit David but Dana steps in to stop him. She then turns to David:

“I am sorry David but this is not the right time.”

“I cannot come with you to the Singapore…”

“I’m so sorry.”

David interjects: “Alright! But the baby will carry my name and I will be part in that child’s life whether you like it or not!”

David storms out while Dana weeps. In the house, Lucy still reprimands Dana for not applying wisdom while engages a man in bed. Dana feels her mom does not understand, she has done everything for her but for once she wants to make her own decision with her romantic life. Lucy yells that Dana has screwed everything that she and her father has for her.

Meanwhile, Adam has been eavesdropping, he steps in and promises his support for the baby and Dana as nothing can erase the fact that she is pregnant.

David arrives in Singapore to share the awful thing Dana has done against him to Helena, his mother. Helena calms him, “Dana did not leave him for another man she only chose her family.”

Soon, Dana receives a surprise of her life. She is promoted as the Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Dragon Empire Builders, though happy, Jia is a bit sad about Lucy intentionally sidelining her in her father’s company.

She applies a job in Singapore and her interview is arranged. She books a flight to travel to Singapore the next day. Summer and Abigail wish her well. She calls her father with an intention to inform him about it but he is busy in a meeting. He calls later in the evening and Jia decides not to tell him anymore.

In the house, Jia packs her things and tells Kai that she wants to pursue her dreams in a place where the company will see her worth. She is tired of Lucy deciding for them. She admits being genuinely happy for Dana but she has to also level up.

She left to Singapore while going for an interview at Singapore Modern Designs she bumps into David. They decide to go out later. At the interview, the interviewer asks her why a renowned real estate developer’s daughter like her will seek a different job. Jia as explains wants to hone her talent away from being a Wong and also to learn different things. She was giving a sheet and she sketch a high rise building.

Jia later meets David, his mother, Helen and his friend and they go site seeing. Meanwhile, Dana after throwing a tantrum at the employees who work under her comes home missing being with David. Her friends goad her, after trying to talk to David on phone and he is not picking up, Dana casts her pride aside to book a flight to travel to Singapore. While driving, she tells her friends on phone about her decision. Her friend says is good as someone can snatch David from her.

“Nothing can ever be taken away from Dana Wong,” she assures.


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