Love Thy Woman Episode 20

Love Thy Woman Episode 20 Lucy weeps after her efforts to manipulate Jia and Michael DNA result fails

David met with a client to show him some designs. However, Michael bumped into Jia who was also going to the executive floor to see Adam. Both took the elevator but the elevator developed a fault and she and Michael got stuck inside.

Dominique went to Dana’s office to present the snacks to Michael but could not find him. She called the security to search the CCTV footage after her colleague said she did not see Michael leaving the office.

She then rushed to the interior designing office, yet the boy could not be found there. She was asked to check the washroom but Gab said he was just from the washroom and did not see him there. The security checked the entire area and the washrooms but he was not there. One of the security bumped into Amanda and she asked who
he was searching for. She was told that Michael was missing.

At the meeting, Lucy received a message from Amanda that her grandson was missing. The meeting was so important to her so she failed to inform Dana but sent a message to her secretary, Jenny to search for Michael. Per the CCTV footage Michael was stuck in the elevator and she told Lucy about it.

Meanwhile, Michael was about to cry, he hugged Jia as he was scared when the light in the elevator went off. Jia began to cheer him up and asked him the subjects he likes. Jia realised she and Michael had similar subjects interest, Mathematics and Drawing. He found it hard breathing so Jia fanned him, using the book she was holding. He was sweaty so Jia used a handkerchief to wipe him off.

After the meeting, Dana saw the message Amanda sent and she quickly called Adam to enlist his help. As Adam found out that the boy was stuck inside the elevator, he got scared that he might suffer an asthma attack.

Soon, the elevator was fixed, Jia and Michael came out. Adam was already standing there and Michael ran to him. Dana who had slapped Dominique multiple times for negligence rushed to the executive floor with Lucy. Dana was relieved once she saw her son and told him to always obey her. Michael said sorry as he only wanted to play with Adam.

She found Jia’s handkerchief inside the collar of Michael’s uniform and she threw it away without even thanking Jia for taking care of her son after Michael told her that Jia was the one who took care of him. Michael took Jia’s handkerchief from the floor and gave it to her. He thanked Jia for taking care of him.

After Jia and Lucy informed Adam how successful their meeting with clients went, Jia requested to talk to Adam in private. Jia revealed to Adam about the anonymous text she received and also suspected that Michael was her child. She asked Adam where they got Michael from. She was inconsolable and paranoid after realising Adam and Kai knew about her missing child issue unknown to them, Lucy was eavesdropping.

Adam sent Jia and Michael to a hospital to have a DNA test. Jia built her hopes up and felt a motherly instinct after she and Michael were stuck in the elevator. However, Kai asked her not to build her hopes high. Harry who was missing in the house, was seen in a gambling den asking for the 4million cheque he gave to a certain man who worked at Dragon Empire. The man said it was five years ago and could not find it. He threw Harry out.

At Wong’s mansion, Lucy pleaded with Dana not to be so much attached to Michael and urged her to brace herself for any changes. Dana was scared by her mother’s advise and told Lucy that Michael was a blessing to her and made her life complete, hence her reason for l’ving him. Lucy told Carol about what was happening but Carol wanted to be out of it since the earlier crime of kidnapping was enough.

Lucy said she had to know the hospital the DNA test was carried out and money would take care of the rest. Carol said good luck to her. Lucy subtly tried to convince the driver about the hospital Adam sent Michael but the driver said he gave Adam his word. Lucy tried reaching a deal by offering him 5000pesos yet the driver refused although the amount was quite tempting. Lucy then brushed the idea from the driver’s head of trying to bribe him.

The next day, she went to Manny’s office to present him a gift. Manny knew what Lucy was up to but refused to reveal the centre which the DNA was carried out. He advised Lucy to tell Adam the truth. Lucy went to Adam’s office to hear him telling Shirley to get the chopper ready to go to Palawan.

Adam called Lucy to inform her that he would not be able to return since he had to be with the investors and solve the land issues with the residents. Lucy used that opportunity to search for a lead together with Carol but did not find anything.

Adam secured everything and even changed the password of his laptop in order for no one to find the hospital to temper with the results. Lucy cried out that Adam would divorce her even when Carol told her that the DNA matching would not necessarily prove that she had something to do with Harry’s allegations. Lucy cried as Carol consoled her.

The next day, Adam called Manny that Shirley would give him the results as he was still in Palawan with the investors and would be at ease knowing the test was in a good hand.


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