Love Thy Woman Episode 22

Love Thy Woman Episode 22 Tension rises in the Wong’s family after DNA brouhaha, Harry flees from the mess he created

Jia locked herself and kept crying inside her room. Her mother’s friends, Cindy and Donna went to knock at her door, pleading with her to open up for them to talk. After hesitation, Jia finally opened the door and the women comforted her, asking her to have faith that John Yu would be found.

Dana’s friends came across David who was in a restaurant and were about to say hi when Sophie hugged David and talked about business matter. The girls stood aloof, took pictures and sent it to Dana. Dana asked off their location and went there to slap Sophie and fight her for flirting with her husband. She later discovered that Sophie was Patrick’s sister who was helping David with a project.

Dana later admitted her mistakes and reached a conclusion with David on how he could also be a father to Michael. She asked to drop the annulment suit and the custody suit before she would accept. She then revealed how Jia claimed that Michael was her son and ran a DNA test on him.

Jia asked Harry the kind of criminal charge she should take him on. Harry sat with the family and came clean with his sins and how he strike the deal with Lucy and helped Jia with the partnership business. Harry said he gave the baby to Carol at the presence of Elvie.

Donna said they should search for Elvie but Jia disclosed that she died. David rushed to Jia’s place to demand answers. Jia told him the truth that she had cancer five years ago and the child she had was his but refused to give him the ashes.

David told Patrick about and his friend realised that he was looking for an excuse to be with Jia. David admitted l’ving Jia but Patrick asked him to stop. Adam asked his secretary to find details about the adoption procedures he had five years ago with an orphanage home.

Adam came to Lucy’s office and wanted them to leave. Lucy gave him an attitude asking him to go ahead as she had other things doing. Adam tried to be patient and be sweet to her yet she kept giving him the cold shoulder. She said she had passed through an emotional stress and was traveling to Indonesia with Carol and she would spend five days there.

Adam arrived home to meet Dana in the company of her friend. He talked to her and stood around to eavesdrop. Dana cried that she hated David but still l’ve him even when he has hurt her so bad. Her friend consoled her.

In the house, Adam asked Carol details about the trip. Carol reminded him of his 30th marriage anniversary the next day. Kai presented Jia’s medicine to her. Jia believed in what Harry said but Kai had her doubts. Harry eavesdropped and heard Jia telling her mom that she would talk to Adam to have a second DNA test of her and Michael for to be at ease as she is sure the child was her son.

David received anonymous text, saying his son was alive. Helen seemed not bothered since the person has hidden his or her identity without going forward to show him where his son was. David went to see Jia and he showed her number. Jia called and someone received it. The person passed it on to her aunt after realising the call was from Jia Wong, Ria hanged up.

The next day, Lucy’s servant came to her room at exactly 6:00am to wake her up. Lucy was already awoken to the alarm, the servant greeted her and she said there was nothing good about the morning. The servant wished her happy anniversary but she was upset that Adam had already left the house.
Lucy prepared to go to Barley and received an urgent call from Manny to be at the office.

She made the driver turn around. Kai’s friends sent her to a location where they wanted Kai to set up her Karaoke business. They saw Adam wish to his wife for their 30th anniversary on social media. Kai felt jealous and blamed herself for falling for a married man. Her friends cheered her up with a song which she sang some.

Adam got home and Dana wished him happy anniversary. Dana said he should have traveled to Indonesia with Lucy but Adam said Lucy needed space. Dana wondered why her mother would still leave after the beautiful surprise Adam gave her. Adam went up to play with Michael. Dana saw the kid as brilliant and believed he would be a real estate developer like Adam.

Jia called Adam to wish him a Happy anniversary and also pleaded to have a second test ran on Michael, which Adam refused. He told her not to fall for Harry’s ¢rap as he handled the test himself. He asked Jia to trust him. Jia then told Kai about Adam’s reply. Kai told Jia to believe in Adam and stop her plans of claiming Michael as her son. The DNA proves otherwise. She reminded Jia that her action would create feud, meanwhile Adam was trying his best to ensure she and Dana get along.

After eavesdropping, Harry packed and sneaked out of the house. David met Patrick and he still believed that Jia was keeping something from him. He called Kai and Kai pleaded for what Harry did against him. She knocked on Harry’s door to find that Harry had escaped.

She agreed to meet David and the latter called his mother to pick her up for the meeting with Kai. Jia left to make Kai handle David and tell him the truth.


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