Love Thy Woman Episode 24

Love Thy Woman Episode 24 Dana cooks vile plans to keep Michael and David from being in the hand of Jia

Dana told her mother to stop acting like the victim and shouldn’t try to sugar coat a bitter medicine. She was so upset that she packed out of the Wong’s mansion to stay with David.

The next day, Lucy got to Adam’s office to overhear him talking to Manny to find a private investigator to help him find Jia’s missing son. That boiled the blood of Lucy to make her query her husband whether he has thought of that baby and how it would affect Dana.

To Adam, blood is blood and would stop at nothing till he finds his grandson. Lucy told Carol what her husband was doing and to top it all Dana was now seeing her as the bad person and has now moved to stay under the same roof with her husband.

Carol saw that as advantageous since living together with David could help Dana obtain a Singaporean citizenship for Michael which would be difficult for Jia to reclaim her son once she found out. The Singaporean laws were different from the Philippines and that was Carol’s argument.

Sleeping in different rooms in David’s house did not deter Dana from stop dreaming that she would still control David to make her marriage work. Adam queried why she was now living under the same roof with David and she said she was doing that for Michael. She urged her father to understand since she was fighting for what she l*ved just like what her father had been doing.

Dana hanged out with her friends to inform them about David helping Jia to find their missing son. She received an advice from Tifany to get David busy in order to stop him from helping Jia. Dana stormed Manny’s office to blackmail him. She asked Manny to sabotage the projects of Jia by not approving any otherwise she would spill the beans to her dad.

Manny was stuck between a thick rock but Lucy pleaded with him to just do what Dana said. She tried to make up with her daughter to stop her from spacing out. She gave her documents for obtaining a Singaporean citizenship for Michael in order to make it hard for Jia to reclaim the child if she found out. Lucy said she was doing that to make Dana happy.

Michael was happy that David and Dana were back together. He said his friends could no longer laugh at him any more for having a broken home. David wanted to tell him the truth but did not know how to explain.

David and Helen went to Kai’s place to think of means to find Jia’s son since Helen believed Harry could not have done that alone and believed there was somebody in the hospital who helped him. Kai made mention of Ria so David decided to go to Cebu with Jia to find her.

Manny began to execute Dana’s vile plan and Jia felt like they were ganging up on her. She handed over the projects to Amanda. Gab offered his mother a ride to the house to discover that her mother was broke and had been borrowing shoes, bags and clothes to work.

He felt sorry for his mother. Amanda lamented that Paco Del Mundo left her with nothing. Her late husband gave his fortune to charity and gave Gab a smaller portion. Dana put up a best performance just to get David but David still kept his distance.

She connived with Michael’s teacher to come up with a special hang out just to get David busy to stop him from following Jia in his search for the baby. David was forced to attend the event due to Michael. He called Jia that he wouldn’t be able to go to Cebu with her and explained things to her.

Jia went on her own and discovered that the files at the hospital were all gone. She told Kai on phone. Kai believed that was bound to happen since it has been seven years and Ria was no longer there. After the programme David went to Cebu to be with Jia to help in the search. Dana, realising David has followed Jia to search for the baby told Helen that they were leaving to her father’s place.

In the Wong’s mansion, Dana expressed her grievances on how Jia was getting her way while trying to fix things with her husband. She promised to make the trump pay for every damage she was causing in her life but Adam pleaded with her to leave Jia to him.

Dana said she was working to gain a Singaporean citizenship for Michael and once that was done, she would leave the Philippines. Adam was not in support but Lucy asked him to allow Dana to leave since it could not always be about Jia, Dana deserved to be happy.


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