Love Thy Woman Episode 25

Love Thy Woman Episode 25 Adam holds David at a guπ point, Helen connives with David to run a test on Michael

Kai and her friends together with Helen alighted from a car to go to the nearest police station to report about the missing Harry. Cindy believed Dana would lash out at Jia when she discovered that she was alone with David in Cebu. Kai was bothered as well and even thought about how Dana would take the issue after Jia and David’s son was found.

Suddenly, a thief snatched Kai’s bag and Simon got hold of him to stop him from running with the bag. He then returned Kai’s bag. Later, Kai filed a complaint at the police station about her missing brother. She once more saw Simon Cruz at the police station and thanked him.

Simon introduced himself a private investigator. One officer who was handling Harry’s case said Simon was a great cop and he could help her find the missing person.

Meanwhile, Harry was scolded at the gambling den for always sleeping, showering and drinking coffee while he does nothing in there. He was actually at the place waiting for the boss to get his signature to find the records of the cheque which Lucy signed for him. Soon, the boss arrived and Harry reached a deal with him to pay 2000 for him to sign the document.

He called David to tell him and asked him to help him with that sum in order to gain evidence to prove his claims against Lucy but David did not trust him.

In Cebu Jia and David went to the precinct to file a report in search of Ria. They went to where she worked and was told she no longer worked there but was given an address to a place Ria used to live.

She and David went there to find out that she packed out. Michael asked about his father and Dana said he went to Cebu to do something important. Dana had a plan, she called David and told Michael to tell him to come home.

Jia and David went to a restaurant to eat. David told Jia that Dana has applied to make Michael a citizen of Singapore for them to move there. Jia was glad that David and Dana would have a fresh start but David was not ready to leave due to his business.

Jia received a call from Adam to be with him for an emergency talk. David went to Adam’s study and Adam claimed that he was the one who had been causing division in his family, due to David he almost lost Jia and Dana. David was so full of himself, telling Adam that no matter how Adam looked at the issue, Dana and Jia were also his family and he would do everything to also find his child with Jia.

Adam decided to end it all by pointed his guπ at David. The commotion led Dana and Lucy to rush there. Dana went to her husband’s defense while Lucy cried, insisting on Adam to stop. The incident led Michael to have an asthma attack. David went home to inform Helen that Adam and held him at a guπ point and Helen threatened to file a report against Adam.

Lucy had a nightmare about the incident and dreamt that the guπ was fired. Dana, Adam and David were hit by the bullet, which they d!ed in the process. She became paranoid and told Adam to get raid of the g√n. David could not sleep and called Dana. Dana told him to prove to her that he was worth fighting for since she risked her life to save his. She pleaded with him to stop cutting corners but David did not give in.

Kai told Jia how Helen was upset that Adam held her son at a guπ point. Jia believed her father had too much to drink and believed Adam could not k!ll even an ant. At the Wong’s mansion, Lucy asked Adam if he had gotten rid of the guπ. Adam has locked the guπ in the drawer and gave the bullet to Lucy and apologised for scaring her the previous day.

After breakfast, Dana and Michael came across Jia. Since he would soon be in Singapore, Michael asked Jia for a movie outing and Aunty pretty told him that he needed to seek permission from his mother first. Dana wished Jia all the best in the search for her son.

Jia and David arrived in Cebu and she realised that she left her wallet in the cab so David gave her money for her upkeep. They kept searching for Ria, fortunately, the former neighbour of Ria got in touch with David. She gave them the address of Ria’s ex-husband and they went to the man’s location. The man gave them Ria’s current address which was in Manila.

Harry after his deal went to take shelter in Ria’s house. Simon also received a lead about where Harry was last seen and informed Kai.

Soon, Jia and David arrived at the Ria’s place, to their dismay, they found Kai, Helen, Dona, Cindy and Simon there.

Ria pleaded with Jia for what she did against her. She explained that she only took care of Jia’s son for a short while and she was the one who had been sending them the anonymous message.

Later, she called Harry to inform him that his sister came to her house to find him and asked Harry to return home. She also stated that she told the family whatever she knew about the missing baby but was scared they would sue her too. Harry assured her that his family were kind and would not drag her into the issue as he would shoulder all the blame.

On their way home, Helen suggested to David to take a paternity test with Michael to solve the issue once and for all .


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