Love Thy Woman Episode 26

Love Thy Woman Episode 26 Jia and Dana threaten to sue eachother for the custody of Michael

Jia had trouble sleeping that night, she recalled what Ria told her about Harry claiming he was going to give her son to a relative to take care of him. Jia texted Lucy, demanding her to tell her where she sent her son and branded her as mon$ter.

However, David’s call interrupted her. She did not receive it and David texted her assuring her of his undying support to help her find the baby. As David was packing up after staying up the night to work, he received a text from Jia thanking him for his support.

The next day, Helen went to the Wong’s mansion to inform the Wongs that she wanted to go to the mall with Michael and perhaps watch movies with him. Lucy did not have problem with it so did Adam. Dana then made the servant dress Michael up for him to go out with his Grandma. Helen took the moment to express her displeasure about Adam pointing a g√π at David.

Adam explained that as a parent what her son did has created endless enmity between two sisters that was why he was rebuking her son for ruining his family. Helen arrived at the hospital with Michael. David was already there and he told Michael about the test. Michael told his father he knew it as he already did one with aunt pretty.

After the test, David went out with Michael and the boy asked his father why Dana and him were still at grandpa’s house, or they were going to split out just like what his mates have been telling him in school. Helen explained to him that adults fight and make up and in all that he should know he was not at fault.

Lucy travelled to Palawan for a business meeting and also decided to have a vacation with Carol and Jim. At Dragon Empire Builders, Jia paced up and down, waiting for the result. Summer and Abigail got there asking her of her problem. Jia said she was waiting for an information on her son. Her friends tried to make her accept that she lost her son. After receiving the result, David called her and said he was on his way to the workplace to meet her.

Jia suddenly packed and left, unfortunately, she bumped into Amanda who has already heard her saying she would meet David at the city garden and park, a place not far from Dragon Empire. After fetching information from the security to know that Jia was going to meet Dana’s husband, Amanda informed Dana. She tailed Jia in a taxi while Dana also decided to follow.

Dana’s car was not available and she was upset with her driver, however she bumped into Adam who queried her why she was upset. She told Adam that it was about Jia and David, they were meeting at the City Garden and Parks, Amanda overheard Jia on the phone talking to David and she informed her. Adam decided to go with her.

Jia met David and the result proved that David was the father of Michael and she was the mother. She recalled how she first met Michael, her time with him during his school activity and when they got stuck in the elevator. Jia shed tears as she was now happy to finally find her son.

Adam and Dana arrived at the location. Dana told her father to wait for her to go instead. Meanwhile, Jia was overjoyed as the DNA result confirmed she is the mother of Michael and wondered how Adam’s own turned negative.

However, Amanda was spying on them. She called Lucy to inform her and even shot videos. Dana got there to find Jia and David together. She started to accuse them, pointing her finger on Jia for flirting with her husband.

Fixing her eyes on the genetic test, Dana snatched it to read. She found out that David took paternity test with Michael without her knowledge. She did not look alarm as she attacked them for now realising they were the rightful parents of Michael. As the fight was ongoing, Adam got there while Amanda still stayed inside the bush to shoot video of them and sent it to Lucy. Adam separated the fight and Jia accused him of stealing her son for Dana.

Lucy quickly called Manny to inform him that Adam was now aware that Jia is the mother of Michael so he should find a place to hide for the moment. Adam sent his children to the house to plead with them to solve the issue amicably as family but Jia was bent on suing Dana for stealing her son.

Dana was not ready to accept her father’s condition as she saw Jia and Harry as criminals and was not ready to settle the issue amicably. She went home and was so upset that she destroyed everything. Michael got there to ask if everything was okay but she yelled at him and sacked him from the room.

Adam sensed that Lucy and Manny worked in cohort to temper with the result. He called Feli, Manny’s house help to ask of Manny since he could not get in touch with him. Feli said Manny had an emergency and has left to his hometown. Dana called David to ask him whose side he was on. Realising David was siding with Jia, Dana threatened to file adultery charge against the two if that meant that she would get Michael.

The next day at Dragon Empire Builders, Adam spoke with Dana trying to make her see the need to make Jia also become part of her son’s life. Dana saw that her father was siding with Jia and was making her feel that she was the bad person while Jia was the reason everything had happened.

Dana believed what her father was doing would rather give Jia a complete family to have a reason to remain with David. Before she would leave, Adam asked her if she would be able to l*ve Michael like a mother now that she has discovered that the child was the result of an affair of the two people she trusted. Dana said yes and left.

Soon, Lucy arrived from Palawan and acted like she knew nothing. Adam told her that Michael was the son of David and Jia. Lucy asked whether Dana knew about it and Adam said she knew. He then looked at Lucy suspiciously, asking her whether she had a hand in the negative result he earlier got but Lucy asked him why he did not ask Manny. Lucy acted up and said he could not always blame her and see her as the person who was at fault.

Adam added so it meant that Harry had been speaking the truth all along. Lucy reminded Adam that he had no evidence against her so he should not blame her unjustly.


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