Love Thy Woman Episode 27

Love Thy Woman Episode 27 Battle for the custody of Michael begins: Jia sues Dana

At the Estrellas’ mansion, Kai asked Jia to be cautious about her movement in getting closer to Michael. Jia was determined to sue Dana to win sole custody of the child and was in a hurry to leave to meet her attorney to know her chances of winning the lawsuit.

Kai wanted Jia to solve the issue amicably as her father wanted but knowing Dana, Jia doubted she would comply for her to meet her son. She met her attorney and the latter stated that they had to have a DNA test of Jia and Michael to prove that she was the biological mother. Also they needed evidence to confirm there was an issue of kidnapping.

At the office, Dana’s friends introduced her to a family’s lawyer, Attorney Samenago who has won several cases. Attorney Samenago assured her that her chances to win the case was high. Dana then sign a deal with her to be her lawyer in court.

Shirley informed Adam about the copy of the DNA test which was forwarded to Adam in his email. Adam checked and saw the proof that Jia was the biological mother. He concluded that Manny tempered with the results and called him several times but to no avail.

Dana received a call from Ella, a mother who told her she saw Jia and her husband together at the school giving food to Michael. Dana got upset and stormed Jia’s office with coffee. However, Amanda, preempting a chaos called Shirley to inform the president that there was a fire on the mountain as Dana stormed Jia’s office.

Dana and Jia quarreled. Dana referred to Jia as mistress and cheap. Jia hit Dana’s hand and all the coffee spilt on the table. Dana asked her to clean it up. As Dana was leaving, Jia engaged her in a fight for describing her as pathetic mistress.

Adam separated the fight and ushered them to his office. Dana explained that Jia went to Michael’s school just to meet David but Jia denied going to the school with the sole purpose to meet David. She just wanted to see Michael even from afar and it so happened that David was there.

Adam spoke with Jia alone and realised Jia was not backing down. She was poised to fight for the custody of Michael in court. He tried to persuade her but Jia asked Adam to forgive her since she was doing it for her son.

Adam later had a meeting with Amanda to stop her from acting so concern bout his daughters. He believed Amanda was up to something for even following Jia and David the other day. Dana went to David’s house to discover that he was pushing through with the annulment and destroyed David’s sketches.

Meanwhile, David was very happy to inform Patrick that he was annulling his marriage with Dana. He said he would also fight for the custody of Michael to give Jia the upper hand to be with Michael.

Patrick saw what David was doing, siding with Jia and to be with her. However, David claimed that Jia’s son was stolen from her and just wanted to help her in the fight against Dana. He said initially he withhold the annulment due to Michael since he was afraid to lose him but now that he has realised he was the father, nothing would stop him from getting the divorce.

Patrick went to their home-based-office to find all their blue prints being destroyed. He could not understand why someone would destroy their hard work. He called David to inform him. David rushed there to discover from the CCTV footage that Dana did that. Patrick got upset that Dana was jeopardising their work and urged David to sue her.

David showed the video to Helen and she was also upset with Dana and encouraged her son to report her. However, David had a better plan, he wanted to use that to support his lawsuit. Dana began maltreating Michael and locked him up to force him to sleep. The next day, Dana sent Michael to school and David met her.

David asked her the reason she destroyed his blue prints. Dana interjected that he had no proof against her and denied the allegations. That evening, Dana conspired with Lucy to come up with something against David and Jia since David was bent on nullifying their marriage and also seeking the custody of Michael.

Soon, David received a text from Michael telling him that his head aches. He called Dana to ask but Dana hanged up and told Lucy that Michael had informed David that he was not feeling well as if they did not treat him well.

Dana sent Michael to school. She met David who asked her why he was stopping him from getting closer to his own son. Dana left and the teacher came to inform David that Michael had a swollen head and was complaining of headache. David informed Jia and they rushed the boy to hospital.

Later, Amanda received a letter from Adam that everything that happened between his daughters was a family issue and should respect his daughter’s privacy. Helen called Jia to inform her about the Singaporean citizenship of Michael which would soon gain approval. She asked her to stop the processing otherwise it would be difficult for her to gain her son back.

Soon, Dana received a subpoena from court about Jia nullifying her adoption. Adam got upset and queried Jia but Jia was ready to fight for Michael’s custody. She felt that Adam would favour Dana but Adam had no such intentions. He wanted her to consider Michael’s feelings since he had seen Dana all those years as his mother.

David threatened to tell Michael the truth, that he was adopted if Dana kept denying him the opportunity to spend time with his own son.

Fast forward, the issue was processed in court and the Estrellas, the Wongs, except Adam and the Chaos appeared in court. Jia took the witness box and she began to swear.


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