Love Thy Woman Episode 30

Jia hits the rock bottom, Court annuls the marriage of Dana and David

Kai spoke with Jia on phone and was so worried that Jia could be arrested. She asked if she could seek help from Adam but Jia refused, saying she and Richie had it under control. Besides, she had to prove to Adam that she worth to take her son from Dana.

At Dragon Empire Builders, Adam asked Shirley to get in touch with Jia to get an update. Shirley said RJ&E’s clients had rejected to settle the issue so Adam asked Shirley to get him the contact details of RJ&E’s clients.

In Singapore, Richie informed Jia that their clients had agreed to settle their issue and within 30 days they had to pay their money. They then resort to selling their properties including Jia’s house she owned in Singapore and Manila as well as Richie’s. Yet, there would be an outstanding amount left which they had to find to add to it. They were able to sell the company but it has left with seven days to sell off the the rest otherwise they might end up in prison.

Jia looked for an alternative in Manila, to sell off the rest of the properties. Meanwhile David and Dana appeared in court over their annulment case. David proved to the court that Dana was psychologically incapacitated and his friend Patrick witnessed her outburst at the office when she destroyed his works to jeopardise his business. He insisted that no sane person or a person within the right frame of mind would do what Dana did.

In the box, Dana admitted she had her own flaws but she was upset due to the infidelity, rejection and humiliation she suffered. She said David cheated on her with her own sister, Jia and referred to them as traitors, liars and despicable. Dana wept in court as she narrated her story.

In the house, Helen told David to prepare himself for anything since Dana had a reason for her psychological imbalances. She advised David to solve his marital issue with Dana for them to live as couple but David refused. David was determined to file for appeal if he lost the case.

He believed Michael would not be happy with Dana and needed sole custody of the boy. Elsewhere, Kai wanted to book a flight to Singapore to be with her daughter but Jia asked her not to, she would join her in Manila soon.

However, she asked whether Kai has gotten in touch with Harry but Kai has not. Her private investigator, Simon had no news for her yet. Jia arrived in Manila to find Helen with Kai. Helen offered her a cheque to help settle her debts, and also to stop her from selling the house she owned in Singapore.

Jia wanted to refuse the offer but Helen did that due to the child she had with her son. Adam learnt that Jia had been able to settle most of her debts but RJ&E had not declared bankrupt. Adam believed they wanted to settle in a smaller office. Finally, Manny called Adam after Lucy figured out means in settling Manny’s problem. When Adam asked about the DNA result, Manny told him that it was the result given to him at the Genetic facility.

Adam then made Shirley find answers to his questions, only to know that the Genethics facility was shut down. Dana spoke with Stephen, the hacker and the latter said Dana was a very bad person. Dana insisted that Jia deserved it. Kai packed all the things in the Estrellas’ mansion in Manila. Simon offered her two rooms which were empty in his house.

Kai refused and said they had it covered. Kai cried wondering why bad things kept happening to Jia while there were other cruel people out there. Adam called Manny to seek answers on why the facility was closed down but Manny believed it was a coincident.

In Singapore, Jia told Richie that she could not believe all their hard work has gone down to drain. She arrived in Manila to find their things already packed. Jia shed tears. Meanwhile, Dana and Lucy celebrated for Dana’s ability to knock out Jia for her to hit the rock bottom.

Helen packed Michael’s things for him to be with Dana. Michael talked on phone with Dana to tell her about coming to the Wong’s mansion that day. He also said aunt pretty gave him a plane toy but Dana warned him not to accept gifts from Jia and to also stop calling her pretty, she was ugly.

Realising Michael was not siding with her, she got upset and Lucy asked her not to allow her emotions get the best of her since Michael was her weapon against the Estrellas and the Chaos. David wanted Jia to work with him but she refused. Dragon Empire began to face problems with clients as they rejected Amanda’s designs after Jia terminated her partnership.

Adam was shuttered when he read the termination of partnership letter, Jia rendered on behalf of RJ&E even though he had earlier rejected his board members proposal of terminating contract with RJ&E.

Soon, court granted David’s marriage annulment request. Dana after recalling how he met David and their wedding cried out but Lucy consoled her. She vent her anger on Michael and destroyed the plane toy which Jia bought him. She called David to threaten him that she would make his, Jia and Michael’s life miserable for what he did against her.

Michael discovered that his toy had gone missing and asked Dana whether she was the person who threw it away. Dana cried that David has left them for another woman. She did that to turn Michael against David.


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