Love Thy Woman Episode 32

Love Thy Woman Episode 32 Dana destroys the employment chances of Jia

Adam told Manny on phone that he had already told Michael the truth, that he was adopted by Dana and David. He explained to Michael that he was found at the gate of their house and Dana took care of him so the court has given him back to his biological mother, Jia.

However, he said he would miss Dana and did not want to leave her. Manny admitted the child was really Jia’s son since he was emotional and showed concern. David called Dana to ask how Michael was doing. Dana threatened to tell Michael that David was his real father since he already knew Jia was his biological father.

David called Jia to inform her that they might have a problem as Dana had threatened to tell Michael the truth about his real father. Jia thought of the stunt that Dana pulled after the court hearing an go scared.

The next day, Adam arrived at Jia’s new place to present Michael but wanted to send them to a bigger mansion. However, Kai and Jia refused his offer just to avoid an issue with Lucy. Simon arrived there and Kai introduced him to Adam as the detective who was helping her to find Harry. Adam said they needed to see Harry as soon as possible as he had lots of explanations to do.

After settling, Jia told Kai that Michael wanted to know the truth about his real father but failed to tell him since that would make Michael hate her, besides he was still calling her Aunt Pretty.

David arrived at Dragon Empire Builders to see Dana to know what he could do to stop her from brainwashing Michael. Dana told him to relax since she did not tell the child that he was the real father, she knew it was not good for the boy.

Amanda and Gab came to meet Dana hugging David while threatening him that Michael was a step away to know the truth if David failed to follow her orders. David went to his office to tell Patrick about it. Patrick did not understand why Dana had to stoop so low. For the sake of his family, David said he would sacrifice to see Jia and her son happy. He said he never knew Dana would have a way to keep controlling his and Jia’s life.

Simon told Kai that they were able to locate the last seen of Harry which was at a gambling den and was told he did not return from delivering something a month ago. He showed the owner of the gambling den’s picture to Kai and asked if she knew anything about him.

Kai said no, Simon further said the man was mostly referred to as the boss and he found out that Harry was pleading with him to help find a cheque of 5million. Kai’s action made him realised there was a secret and he made her to reveal it. Kai told him the story of Harry selling Jia’s son to Lucy Wong for 5million and believed he wanted evidence against Lucy. They believed the boss had connection with Lucy.

The boss told Lucy that someone dropped by to make enquiries about Harry but if she wanted to know more then she should pick his calls. Meanwhile, Michael spoke with Dana and the latter told Michael to tell David that he wanted him to be with Dana for them to have a complete family.

Lucy arrived home in a foul mood. Dana asked of her problem to only realise her father did not want to discuss about Dragon Empire Builders Victorino’s party if Jia would not be there. Meanwhile, Michael gave David attitude for abandoning Dana. He saw David as a bad person for going after another woman and hated him. David told him he was his father but Michael said he was only adopted and he was not his real dad.

Later, Helen proposed they tell Michael the truth about her real father but Jia was scared that she might lose her son as he would see her as the reason Dana’s marriage with David collapsed. She decided to tell him the truth some day but not currently.

The Wongs and Manny talked about the year’s anniversary. Adam gave it to Lucy to organise it. He was ready to offer anniversary bonuses to his employees. He told Dana that she should always think about the employees welfare than herself once he was gone. Lucy found it a bit serious and interjected that no one was going anywhere.

As they left Adam’s office, Manny advised Dana to be of good behaviour since now it was clear that Adam has announced her as his successor. Unknown to them, Amanda was eavesdropping. Dana then made a call to Arrowfield Tower, a place where Jia was working.

Jia was called by the HR and they sacked her with an excuse that the company was facing a sort of a challenge and they were laying some workers off. Jia felt sad and pleaded that she needed the job so badly as that day was her first day at work and was willing to do other things and work for several hours.

The HR gave a day’s payment for her job and fired her. On her way to the house, Patrick called her. She went to the Chao’s office and Patrick asked of her help as an interior designer to meet a client’s deadline. He discovered that Jia has lost her job and pleaded with her to follow him the next day to do the presentation.

Meanwhile, Kai went to the gambling den with Simon for Harry’s things. They got home and Kai was looking pale. Simon knew Kai might be hungry so he offered the noodles he had bought for them to eat while he tried fishing out about Kai’s relationship with Adam. Kai did not want to talk about it.

In the house, Dana called Dom to order her to make calls to all real estate companies in the metro to stain the employment reputation of Jia. She wanted Jia to face the consequences of her action.


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