Love Thy Woman Episode 33

Love Thy Woman Episode 33 Adam plans to divorce Lucy, Amanda reveals Gab to Adam as his son

Jia arrived home late to reveal to Kai that she was sacked from the company since it was having internal issues that has led the executives to lay off some workers. As they were talking, they received some food stuffs from Adam. This made Kai recalled how she fell for Mr Wong.

Jia called Adam and thanked him for doing that for Michael. At dawn as he was in bed with Lucy, Adam received a call from the security company informing him about the person who came to his house eight years ago and it was Elvie.

Seeing Lucy asleep, Adam sneaked out of the house. The next morning, Lucy could not find Adam and asked the servant on a breakfast table only to find out that Adam left at dawn, around 2:00am. She could not reach him, Dana also left early to work.

Lucy stormed Kai’s house, before knocking, she sprayed sanitiser, and was wearing gloves and nose mask. She entered the room to demand for her husband but Kai said she has stopped seeking the attention of her husband and Lucy should look elsewhere perhaps there was a third party.

Adam called Kai and the latter told him that his wife was searching for him. Lucy quickly called Adam and he hang up on her. Later, Carol called Lucy to inform her that Adam already knew the truth. She explained that Adam went to Elvie’s house and the sister of Elvie has revealed all the secret to him.

Lucy who was being monitored by Gab rushed to Adam’s office, only to be greeted with her husband’s wrath. Gab stood at the door to record them. Adam revealed that he knew Lucy bought Michael for 5million and gave him to Elvie. Since Elvie was scared that she would suffer a jail term for kidnapping the child, she returned the child and left the baby at the back of their gate.

Realising Dana was approaching, Gab hid. Dana got to the president’s office to find Adam very upset with Lucy. Adam said it was over and Lucy would not own anything in the company as well. Gab presented the recordings to Amanda. After listening to it, Amanda deemed it as an opportunity to introduce Gab to his father.

Meanwhile, Jia received payment from Patrick for the work he helped him with and told her to work with them. He was ready to keep it as secret but Jia did not want trouble from Dana so she decided to search new places for work and if she did not get she would return to the Chao’s company.

Lucy went to Manny’s office to inform him that Adam has declared intentions of leaving her, threatening that she would not gain anything from the company as well. Manny consoled her, asking her to be patience since Adam was upset, besides what Lucy did was unforgivable. Lucy got drunk and blamed her friend Carol for voicing the truth to Adam.

Carol said she did not necessarily admitted the truth but Adam joined the pieces together to realise what Lucy did. She told Lucy to admit her fault that what she did was wrong and could not blame her for Adam discovering the truth. In agony, Lucy ended her friendship with Carol and got home late. Dana tried to fish out where she has been and she was upset with Dana for turning her back against her to make her take all the blame.

Dana said she was her only weapon to get her dad and if she had admitted knowing her mother’s secret, Adam would have disowned her. Lucy found out that Adam has packed all of his stuff out of the house. Lucy wept and blamed Dana for not stopping Adam when he was getting his things out of the house.

The next day at Dragon Empire Builders, Amanda came to Adam’s office to reveal to him that Gab was the fruit from their one night stand. Amanda wanted Adam to include Gab in his will and testament since it was evident that  Dana would occupy the CEO position with Jia being the supporter.

Adam did not want to acknowledge Gab as his son so Amanda threw a challenge that he should tell her the number of DNA tests that they had to conduct, the time and the place and she would appear with Gab.

Adam said she should come the next day, 6:00am at the office. At the scheduled time, Amanda and Gab appeared. Gab acted like he was not in support of his mother’s plan. A nurse arrived and a DNA test was conducted on Gab.

Meanwhile, Jia’s search for employment proved futile. However the last company she went, got her close to her schoolmate who she has helped in the past. The lady showed Jia the document which was sent to the company and other companies by Dragon Empire which has blocked her employment ability.

Jia stormed Dragon Empire Builders to confront Dana for blocking her chance of gaining a decent job to earn a living but Dana seemed not to be bothered as she wanted her half sister to crawl in misery.


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