Love Thy Woman Episode 35

Love Thy Woman Episode 35 Jia threatens Lucy over Kai’s arrest, Adam’s murderer tries to implicate Lucy

At the precinct, Jia was hugging Kai while consoling her. Simon appeared to voice the fact that Kai would be retained in prison due to the charges of the victim’s wife against her. Jia saw it as unfair since both Lucy and Kai tested positive for the g*n$hot residue and since Lucy was the one who was holding the g*n she should have been the main suspect to be arrested.

She also revealed that Lucy had an issue with her husband and before Adam’s death, he left the mansion. Lucy wept bitterly for her husband’s demise. She recalled her father’s curse that her family would never be happy and cried while holding the suit which Adam would wear to be layed to rest.

That night, Lucy dreamt of seeing many framed pictures of Adam and her. When she drew closer to take one, Adam was burnt from the picture. She woke from her nightmare and told Dana who was sleeping next to her about her dream. Dana believed it was because Adam would be cremated the next day.

Lucy lamented that life was just a fleeting, you would be on top of the world but the next day you would be no more. Dana consoled her while she mourned. The next day, a funeral was held for the Dragon Empire Builders President. Jia got there and Dana deemed it that Jia had a nerve to show up after she issued a warning to her not to appear. Manny tried to keep Dana under control.

Lucy got there to discipline Jia for appearing there. Jia screamed that Lucy was the one who had to be behind bars not her mother and threatened to get her behind bars soon, asking Lucy to fear her. Later, Dana arrived home with the cremains of Adam Wong and queried her mother why she did not return to the funeral again.

Lucy rushed to her room to cry thinking about the good times with Adam and later how her deceased husband threatened to divorce her and make her loss the company they worked so hard for. Lucy then cried, screaming it was unfair for Adam to treat her that way. Jia went to visit her mother in prison. Kai assured her of her safety adding that Simon has gotten a lawyer for her and told Jia to go on vacation in Singapore with Michael.

Jia found it hard to do it since she did not want to leave her mother in times of distress. She wondered why they had to pass through that even though they have done nothing against anyone. The next day at work, Dana received a congratulatory gift card and plaque from someone who deemed Dana to be the successor of her father.

She wanted to paste it in her father’s office but Simon stopped her since she could disrupt the investigation ongoing. Thinking about everything that Adam did, Dana claimed her father had always wanted Jia and did not appreciate all her efforts even though she was the actual person who served him more. She saw that Adam did not l*ve her and was unfair to her for the l*ve he showed to Jia.

Simon called Lucy to ask of Adam’s mobile phone but Lucy denied having it. Simon told her to check the house if it was there, Lucy retorted that she was grieving her husband so she fell sick in the process and had a doctor’s appointment.

The investigators interviewed the workers of Dragon Empire Builders and the servants only to find out that Lucy had not been truthful for claiming she and her husband were living amicably and were looking forward for a future of retiring peacefully. The workers and the servants even believed Lucy was the actual murderer due to her constant fight with her husband and her ways of trying to get rid of her husband’s other family.

The police discovered Adam was even staying in a hotel and they believed Lucy was hiding something. Lucy later visited the precinct to find out how far the police had gone with their investigations. She was upset for their slow pace of investigation and began to make the police feel unprofessional in the discharge of their duties.

This got on the nerve of Simon and he intelligently asked Lucy for the weapon which was used to commit the crime but she claimed she had not seen it. Lucy found it hard to believe the police were suspecting her for the crime committed against her husband. Simon made it clear to her that the evidence against Kai was the same evidence found against Lucy, therefore she could also be seen as suspect in the case since she was first to hold the murd*r weapon.

Simon also queried her on the issue that made Adam left the house and she said it was personal and needed her lawyer before talking about it. Lucy went home to order Dana to inform the marketing department that they were resuming work the next day as they already lost Adam and could not lose more again. Dana saw the act would rather put the investigation on hold but Lucy thought otherwise since the business had to go on due to their investors.

At the police station, Kai played the audio of Adam’s misunderstanding with Lucy to Simon. The investigator said he would show it to the lawyer if it would be admissible in court since such things from anonymous sources were mostly not accepted as evidence in court. David visited Kai and the latter asked her to take care of Jia and Michael.

On his way out, David met Jia who had returned from Singapore standing at one corner and wondered why she was standing there without going to see her mother. Jia cried, saying she had lost the strength to comfort her mother. The police kept on with their investigation and received anonymous tip that the weapon they were searching for was at the boss’ office.

Simon and the other officer quickly ran off to Dragon Empire. Dana called Lucy to inform her that the police had a message that the weapon was at the boss’ office and wondered which boss. Lucy opened her door to find the weapon on her laptop. She hangup and went to dispose a garbage in the trash can.

Meanwhile, Simon searched Lucy’s office for the g*n but did not find it. Through the CCTV cameras the investigators monitored Lucy’s movement while Simon sent some of his men to search in the bin to find what Lucy disposed he also tailed Lucy. His messengers called to inform him that the trash did not have the evidence.


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