Love Thy Woman Episode 36

Love Thy Woman Episode 36 Lucy curses Adam for leaving all inheritance to Jia and Kai

At Dragon Empire Builders, Lucy fled to the washroom to find a place to hide the murder weapon. She was desperate and finally had an idea. She inserted the weapon inside the tissue dispenser.

She came out of the washroom to find the investigators at the door of the washroom. They went inside the washroom searching for the weapon. Lucy ran to inform Dana at her office that she found the murder weapon in her office and had placed it inside the tissue dispenser. She told Dana to go and check if the investigator found it or not.

Dana went to check and informed Lucy that Simon did not find it. Lucy whose heart was throbbing high now smiled and even condemned the nature of job the investigators were doing since they could not find where she kept the g*n. Manny made a call to demand a probe into the certificates of Gab since he realised Lucy employed Gab without looking at his credentials due to Amanda.

He then received a call from Lucy demanding a favour from him. She said the favour was about the weapon.

Meanwhile, Jia after speaking with David visited her mother at the precinct. Kai cried about how fast Lucy went to file murder charge against her but was told by the lawyer they could reduce it to man slaughter and plead guilty in court. Jia did not like the direction the lawyer had given to her mother but Kai was paranoid, telling Jia everything was over for her since the victims family had filed the charge against her.

Jia believed something could be done since her mother was innocent but Kai insisted that the evidence against her was strong and cried. Soon, the family gathered for the lawyer of Adam, Marcus to read out Adam Wong’s last will and testament. After a long wait for Jia she finally arrived. To Lucy’s dismay, Amanda and Gab also appeared. Lucy tried to sack them but the lawyer said they were now set.

The lawyer stated that for five years ago Adam has shared his properties and everything equally among the four women, Lucy, Dana, Kai and Jia but before his death he changed his will and testament and gave 13 million pessos to Manny for being a good friend, Kai received 10per cent, Micheal Wong received 10per cent of Dragon Empire stock, he bequeathed Jia 50per cent of his entire properties, Dana 20per cent of all his properties but 270 million should be deducted from Dana’s inheritance to Jia, Amanda and Gab had 5per cent of Dragon Empire stock while Lucy received the Wong’s mansion, his personal savings account from three banks, the Wong’s foundation and 5per cent of Dragon Empire stocks.

Lucy claimed the will was false since Jia was illegitimate child and did not deserve to have 50per cent property of her husband. Jia told her that she did not beg Adam for it and did not care about Adam’s properties.

“How noble Jia, I am sure you manipulated him,” Dana retorted.

Lucy then vent her anger on Amanda and asked her how she was included in the will. Amanda admitted having an affair with Adam and Gab was the fruit of that affair. Lucy cried, Manny and Dana held her back. Attorney Marcus gave his card to Jia to contact him on Kai’s case since he could recommend good criminal lawyers for her. He said Jia might have done something good to earn such inheritance from Adam as he believed Adam was a fair man.

Amanda approached Jia to ask her if she should pinch her for her to know if she was not dreaming. She then asked for forgiveness for her actions and told Jia to rely on her for her mother’s case, adding that she should not mind Lucy. Jia was escorted home by David and Patrick. However, Patrick wondered the quantity of the inheritance which Jia received.

Jia never knew whether to be happy with the inheritance or not. She realised how she meant to Adam and decided to share part of her inheritance to the poor. Elsewhere, Gab wondered whether what he and his mother did was right but Amanda said they should toast to a new beginning of wealth as 5per cent was huge.

Meanwhile, Lucy vent her anger on the alter she had set for her late husband. She destroyed everything and hit Adam’s picture with an object. She said she would ensure Adam’s last will and testament did not come to fruition.

Jia went to visit Kai to inform her that they meant a lot to Adam. Jia also told her that Amanda got 5per cent of the inheritance which got Lucy upset as she claimed Gab was Adam’s son. Kai doubted, saying Adam l*ved Lucy so much to cheat again. Dana went to the alter erected for Adam to shed tears that even in his grave Adam has shown how importance Jia meant to him. She cursed Jia that she would follow Adam soon.

Later, she and her mother plotted on means to invalidate the will. At the Police station, Jia believed Gab was Adam’s son otherwise he would not have factored him in the inheritance. Amanda could not sleep and kept dreaming about Manny’s announcement of Adam’s death.

The next day, the servants brought Adam’s stuff which were kept at the hotel Adam lodged before his death. Due to how upset she was, Lucy ordered them to burn it. Amanda and her son reached Dragon Empire and were banned from entering. Amanda threatened to fire the security when she obtain her inheritance. She claimed that she had a right in the company than Lucy and her daughter. However, Manny called Gab on phone to be at his office. The security allowed them to go in.

Manny who has gathered evidence that Gab had never obtained any education in the United States confronted Gab for using fake documents. Gab said he wanted to work in Dragon Empire Builders desperately, hence he had no choice than to fake documents. Manny wondered how he became a son of Adam while Adam did not say a word to him.

Gab insisted that he was the son of Adam and he even underwent a DNA test. Lucy went to the washroom to take the g*n from where she kept. She went to her office to call the police senior officer to halt their investigations since his officers were acting slow. She also said she and her lawyer has formally filed a case against Kai and thanked the officer.

Manny rushed to Lucy’s office to inform her that Gab’s documents were all fake. Dana then said it was not surprising since she earlier went to visit Amanda at the residence address on her documents and it turned out the place was her friend’s. She also learnt that Amanda had been borrowing clothes, shoes and bags and obtained Amanda’s right address to go and find her living in a filthy place.

Dana doubted Adam had anything to do with Amanda since her father was generous. She doubted Gab to be a Wong and wanted them to find a way to exclude Gab from the will. Lucy indicated that she saw a DNA test which proved that Gab was Adam’s son.


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