Love Thy Woman Episode 37

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 37 Adam’s Will and Testament burn down into ashes, Attorney Marquez falls into comatose

At Lucy’s office, she told Manny to help her with the murder weapon. As Manny came from the washroom, he bumped into Simon who sent him to the police station for questioning. Simon held him responsible for the possession of the murder weapon in a bag.

He denied knowing anything about it, adding that at the time of the crime he was at the anniversary ground and infront of over 800 guests. He was the one who even announced Adam’s death.

Lucy, Dana, Kai and Jia testified in favour of Manny as he was more than a friend to Adam. Manny was allowed to leave and he called Lucy to warn her that he would never do her any more favours. He said he almost had an heart attack when he was being queried as the suspect.

Lucy advised him to calm down since he was not the murderer. Lucy met with Lawyer Juanito Marquez to query him about the will to know that it worth about $8.5billion. She also queried whether any of the parties have a copy and where he had kept the will. Lawyer Marquez revealed that no one had a copy and he has kept the will safely in his house and at his office.

Soon, a fire guts his office and house and a debris hit his head leading him to fall into comatose. After news broke on the tragic incident that befell on the lawyer, Amanda together with Gab went to see Manny to talk to him on what they could do to gain their inheritance. Manny told them that everything of the lawyer, including the will and the videos got destroyed but they could only gain the inheritance if they could provide copy of that will.

Meanwhile, Jia was informing her mother at the police station about what had happened to Lawyer Marquez and the will. When Simon revealed that the legal wife would be the highest beneficiary per the law in such cases, Jia believed it was not an accident and someone they knew of plotted it. Kai referred to the person as monster, she was indirectly referring to Lucy.

As Lucy was telling her daughter that she knew she would be the prime suspect, Manny got there and accused her of what had happened to Lawyer Marquez since she was the least beneficiary of the will but Lucy denied.

They concluded that per the law the legal wife would have 50per cent, the legitimate daughter 50per cent and the rest would go to some beneficiaries which Michael, Gab and Amanda would not receive some.

David and Patrick visited Jia to offer her their help. Elsewhere, Lucy spoke with her attorney and was assured that no issue would pop up that would go against her concerning the weapon in the hands of the police. Meanwhile, Kai and Jia became happy as they obtained the weapon that could set her free. The police believed there was a third party who committed the crime but Jia was certain that Lucy committed the crime.

However, Kai doubted since she knew Lucy l*ved Adam so much. She was crossed examined again by Simon on the time Lucy returned to the crime scene. Later, Jia went to Dragon Empire Builders but Lucy and Dana told her they had to wait for Attorney Marquez to regain consciousness. Dana advised Jia not to be desperate as Lucy told her she would still inherit something since she was the ba$tard child.

Jia interjected that the desperate one was the one who was manipulating everything. Dana indicated that Jia was an expert since she stole her husband, her child and her inheritance. Jia admitted stealing David but she said she has suffered enough for it, for the child the court gave it to her and for the inheritance she did not ask Adam anything he gave it to her and was sure Dana might have done something bad for her to receive what she got.

Lucy referred to Jia as one day billionaire and called the security not to allow Jia into Dragon Empire Builders ever again. Jia asked Manny to help her gain access to Adam’s things but he refused due to Lucy, however, David and Patrick helped her with a Singaporean friend who accessed the phone to retrieve the files. Lucy who had the phone realised that someone was assessing it. Dana urged her to delete the will quickly and Lucy deleted them all before David could download.

Manny had told the IT to get him access to Adam’s email. Dana also told her mother that they should access Adam’s email before a third party would. The next day, Dana told Lucy that she had already spoken with the IT so Lucy told her to get it before. When they were about to leave the house, the police, Yalung and Santos came to invite Lucy over to the precinct since she was the last to have spoken with Attorney Marquez.


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