Love Thy Woman Episode 38

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 38 Jia intercepts CCTV footage to set Kai free, Lucy plans to sell Dragon Empire Builders after Manny’s betrayal

At Dragon Empire Builders, Manny made the IT guy accessed the email of Adam and saw a scheduled announcement of Jia Estrella Wong being endorsed by Adam as the CEO and President of the company.

Recalling Lucy’s disapproval to allow those illegitimate children of Adam gaining all those properties at the expense of her, Manny ordered the IT person to dispose the audio but rescinded on his decision and made the IT guy forwarded it to his email.

He instructed him to reset Adam’s password. Amanda was not ready to allow Lucy win the fight for the inheritance and told Gab that she was going to Dragon Empire Builders. Gab who was scared by his mother’s act advised her that they should return to the United States but she refused.

At the precinct, Lucy admitted being the last to be seen with Attorney Marquez but she had no hand in events that led to his comatose. Simon insisted on her to reveal what they discussed but she said it was private.

Realising the police still suspected her, Lucy claimed she was wealthy and did not need Adam’s will to be satisfied, adding that the Attorney wanted her to pay 500million to dispose the will which she refused. She insinuated that any of the beneficiary could be guilty.

Jia arrived at the company, although she was banned from entering she manoeuvre her way into the facility in order to gain evidence that could set Kai free. At her father’s office, she recalled the fond memories of him. At the police station, Kai received a visitor, her land lady, she thought she was there for her rent but the lady informed her that Adam had bought the house for her and came to deliver the papers.

Dana who was lied to by the IT person was searching for her father’s password to access his email. She called her mother to ask her but Lucy did not know Adam’s password.

Dana then learnt about Jia’s presence at the facility. She went to pick a fight with her for her constant appearance in the place. She told Jia that she and that Amanda’s ba$tard would gain nothing from Adam’s inheritance but Jia made it clear that she was only there to search for evidence to seek justice for Adam. Dana slapped her and she also splashed dirty water on Dana.

Dana changed her dress and disposed the dirty one into a trash can. She informed Lucy about it. Lucy wondered why she was not having peace. She told Dana that she was a suspect of the fire that has resorted to Marquez current state but she told the police lies that the lawyer wanted to dispose the will and requested for an offer. Dana wondered what Lucy would say if Attorney Marquez regained consciousness, but Lucy believed she would have a way to cross that river when the need arises.

Lucy stormed the company’s entrance to stop Amanda from causing a scene. She called her desperate and threw her out. However, Amanda began a rumour that 5per cent of Dragon Empire belonged to her and Lucy had nothing. She told the security to spread the rumour.

Dana realised the IT person was using tactics so she compelled him to talk only to find out that Manny was behind her inability to access Adam’s email. She quickly called her mother to inform her what Manny did. Jia went to the surveillance room to seek for a CCTV footage. Due to how Jia had helped the workers before, MG defied Lucy’s orders to give a CCTV footage of the day that Adam’s accident occured.

The footage showed Kai being at the washroom. Some colleagues decided to inform Lucy about it before their job got jeopardised. One person called to alert Jia not to take the main entrance which made Jia who had already broke the good news about her mummy’s freedom to her took the basement exit.

As Lucy had detected that Jia had passed through the basement, she made a quick call to capture Jia before she escaped with the surveillance footage. Fortunately, Manny came to her aid to help her escape. Lucy called Manny to ask him why he helped Jia. Manny ended the call and Jia informed him that she was at the company to gain evidence to free her mother.

Jia went to the precinct to send the footage to Simon. She met David who was already there to check on Kai since his mother asked him to. Kai was happy for what Jia did, Later Dana called Jia to insist on speaking with Michael only to realise David was there with her. She called David and the latter hang up when she asked if he was with Jia. David wondered how Dana talked to him as if she owned him.

Lucy spoke with Manny to confront him for helping Jia escaped with a surveillance footage. Manny said he did not know besides all that Jia wanted was to set her mother free since they only had eachother to depend on.

Lucy concluded that Manny’s loyalty was no longer with her but with Kai. Manny said he wanted to do what was right and would retire soon. Lucy said she did not care and would ensure he lost his shares. Lucy called Attorney Wilson to discuss a highly confidential issue with him.

She wanted to sell Dragon Empire Builders but Dana was not in support. She managed to convince her daughter that it was the right thing to do. She urged Dana to apply wisdom to the issue, urging her not to be sentimental.

Soon, Lucy and Kai appeared before the court. Lucy tried hard to incriminate Kai in the death of her husband but the court decided to play the surveillance footage to prove Kai’s innocent. This shocked Lucy and Dana while Kai and Jia looked cheerful.


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