Love Thy Woman Episode 39

Love Thy Woman Episode 39

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 39 Manny dies after disclosing Jia’s appointment, Lucy throws Jia and Kai out of their house

Kai took her stand in court to explain that she was in the washroom when the crime occured. The court found her not guilty for the crime of murder due to the inability of the prosecution to find necessary evidence to prove Kai as the the murderer of Adam Wong.

As David was talking to Jia to send them home, Dana came to slap her and left. In Dragon Empire Builders, Lucy said she knew the Estrellas would wonder why Dana gave Jia a slap. Lucy promised to ensure they gained nothing and the only thing they would ever get was Kai’s freedom.

Dana seemed not to be happy about her mother’s decision to sell Dragon Empire Builders, but she had to accept if it would benefit them. Lucy did not want them to lose it if the will resurfaced or the lawyer regained consciousness.

Kai and Jia stopped by the church to pray and thank God. Jia believed they had passed through a lot especially when she had a cancer and lost John Yu back then. Since they believed their lives were connected to the Wong’s, they planned to go far away once they obtained justice for Adam’s death and gained what was theirs.

Attorney Wilson deemed it too early for Lucy to sell off the company besides Lucy did not include Manny in the meeting and they had to gain the consent of Manny before. Manny as he was passing, heard some of the workers gossiping about the sale of Dragon Empire to Dana’s former suitor, the Chuas.

Manny stormed Lucy’s office to query her about her plans. Lucy said Manny was not around when the meeting was ongoing. Manny indicated that he and Adam including Lucy started the company right from scratch so it would be unfair if she sold it off. Dana told Manny to cut off the drama, he simply had to agree to the selling of the company and he would get his shares and everything.

Manny went to his office to call Mr Chua and the latter told Manny that he would bring his own workers. Manny told him that Lucy was not the only one who had a say in the issue, he also did. He threatened not to allow that to happen. He wanted to speak with the Head of IT only to discover that Dana had fired him.

He stormed Dana’s office to find out that she knew about the scheduled email and Dana said it was good that she found it. She accused Manny of being a traitor for allowing her father to make that l*ve child CEO and President of Dragon Empire Builders. She said it was good that she got to know to stop it.

Manny said he had always fought for Lucy and Dana but this time he would do what would make Adam’s last will come to pass and was done protecting them as their bitterness was consuming them and he believed Adam was right to punish them for making them learn their lessons.

Jia and Kai were eating when the land lady came to inform them that some dragon Empire representative came to claim the apartment. Simon got there and explained that since the will was still not found, the law backed the legal wife to claim everything under the name of Adam.

Kai did not understand that everything had to be for Lucy. Manny was ready to do what was right. He said Adam had always been fair and to save the company from being sold, he planned to make Adam’s last will come to pass. He called Jia to inform her that she was appointed as the CEO and President of Dragon Empire.

Suddenly, Manny collapsed and Jia called someone to check on Manny. In the house, Lucy recalled Manny’s threat of doing what was right and his commitment in ensuring Adam’s will come to pass.

Manny, the VP of Finance of Dragon Empire Builders was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead around 12 midnight. His death was caused by cardiac arrest, that was according to the news. Lucy told Dana that fate was on their side since she did not lift a finger on Manny even though he knew all their secrets but he sent them all to the grave.

Amanda and Gab came to the funeral but was not allowed in. Jia and Kai joined and they were not allowed either. Lucy came and slapped Amanda for insinuating that she k!lled Manny. Jia was called to aid in an investigation since she was the last person to have spoken to Manny before his death.

Jia revealed that Manny told her she was chosen by Adam to be the CEO. The investigation led to the Head of the IT and he also revealed why he was fired. Simon went to inform Jia about the scheduled email of Adam which confirmed her as the CEO and President of Dragon Empire Builders but the sad news was it was deleted.

The police went to Amanda’s house to query her on Adam’s death. She claimed she was at the event when the said murder occured and provided a video of the time Manny made the announcement. She accused Lucy of being the murderer since she wanted to evade her arrest for kidnapping Jia’s son. She believed Lucy and Kai fought over the will of Adam since Lawyer Marquez said the will was on Adam’s desk.

Lucy discovered the papers of the house Adam bought for Kai. She got upset and went to throw them out. Kai insisted that Adam bought the house for them and would not allow her to throw her out of her house.

Jia threatened to call the police but Lucy was ahead of them since she actually came with the police. She managed to throw them out and locked the door on them.


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