Love Thy Woman Episode 4

Love Thy Woman Episode 4 Lucy warns Jia not to flirt with David 

Adam in the company of Jia and David took a trip to Lucy’s root where her father curses her to counter the curse. They visit the temple to pray and do donations. Giving is said by the seer to be a key antidote to any curse.

According to the seer, Lucy’s soul is wandering around and asks the family to plead with the soul to come back. There is no day that passes without the family telling the soul to return.

Nights and days have gone by, months have already fled, three months of the Wongs and the Chaos performing the sweet rituals, still Dana is in comatose. Now heartbreak is setting in, David asks a second opinion from his mother whether his spouse’s soul will ever return.

Hope is the remedy, says Helen to her son. Feeling devastated, life has always been staying next to his unconscious wife. Hoping and brooding, doing all forms of rituals, his father-in-law now sees the pains written all over David’s face.

Adam tells David that life has to go on, he should start to work at Dragon Empire Builders to bring his life back to normalcy. Knowing Dana, she does not like failures so David has to work.

Jia has already decline the job offer in Singapore to be close to her dad now that Dana is half dead.

Tired of the rituals and hit by another threat of Dana losing her life, Adam plans to make a united States doctor who is an expert to perform a surgery on Dana. That night Adam gets drunk and spends the night with his former flame, Kai.

Jia finds out about it and she is not happy that Kai is still adding up to the problems of the Wongs, she doesn’t want her mother to get hurt by being a mistress. Kai tells her that nothing happened between Adam and her.

Adam wakes up and overhears the confrontation, he tells Jia that Kai did not do anything wrong. Jia left for work. Kai prepares coffee for Adam and he l*ves the coffee. He gets home to meet Lucy who has already prepared a coffee, he refuses to take since he already drank some.

Lucy insists on him taking some of the coffee, David takes a sip he says it is strong and bitter. Lucy questions him on where he spent the night and he says at Kai’s place. Lucy becomes upset and nags, she knows her husband took that sweet coffee at Kai’s place Adam admits and did not care about Lucy’s feelings.

Lucy pays a surprise visit to her rival to call her all sorts of unpleasant names for being a mistress and a homewrecker. Kai assures her that nothing happened between Adam and her but Lucy wouldn’t believe. She made the nanny delivers a suprise to Kai while she was there.

As the two rivals are arguing, the delivery guy delivers the gift which he said is from Lucy Wong to Kai. Since Lucy is there with her, Kai quickly takes the present.

“Coffee?” she asks Lucy.

“I made it extra strong and bitter so you finally wake up from the fantasy of snatching away my husband yet again.”

Lucy leaves with her friend Caro as they reached the workplace, Caro confronts Lucy of stooping low just to confront a mistress while she is the legal wife. Lucy believes her friend is saying that since she has not been cheated on before and wish her luck if her husband cheats on her too.

Lucy vents her anger on Jia, she compels Jia to do a presentation about a building that they will travel to work on. Summer is about to do the presentation but she makes His does it instead and calls the presentation a waste.

David is part of Jia’s team so since Lucy disapproves the proposal the team works again and David comes up with something, an idea that everyone likes. Jia gives him a blow, Lucy who is passing sees it.

Later, David goes out to eat with Jia and the latter tells David how sad she was when she found out that her father spent the night in her mother’s room. David says they are adults and they can do what they feel like. David tells Jia how he met Dana during a project.

It is Dana who approaches him and things start from there. Jia’s ex-guy shows up at the restaurant with his new girlfriend. Jia alerts David.

She later alights David home and Lucy sees it. In the house, Jia packs her think for the trip and Kai tells her to take care of herself. She also tells Jia how Lucy came over in the morning to insult her. Jia believes Lucy has been spending all her time at the hospital and is hurt to see her husband spending the night with her.

Kai admits she l*ves Adam but she will not ruin his home and believes her daughter will understand when she falls in l*ve.

If i ever fall in l*ve with the wrong person I will fight against it.

I will burry all that feelings just so I don’t hurt someone else.”

Kai  would have taken the insult from someone else not her daughter. Jia said sorry and  meant to hurt her feelings. They hugged.

While working on his laptop, Helen calls to inform him about a man who has been in coma for four years and has recovers after a specialist in Singapore takes care of him. Adam arranged to fly the specialist to Philippines to cure Dana.

The next day, Jia visits Dana and sees David. David tell her that he would have wanted to stay over during the operation of Dana but had to travel to San Victorino for the project.

Lucy sees the two together and hides herself before being noticed. Later, David prepares coffee for Dana after she says goodbye to Dana. Jia takes a sip and asks David what she did to him for him to give her Strong and Bitter coffee.

When she had the chance, Lucy asks to have a word with Jia.

“Jia are you flirting with David?”

“What?” Jia is surprised.

“There are other men out there I really don’t think you will take after your mother.”

“Excuse me,” Jia left.

Soon, the team embarks on their journey to San Victorino. Jia asks Summer of her sketching pad and David says it is with him, he took pictures of some of her sketch to friends in Singapore who can recognise her designs. She thanked him, but David has realised Jia has been given him attitude all those while.

The specialist arrives and looks at the reports of Dana and it is all good. Helen tells Mr and Mrs Wong that she will take care of Dana so they should give themselves a break.

Later, Jia receives a call from David’s friend who is interested in her sketch. She arranged to talk to the person the following week. She tells David about it and thanked him.

They get inside a car and some goons stop them on the road to ask why they are heading to San Victorino. The people seem to have something against Adam Wong and Jia asks what they have against Adam Wong. The goons realised Jia is a daughter of the man who has bought the San Victorino property and allowed them to go.


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