Love Thy Woman Episode 41

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 41 The Will and Last Testament of Adam resurfaces after the Wongs receive a nod from their buyer

At Dragon Empire Builders, Dana was walking to her office when she talked with Jefferson concerning the sale of the company. Jefferson Chua told her to find a new buyer as the family were no longer interested. Dana tried to convince him but Jefferson said he wanted them to be in a relationship. Dana tried to snap him out of it but he hang up.

Jia went to the office where her former classmate was working. The classmate said the company did not have permanent employment but temporary one. Jia found it okay with it and took a project to work on. Her friend then queried her on her dad’s inheritance. On her way, Gab called her to talk to her concerning his grievances about the manner they were band from entering Dragon Empire Builders.

He said he did not have a job and was depending on the will but Jia gave him a sisterly advice to search for a job since those they were dealing with have the upper hand.
Dana called a personal assistant of Attorney Marquez and she said she has sent him a flower and wanted to speak with him but was told he could not speak. Lucy’s blood pressure was checked by a nurse and she received a message from a blackmailer.

Dana called her mother to inform her that Jefferson wanted them to have a relationship. Lucy saw it as a good thing and advised Dana to reconsider it since both were single but Dana was not interested in him.

Concerning attorney Marquez case, Lucy said fate was on their side so Dana should do everything to sell off the company. Elsewhere, Kai made a public announcement concerning her missing brother and begged anyone who sees him to contact her. She searched around while selling her lunch box.

Later, a doctor gave his result on Lucy and he said she was getting better, immediately Lucy sets her eyes on Simon she faked stomach pains. Simon bumped into Dana and she asked about the investigation with the hard drive and he said it was still ongoing. Simon queried her on her relationship with her father to find out about the erased scheduled announcement of the appointment of Jia as the CEO and President of Dragon Empire.

Dana asked him to do his job well perhaps he might be a corrupt official but Simon admitted that some officials were corrupt but not him as he was doing everything to find out how Lucy’s fingerprints got on the hard drive.

Dana went inside her mom’s room. Meanwhile, David got home to find Jia working. David told Kai that he was retiring to bed, Kai asked him to eat before but David refused since he had dinner with a client. Jia stayed overnight to work while her mother went to sleep.

In the Wong’s mansion, Dana asked Lucy if the Police discovered that she was not actually sick but had been faking. Lucy said it was good to fake ailment to evade arrest. Dana asked her why her finger prints was on the hard drive, adding that if that hard drive would help bring justice to her father’s death why did she steal it.

Lucy said the company belonged to her and did not steal the hard drive. Dana asked whether she had something to do with Adam’s death and she slapped Dana. Later, Dana swore to her father that he would regret for not equally given her the opportunity to change. Based on what he did, her fight with Jia would continue. At the end, she would prove to Adam that people get what they truly deserved.

Simon reached the office and he cut jokes with his inability to be at the precinct with Lucy since her tactics had been to delay their work with fake ailment. Dana went to her mother’s room with breakfast to patch things up with her. She said sorry to her and made her understand they could only depend on one another.

Dana made it clear that all that she had was her mother. Lucy then narrated the actual incident with Adam’s death. She said she went to see Adam lying on the floor brutally wounded and was going to seek for a help when she saw a shadow so she went back for the weapon to follow that unseen person who passed through the fire exit and Kai appeared later.

Lucy said she went for the hard drives since in every murder case the one holding the murder weapon is the suspect. She hid the drive but went back for it and could not see it. Lucy admitted that the person behind the act was very smart. Dana realised Kai had been truthful all along.

Simon visited Kai and she did not send him in since she was perching. Simon had still not found Harry and also met the absence of the gambling boss. Since Jia could not obtain any good information on the drive investigation, she told Kai that she suspected Lucy as the k!ller. She believed Lucy discovered the will and k!lled Adam which Kai doubted.

After Dana was able to convince Jefferson to buy the company, she discovered that the will has resurfaced. Lucy was checked by a nurse, Lawyer Wilson came to inform her that he has processed her bail. The nurse said her blood pressure was high but Lucy did not care she wanted to go back to work to settle the issue of the will.

Dana got to work to find the illegitimate children and the mistresses of her father causing scene since they were not be allowed in. She asked them to leave as they were throwing jabs at eachother, Lucy arrived and asked them to follow her in. The security then allowed them to enter.


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