Love Thy Woman Episode 43

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 43 Jia fights for employees welfare as CEO of Dragon Empire 

In the Wong’s mansion, Dana had a nightmare that she was handcuffed and her father’s voice kept echoing in her head that she would never become the president and CEO of Dragon Empire Builders. She woke up from her nightmare and said she would never feel guilty about what happened to RJ&E.

The next day, Kai and Jia were sitting in a restaurant waiting for Dona. Dana went to the Chao condo to offer 270million cheque to David to be delivered to Jia. David concluded that Dana was admitting to her crime of hacking into RJ&E and she said she was only buying her peace of mind. She wanted Jia to be silence and not destroy her name.

David told Dana to ask Jia for forgiveness, on the contrary, Dana said Jia was the one who wronged her and would never say sorry. David told her to forget about the past. Dana said since Jia couldn’t say no to David he should give her the cheque.

Elsewhere, Gab packed his things ready to leave the Philippines but Amanda did not let him. He was scared that they might be caught. Amanda was not ready to give up the inheritance. Amanda claimed she had learnt her lessons of wasting all her resources on gambling and now was ready to live a decent life once she got hold of the money.

Jia went to the precinct to meet Simon and Yalung for an update on Adam’s case. Mario, the former IT of Dragon Empire Builders called Jia and she met him with Simon. Mario revealed the truth that Manny had a copy of the announcement in his email and wanted to help Jia so that the rest of the workers could maintain their work. They sneaked into the company during a time Lucy was holding a meeting to retrieve the email and shared the announcement of Jia’s appointment to everyone.

Lucy who was informed by her secretary that Jia was in the building received message, including the board members and all the workers about Jia’s appointment as the CEO and President of the company. Lucy rushed to Manny’s office to find Jia making a call to inform Kai about what she has done with the help of Mario. Kai asked if Lucy and Dana had began a fight with her and she said no, they were at a board meeting.

Lucy snatched the phone of Jia and threw it away. They engaged in a banter and Jia said Lucy was hiding something, the reason she was interfering with the investigation to her father’s death. Jia said Lucy did not want her to know she was appointed and was only there to seek justice for her father’s death.

Dana retorted that it was noble of her and she was acting as if she was the only person who wanted justice. Dana walked out when the board members appeared, saying they would make a different IT person to confirm if indeed it was Adam who actually made the announcement.

Jia met Kai at the gate of the company, only for Kai to find out that Jia’s phone was crashed. Jia told her what Lucy did to her phone and they decided to go to a phone shop to get Jia’s phone repaired. Lucy got home and could not find Dana. She wondered where she could be while Dana left the office before she did.

Dana arrived and told her mother that Jia was getting on her nerve the reason she left before fighting her. She said goodnight to Lucy but Lucy realised she was acting strange. As Dana was taking things from her bag, her mother barged in and asked her what she was up to. Lucy made it clear that she did not want any scandal that would add on to their problems.

Dana said she needed privacy and was up to nothing. Lucy told her they needed to lay low and Dana indicated that the sight of Jia makes her blood boil. Lucy received a call from a board member who confirmed the email about Jia’s appointment as true.
Lucy left while Dana took a gun from her bag and hid it in her room.

In Chao’s condo, Jia said she was not ready for the position yet, unlike Dana, she did not take delight in taking what she did not work for. She admitted that Dana has worked so hard for the position and she knew the in and outs of the position. Jia said due to that she had no interest in the position but wanted to seek justice for her father’s death.

Later, Jia received lots of messages from the workers asking her to intervene for them in order for them not to lose their job. Kai then told Jia to make her decision since Adam entrusted her with the company with a belief that she would be able to take care of the company.

David came to call Jia that reporters were at the gate wanting to speak with her. Soon, a news broke about the president debunking claims that Dragon Empire Builders was for sale. Amanda watching the news told Gab how fate was on their side now that Jia was the CEO. Gab renewed his strength as he was a step closer to his inheritance.

Kai told Jia that she deserved her position as Jia was kind hearted and Adam saw himself in her. Jia told David that Dana has sacrificed everything, with David adding that Dana even sacrificed their marriage for the company and were of the view that Dana deserved the position more than Jia did. However, David encouraged Jia to take the position to help the workers.

David presented the cheque Dana gave to her and said it was the money which was hacked. Jia now believed Dana has admitted being the culprit and swore that Dana would never buy her silence to escape the law, she would make her pay dearly.

Fast forward, Patrick was going to deposit Jia’s shares of the work they did and David gave him the cheque to also deposit the money to Jia’s account. Amanda and Gab rushed to Dragon Empire Builders to welcome Jia but Jia gave them attitude, making Amanda lose her trust in her. Jia went to the office to meet a surprise welcome from the workers.

She head to Adam’s office to find Dana sitting on her dad’s chair. Jia came to lay a flower at the altar and lighted a candle to pray. However, Dana tried to pick a fight with her but she ignored and threatened that she would make her pay for destroying her hard work. She also told Dana to have a respect for their dad since they were in his office. They received information to appear at a board meeting.

Dana received a call from the bank and she debunked approving any cheque worth 270million. She went to the board meeting and Lucy asked Jia why she was acting like she built the company with her. She said Dana had worked in the company all those while besides Jia lacked the skills for the position but the board members insisted that they had to honour Adam’s wish.

Jia admitted not having the skills and had no interest in occupying the position, all that she wanted was justice for Adam’s death. It was not in her mind to overthrow anyone from his or her position but has three proposition that the company would not be sold, the workers would maintain their work and she should be allowed to move freely at the place.

Lucy congratulated the new detective crime investigator and Dana applauded her giving her standing ovation. Both left the meeting in anguish.


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