Love Thy Woman Episode 47

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 47 Finale David dies, Lucy imprisoned for 40 years, Dana forgives Jia and they start afresh

Jia told David about Dana’s threat and David also told her about plans Dana has made to get Michael from Singapore. However, he said his mother is in hiding with the boy. In ensuring her safety, David decided to accompany Jia to work for her meeting.

Lucy ordered Bossing to carry out with the k!lling of Harry for her to be able to ruin those she had to ruin their lives. Jia signed the documents to relinquish her inheritance. She said she would only take the 270million which Dana had to give her and told the attorney to send Michael’s inheritance to the kid’s trust fund.

Dana got there and saw David at the parking lot. She told David to return to her since she l*ved him. She queried why he could not l*ve her. David apologised for breaking her heart. Dana swore that he would pay for what he did against her. She rushed to the office and could not find anyone at the board room. She got upset and left.

At the hospital, Harry said he wanted to apologise to David and Jia for what he did and was willing to pay for his crime. Kai indicated that Harry has suffered enough and it was time for Lucy to pay for kidnapping and torturing Harry for almost a year, adding that she only reported Lucy for what she did against Harry.

Meanwhile, Lucy has ordered Bossing to go for Dana since the police has issued a warrant of arrest for her in the house and she had to move out. Bossing sneaked into the board room but could not find Dana. Jia bumped into Bossing and quickly, she took the elevator and left.

While she told David that they should get away as she has seen the hired k!ller inside the office, Dana appeared with a gun accusing Jia of taking everything away from her, her husband, son, company and inheritance but Jia said she did no such thing. As David and Jia were standing in astonishment, Bossing shot and Dana’s gun fell.

He grabbed Dana and tried to whisk her away but Jia tried to interfere so he sh0t Jia’s hand. Dana seeing her sister sh0t tried to help Jia, however, she also got sh0t. David fought Bossing and got shot. Before his death, he told Jia not to give up on Dana as all that she needed was l*ve and also confessed his l*ve for Jia.

Fast forward, David was buried and his mother cried while Patrick comforted her. Dana was moved by events and was not ready to allow the nurse to dress her wounds. Jia came in to apologise for everything she did to Dana, recalling how Dana showed her l*ve and asked her to forgive her for ever l*ving David. She admitted that if she did not do that, things would not have been how it was, but there were things which could not be changed.

Lucy who was gathering her things realised things did not go as planned. Kai went to the Wong’s mansion to search for Lucy only to find that she was still not there. She went to the alter made for Adam. After she remembered how Lucy accepted she and Jia into the life of her husband and Adam asking her not to file charges again Lucy, she called Lucy to inform her to come and check on Dana as she knew how she felt.

Jia cried over the loss of David, she placed his picture frame to her chest and cried saying David was a hero to her untill the very end and recalled the time he saved her and the day they mated. She shed endless tears for her loss. Later, she helped Dana who was confined in a wheelchair to David’s grave.

Dana said she still could not forget what David did for saving she and Jia’s life. She admitted l*ving him wrongly and said sorry for hurting him. She said she l*ved him no matter what he did against her. Lucy appeared with flowers and blamed everything that has happened to herself. She indicated that she let her anger got the best out of her.

She told Dana not to let her anger ruin her happiness. She then turned to Kai to tell her that she has never been a mistake but a choice Adam made. She said sorry to Kai for what she did against Harry, she did that to Harry in order for her not to go back to jail again. Kai assured her that her brother was fine and she also apologised to Lucy for ruining her family.

She said next time when she comes to the world she would never l*ve a married man again. Concerning the inheritance, she believed Adam was upset as he had always made her understand that he l*ved his wife. Kai proposed they settled their differences for the sake of Adam.

Dana and Jia called a truce and Lucy gave her ornaments and told Dana that she has left all that she had for her and she should make good use of what she and her father left her and consider Kai as her family. The police arrived much to the dismay of everyone, Lucy said she called the police as she wanted to make things right.

Lucy was sentenced to 40 years in prison. An official brand alliance event was held for Dragon Empire Builders and RJ&E as Dana and Jia merged the companies.


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