Love Thy Woman Episode 5

Love Thy Woman Episode 5 Jia falls for David after he saves her from kidnappers

Jia and her team camped at San Victorino Island. She wants to talk to Kai but she could not get a network signal. One guy who belongs to a bad gang approach to tell them on how things work at the Island just to give information to the rest of his gang members. During the evening, Jia decides to walk around to search if she could get a network.

David follows her in order to search for a place he could charge his phone so that he can also call home to check on Dana but Jia takes a new route. She is trying not to be close to David due to what Lucy said.

Jia gets kidnapped and David went to fight the bad guys. They could not escape since the bad guys were many. They kidnapped both. Jia’s friends could not find David and Jia so Summer called Kai to inform her that Jia and David had gone missing.

Kai called Adam, Lucy cut the line, Kai kept calling, fortunately Adam came to the room and received the call. He also saw a message that Jia had been kidnapped and demanding a ransom of 100million.

Adam heads to San Victorino to pay the amount but Lucy was not happy. She tells Adam that the money is too much but Adam is willing to pay any amount to set Jia free.

Lucy went to confront Kai who was desperate together with Helen. Lucy insults Kai for her inability to contribute to such amount since the money was outrageous. Kai is perplexed to hear that Lucy does not care about Jia but the money.

She reveals that she is contributing some but Adam left right away she called him. They even end up fighting, Kai left leaving Lucy with Helen. Helen also was processing money to contribute to it so she is unhappy with Lucy’s utterances.

“Lucy we may not be rich as you
but we’re not opportunists or free loaders .
Excuse me!” Helen expressed her disappointment.

“As if your contributions will make any difference,” Lucy hissed.

The maid tells Lucy that food is served.

“Well I lost my appetite.”

“We are about to lose 100million.”

“Do you understand?”

The bad guys left, leaving one behind to care for Jia and David. David manages to win the guy’s mind over. He tells him that he will give him 10million since the work’s vouch is with him. The guy released David so that he can go for the money from the bank and come for Jia.

Once he is set free, David attacks the goon and hurriedly goes to untie Jia. They ran with one of the boats owned by the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Adam is at Victorino’s police station waiting for the call of the kidnappers.

They called and he asks where he can meet to give them the money. The boat which David and Jia are in runs out of gas. They see another boat approaching and is the kidnappers so they jumped inside the sea.

The Kidnappers realised the boat is for them and wonders how it got there. David and Jia swim but Jia faints. David swims holding her and bring her to the shores. He did what he has to do to help Jia recover they run and reach a street.

They saw a car approaching, heaving a sigh of relief, they call for help, unknown to them the people in the car are some of the bad guys who are there to meet Adam. They point a gun at David and Jia but they fled. Adam and the police had also reached there. Adam calls out Jia’s name. David turns and one of the goons shot him.

The police arrest them. Adam is sent to hospital and Jia goes to see him to show him her gratitude for saving her life. Adam and the police came there, the police returned Adam’s money. Adam thanked David for saving Jia once more.

Lucy receives the information that Jia and David have been set free.

“And the ransom money was it recovered?”

“Yes madam,” the informant replied.

“Oh Great, very good,
At least I can sleep a little better knowing that.”

David is discharged and Adam invites the family over for dinner. Lucy is upset that Adam did not invite her. She believes telling Kai and Helen the truth, they have now conspired against her.

During the dinner, Adam receives a picture of Dana’s progress and he asks Helen if that is a good sign. Helen said it is a good sign but it doesn’t say anything because that can’t determine if the patient will wake up right away or not.

“Let’s hope and pray for miracle for Dana,” Helen added.

Kai was happy that Jia survives otherwise she would have died with her. Thanks to David for being the superman who saves the day. That evening Jia had sweet dream about David. He has carried her in his hands and were making l*ve.

The next day, Jia starts working and her team gets another project since San Victorino’s project is on hold .

David and Helen go to see Dana, David realises that Dana is burning and Helen checks her she says Dana is running a fever. Dana is then sent to the ICU since she is getting infections in where she was. The doctor subsides the treatment of her earlier scheduled plant.

Lucy vents her anger on Adam for allowing David to check on Dana. David says Dana is David’s wife and he can’t stop him from seeing his wife. Lucy complains that Adam does not spend time with her even though she is his wife, he is always at work and warns Adam not to allow David to see Dana. He should send him somewhere where he can’t get to see her daughter since his presence triggered Dana’s current condition.

Unknown to her, David and Helen are listening to her conversation. Realising their presence, Lucy is left speechless. David excuse himself. Helen then tells her that if she believes in curses then she should also believe in karma as one pays 100 folds 1000 folds for what one does.

Jia speaks on phone with David and realises that David is bothered by an issue. David asks her if Lucy has always been that. Jia asks whether he meant by Lucy being judgemental, boastful and full of hurtful words. David tells her what she did against him and Jia also tells him that Lucy confronts her, claiming she is flirting with him.

They agree to live their life without allowing Lucy to get in their way. During the project tour, the team had a video call with David and were all happy till Lucy comes from the ICU room to pass a comment that upon all that is going on David has managed to smile.

David and Jia bond with eachother. David is the last person Jia speaks to in the night and first thing in the morning. For days their bonding get deep although they speak strictly about work.

One morning as Jia is going to work, Kai confronts her and reminds her of her words:
“If i ever fall in l*ve with the wrong person I will fight against it.

I will burry all that feelings just so I don’t hurt someone else.”

After her mother reminded her of her words she stops picking David’s call and summer is even surprised. She tries to over work herself to forget about David.

David tells Patrick about it and Patrick feels he is getting to like Jia since he was lonely but gives him an idea on what to do. Jia and David now check their phones respectively if they have received message from eachother but no messages. Jia tries stopping herself from falling.


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