Love Thy Woman Episode 7

Love Thy Woman Episode 7 Jia and David have $e×, Dana regains consciousness

At Dragon Empire Builders, Lucy who is upset goes to her husband’s office. On her way, she vents her anger on workers who she meets in the elevator.

Kai enters the office and delivers a brown envelope to Shirley, Adam’s secretary when the secretary informs her that Adam is in a meeting. Fortunately, Kai bumps into Adam on her way out. She goes to Adam’s office to deliver the envelope herself.

Adam realises the envelope contains certificates, and she says the certificates are for the Karaoke bar, business permits and the house. She also throws on him the jewelleries he gave her. She explains that since Adam disowned Jia, she is also returning everything he gave her and Jia.

Adam wonders why Kai is blaming him and she says Adam is to be blamed for pairing Jia and David together.

“They are family Kai, they should help eachother but not to fall for eachother,” Adam retorted.

Kai insists that through the pairing Jia falls in l*ve with David, the reason she is traveling outside the country, stressing that Adam did not allow Jia to explain her side of the story, he just makes a painful decision to disown her. Adam insists that Jia betrayed her own sister to k!$$ her husband, he even caught them in the act.

Kai refutes claims and she says Jia did not betray Dana, she only falls for David but Adam is the first person to judge Jia and humiliates her. She claims Adam did not act as a father for all. Adam is called for an urgent meeting and tells Kai to wait for him.

Lucy arrives at the office to meet Kai waiting for David and Lucy engages in a fight with the mistress. Jia who learnt from her friends that Kai is in her father’s office rushes there to separate the fight.

Lucy is disappointed in Jia as she already warns her against flirting with David but she goes ahead to learn her mother’s habit to k!$$ her poor sister who is in comatose’ husband. She calls her a trump and a homewrecker.

“You will not see us again, my mom and I are leaving.”

“Well thank goodness the biggest blessings of all,” Lucy screams out her joy.

Adam and his investors together with the journalists head to his office for the investors to sign a contract. Unfortunately, they entered to meet the fight between Lucy and her rival. The journalists took pictures of the brawl.

David feels humiliated but explains to the investors that it is a small family issue which has nothing to do with the work. He then has to work his way again to convince the investors to sign the contract. Upon careful deliberation, the investors agree to work with him.

They signed the contract and David is happy that they did not pull out their investment after the incident. Lucy also deals with the journalists who took pictures of the incident. She takes their cameras in order to delete all the pictures they will use as scoop.

Adam gets to Lucy’s office and she tells him that everything is under control. Adam confronts Lucy for fighting with Jia. He says Jia is not her daughter and everything involving her should be directed to him instead.

When they reached home, Jia blames her mother for the fight but her mother turns table. She never knew Lucy has even caught Jia making advances on David.

During the evening, Lucy takes her pillows to sleep next to her daughter. Adam queries her and she is upset that Adam wants to turn the bad things to her while he fails to inform her about Jia and David.

Adam kept it since he knew Lucy will not be happy but he reveals that he has already sent David away, and disowns Jia. He did that since he thinks it is the right thing for Kai and Jia to leave for good. Lucy believes Adam regrets disowning his daughter.

“Oh well at least we managed to get rid of the trash.”

“You’re unbelievable!”

“I know!”

“I never thought that you will be this happy,

“That you will celebrate people’s pain and the misery they have to go through.”

Elsewhere, Jia apologises to Kai for falling for the wrong person. She knows how the karaoke bar means a lot to Kai but she gives all up to keep her dignity.

Later, Adam holds a meeting with his workers and asks the person who delivered the CCTV to Lucy. The person apologises, he asks the workers to keep everything that has happened at the office as secret. The workers vow their loyalty to him.

Due to his family’s problem, Adam drinks and tells Manny that Kai and Jia had already left. Lucy is blaming him for everything. Manny blames Adam for not revealing the truth early to Lucy but Adam did not want Lucy to humiliate Jia, the reason he kept the issue from her.

David and Patrick get wasted. Helen gets home to pack the bottles, David wakes up to tell her that he will do it. Helen tells Patrick to advise his friend and make him know that he did wrong by being involved with his wife’s sister.

Helen warns David to stop parading himself as hero. She received a call from Kai who tells her she was traveling to Australia. Helen apologises for what Jia had to go through due to David and tells her to extend her regards to Jia.

Actually, Kai lied to Helen of going to Australia she is rather going to Singapore and Jia will go a week ahead of her due to Jia’s job. Kai is willing to give up everything including her life to make Jia happy.

Jia left home and someone tailed her. Kai called to ask where she was and she said she wanted to be alone for a while. She later had a flat tyre and David who has been tailing her reveals his face to help her but she threatens to get the police to arrest him.

Later, David begins searching everywhere for Jia after she drives her away from their last encounter. He meets her in a bar and Jia who is acting as drunk is helped by David who gets her on in the mood with k!sses. They end up in a room making l*ve.

Elsewhere, Dana sees David far from her, she runs to him and he hugs her, suddenly, David disappears and she cries out. She wakes up from coma, Lucy who brings her flowers, gets scared when she saw Dana’s eyes wide opened. She calls out for the nurse and Adam.

After having $e× with David, Jia refers to herself as horrible sister and tells David that he should not search for her again. David leans on her shoulder to k!$$ her.

Kai receives a call from Helen to ask her if David is there with her. She says no, Helen says David left Singapore without informing her and is told by Patrick that David is in Manila.

Kai gets nervous and says Jia is not home either. Harry got there to inform Kai that Dana has woken up. She calls Jia and tells her not to tell her she is with David. Jia says sorry with a cold voice. Helen also calls David to inform him that Dana has woken up so he should go and look for his wife.

Now Jia is forced to end things with David. David says he l*ves her that’s why he is behaving like that. Jia says she can’t continue to be a mistress to her sister’s husband as she is also born as second class and if David l*ves her he should leave her.


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