Love Thy Woman Episode 8

Love Thy Woman Episode 8 Dana recovers and finds David’s action suspicious

The doctor examined Dana and told the family that she would know the condition of Dana once all her test results were out.

Elsewhere, David was sitting at a bar thinking and recalling his wedding vows and his fling with Jia. Helen called him to go and see his wife. David was scared that his father in-law might throw him out. Helen said he should play his role as a husband, moreover Adam was smart he knew what to do.

Jia got home and Harry told her that Adam wanted to see her before she leaves so she should see him the next day at the office before leaving. Kai was upset that Jia still ran back into the arms of David.

She told Kai not to worry since she has ended everything with him. Lucy introduced herself to Dana as her mother. David got there and Lucy wanted to drive him away but Dana finally talked and called David’s name. Lucy allowed David to talk to her.

Adam came in and wanted to fight David but Lucy stopped him. He later followed David out and pounced on him, asking him not to get close to his daughter although he knew he also cheated but was better than David.

David was turning two sisters against eachother, David said he l*ved both Dana and Jia. Lucy interjected that Dana wanted to see David so David went in. Adam later, went to talk to Jia to halt her trip. He admitted being judgemental but did not want her to leave. He wanted his family to be together now more than ever.

The next day, David called Jia’s friends to ask where she was. Summer said Jia had already left and he should not worry about her, he advised him to concentrate on Dana.

Lucy confronted Adam for asking Jia to return despite what she did. She feared what Adam has done would make Jia fall more for David but Adam said David was not part of his family so he could kick him out once Dana recovers and learns the truth.

Jia began to work at the company and Lucy brought her a gift. Lucy later came across David who was searching for Jia at the office. She slapped him for still pursuing Jia and drove him away. Jia was hiding behind the walls watching the two while Lucy was disciplining David.

Lucy caught Jia and almost slapped but she held on to her hand, saying she would not waste her hand to slap her since her hand is already dirty. She told Jia that she has destroyed the family Adam worked hard to build and knocked Jia out while she walked passed her.

Jia packed her things to leave for Singapore. Kai tried to talk her out but she insisted that it was the only way to pay for her wrong deeds. She even told her mother not to go with her but Kai said she would not leave her. Kai descended down to plead with Harry not to be upset with her for her inability to talk to Adam about his promotion.

Harry earlier told his sister to recommend him to Adam for an available promotion at Dragon Empire Builders but Kai refused as she did not want it to look like she was using Adam, which is embarrassing. Harry was upset that when it comes to him Kai sees it as embarrassing.

Various tests and examination was conducted on Dana. She did various therapies and started regaining her memories. At one of her session at the hospital a pregnant woman approached to inform the doctor that she would be her child’s god mother. Dana recalled being pregnant and she began asking for her baby.

She became devastated when she learnt her baby was dead. She did not want to go through her therapy anymore but David talked to her that they prayed so much to see her woken up and believed with time things could be better. Dana learnt how to speak and to pronounce words.

Lucy helped her through the vocal learning. The way Dana cling to David got her parents worried but they complied if that would make her recover. After three months, Dana was perfectly fine, she could walk, eat and speak. Realising Jia has not been visiting her, one morning during breakfast, she began asking about her.

Adam avoided the topic and left to work so Dana asked Lucy. Lucy told her that Jia has traveled to Australia and Dana was so happy for her but wanted to get in touch with her so she tried calling Kai to request for Jia’s contact. Lucy stopped her, saying Kai had left with Jia.

Meanwhile, David looked so tensed. Dana for the second time made $exual advances on David but he could not reciprocate since Jia kept coming through his mind. In the earlier advances he stated that Dana might have complications since she might not be fit for $e×.

His actions made Dana suspected something. David tried to keep his distance and Dana told him that Lucy had told her everything and asked what happened between him and Jia. David was tensed and dropped the bottle of a cream he was applying on Dana’s body.

At Singapore after an official meeting, Jia’s boss told her about how some clients were interested in her sofa designs and the clients were demanding for a particular quantity of that furniture on monthly basis. Jia was happy to hear that soon, she had sharp pains in her abdomen and the boss together with a worker went to her aid.


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