Love Thy Woman Episode 9

Love Thy Woman Episode 9 Jia gets pregnant for David, Dana feels insecure

In the room with her husband, Dana told David that Lucy informed her about Jia’s resignation, and was perplexed that she did that the moment she was in a coma, a situation which the family would need her. She added that Jia always had wrong timing for things.

David heave a sigh of relief and took the cream container which fell. Dana kept with her advances but David kept his distance. She asked David whether he cheated on her, the reason he could not make l*ve with her.

Lucy distracted them, Dana asked her mother to knock and Lucy said she did that. David who was in his towel went to the washroom. Lucy called the doctor to ask her why she gave Dana go ahead to have $e× with David. The doctor said Dana was pressuring her and she gave her the go ahead.

Jia thanked her boss for sending her to hospital. She went home to find Kai so worried about her and she told Kai that the trip was still on they would go the next day. She told Kai that the doctor said she was stressed out and all her test results would be out the following week. She added that she did an ultra sound since the doctor said she found an unusual lump on her chest.

She later did a pregnancy test and realised she was pregnant. She cried and called David, David received the call but she failed to talk. Dana asked who was calling him and he said he did not know the person. Dana told him to sleep. David hanged up.

Kai came to meet her daughter crying. Jia told her she was pregnant for David but would not inform him. She would raise the child on her own. The next day, they travelled and Jia’s boss introduced them to his business partners. Jia worked impressively hard and her boss knew she took after her father, Adam Wong. Jia began experiencing chest pains.

Adam has not been joining the family to eat and Lucy asked him why. He said he could not stand the sight of David. Lucy believed the act was making Dana get lonely since she was not to be blamed for David and Jia’s affair.

Lucy vehemently said Jia was to be blamed and Adam said she should not remind him, he already knew. Later that night, Adam came to see David pouring water from the fridge and he also went to pour a drink.

David told him that he had been wanting to talk to him, the doctor has said Dana was feeling better so she could start working and Adam said he could also go back to Singapore.

David brought Dana breakfast in bed and she was paranoid. She nagged, saying David left without informing her. She asked if he went to meet his mistress, David said he only went out for 40minutes. As the argument was getting intense, David went out, suddenly, Dana had a sharp pain and David rushed her to hospital.

After the doctor ran several tests on her, it was established that Dana could not give birth. She was stricken by it and vent her anger on David. She even destroyed some hospital equipment when David got upset with her.

Adam and Lucy were eating, Lucy was affected by the fact that Dana would not be able to give birth. Adam said there were many means that Dana could explore to give birth but he did not want to have a grand child fathered by David.

Dana and David came in arguing. David wanted to pack out and lead his own life. He said he was only 30years and had so many abilities and ambitions he wanted to pursue as a man. He said everything he enjoyed was from Dana’s family and wanted a life on his own.

He went to pack out. Lucy wanted to stop Dana from following David but she said she would go with her husband wherever he wanted to go. David and Dana arrived at the new condo unit which David has acquired for them to stay in but Dana did not like it. She said her washroom was even bigger than that.

She could not sleep and texted Lucy to let the driver get her. She went out with her things while waiting for the driver, she saw a lady who went straight to David’s room, quickly she went to attack her for having an affair with David. The lady was the unit owner so she got upset and threatened to sue her. The lady decided not to rent the condo out to David anymore.

Dana got home to inform Lucy about it and asked for her help in solving the legal issue. In Singapore, Kai and Jia went to hospital and per Jia’s test results she had a breast cancer. Kai was sad knowing the condition which Jia was in aside her pregnancy but Jia did not want her mother to feel worried.

At work, the attorney told Lucy that she has been able to settle the condo unit owner with huge sum of money and made her sign for her to drop the charges of assault against Dana.

Adam came to Lucy’s office to meet the attorney leaving the office. Although Lucy tried to keep the incident from Adam but Adam already found it out and she said since Adam was always busy she did not want to disturb him.

Adam bought Lucy’s favourite food and the couple began to bond. David spoke with Helen and his mother thought he was already going to Singapore but he said he could not since Dana was not in her right frame of mind after she was told she would not be able to give birth again.

Helen was hurt to hear that and said women who suffered that always felt insecure so David should reaffirm his commitment to her.

Lucy visited the seer to inform her about Dana’s condition, she could no longer give birth. The seer said she should see Dana’s inability to bear children as a blessing in disguise, explaining that the pains of loosing a child hurt more. She said that did not mean the curse has ceased, it would continue to claim life until they found the solution to stop the curse.

Lucy cried and prayed for the curse to stop since her family has suffered enough. She recalled her youthful years when she was leaving Singapore with Adam and her father stopped her but she chose love over family.

Her father then told her never to return and she would regret her decision for going with Adam. He cursed her till he fainted and was helped by his son. Lucy cried for her father to spare her family.


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