Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 1-5

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 1-5 A curse turns Wong’s happy family into a tragic one

It’s a difficult moment for a woman who is compelled to choose between l*ve and family. For Lucy, she chooses l*ve over family but returns to her root to see her ailing father in the year 1992 to apologise for going against his wish.

Her father on his sick bed drives Lucy away for following the footsteps of her mother who is a Filipina. The Chinese-Singaporean father of Lucy is against her marriage to a Filipino, Adam Wong due to the act of Lucy’s mother. Lucy who is pregnant in the company of her husband and first born, Dana wants her father to bless her, instead he curses Lucy and her generation:

“You will suffer, the way you made me suffer, that man, that child, your family will never be happy.”

Soon, the man dies and Lucy becomes in labour. Loosing her baby makes her subscribe to the belief that her family is cursed. Soon, her husband is attacked which brings him closer to his saviour, Kai. Struck with tragedy upon tragedy, the Adam and Lucy Wongs’ marriage turns sour. Things become more complicated when Adam falls for Kai and impregnates her.

Kai is forced to deliver during an awful encounter with Lucy. Lucy makes a painful decision after waking to this discovery. With a belief that leaving her husband will make her the loser she decides to compromise for the sake of Dana.

20 years later, Dana and Jia grow to become beautiful girls, Jia suffers a heart break and a violent incident makes her encounter David Chao, a handsome stranger who saves her life. Soon, she is shocked to discover on her father’s 50th birthday celebration that her “Chinese Clark Kent” is the boyfriend of her half sister, Dana.

Jia is an interior designer while Dana completed architecture studies in Singapore where she meets and falls in l*ve with David Chao. Later, David seeks Dana’s hand in marriage but Lucy sees it as a rush.

Lucy is left heartbroken when she wakes up to the painful discovery that Dana is already pregnant for David. David wants to marry and send Dana to Singapore, however, Adam has other plans for Dana. He is not ready to make his daughter leave Manila.

Unwilling to disappoint her parents, Dana decides to stay, making David upset with her decision, he therefore leaves for Singapore. The parent of Dana makes a decision to support their daughter in her pregnancy.

Dana starts working as the VP of operations at Empire Builders. Jia wakes to a realisation that her promotion to project head has been denied by Lucy, hurt by her step mother’s action Jia takes a drastic measure.

Tired of being overlooked at Adam’s company, Jai decides to pursue her dreams in Singapore. Heading to her job interview, Jia unexpectedly runs into a familiar face. Kai on the other hand, informs Adam about the reason behind their daughter’s decision to chase her destiny elsewhere.

Missing David, Dana makes a hasty decision after being goaded by her friends. Jia’s trip to Singapore arouses Dana’s suspicion. David takes Jia sightseeing with his mother, Helen and best friend.

Dana faces the threat of miscarriage while on her way to see David in Singapore. Despite bringing David back to the Philippines to surprise her half sister, Dana still suspects Jia. Meanwhile, Adam gives his consent to Dana and David’s wedding. However, a foreboding about a curse in their upcoming union soon rattles them.

As part of a pre-wedding ritual, the families have the couple’s fortune read. The seer warns them of the curse and urges them to stop the wedding.

Despite Lucy’s apprehensions, Adam does not believe in the curse and the wedding follows. The “Wedding of the Year” that begins like a fairy tale, ends in a tragic car accident, leaving Dana in a comatose for one and half year.

Devastated over the accident, the Wongs’ pull out everything they could to put an end to the curse of Lucy’s father. As Dana remains in a state of coma, the Wongs cling to the hope of her immediate recovery.

Wanting to alleviate Adam’s worries over his daughter’s condition, Kai offers a helping hand. This sparks an argument between her and Lucy. Meanwhile, Jia and David find solace in eachother amid Dana’s situation.

Jia, David and their team head to San Victorino to assess the place for Dragon Empire Builders’ newest project. The lives of Jia and David are soon placed in danger after getting kidnapped by a group of armed men.

Back in Manila, Adam vows to do whatever it takes to save Jia. Enraged by her husband’s concern for Jia, Lucy adds fuel to the fire as she confronts Kai about the ransom money.

Despite showing a possible sign of improvement, Dana meets another setback in her road to recovery as her treatment gets delayed. Feeling impatient for her daughter’s recovery, Lucy questions Adam’s decisions.

However, it only drives a wedge between the Wong matriarch and Helen when Lucy put the blame on David for Dana’s misfortunes. Elsewhere, Jia and David’s friendship blossoms.


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