Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 11-15

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 11-15 Dana adopts her half-sister’s lost son, Jia becomes successful 

Adam and Dana are overjoyed to find an unknown baby in front of their home. Despite Lucy’s protests, Adam resolves to have Dana adopt the baby and happily welcome him to the Wong’s family.

Meanwhile, Jia starts to lose hope in life as she mourns her son’s death making Kai disappointed and distressed. Later, Lucy learns the real identity of her adopted grandson.

As she recovers from her battle against cancer, Jia opens a furniture company with Harry and her former boss, Richie. After five years, their business becomes a success and garners quite a reputation.

Despite having Michael in their lives, Dana and David’s marriage slowly crumbles. Later, Dana meets the owner of the famous J. Estrella Furnicrafts.

Reuniting with her half sister, Dana learns about Jia’s string of misfortunes after leaving Dragon Empire. Worried that her family’s peaceful life might be ruined again, Jia makes a difficult yet smart decision regarding J. Estrella Furnicrafts.

In the course of time, Dragon Empire slowly rises from the ashes. In hopes of producing innovative projects, Dana sets her sights on forging an alliance with a leading interior company in Singapore.

Lucy and Dana grow even more desperate to strike a deal with RJ&E interiors upon visiting their office. However, things take a huge turn when they finally meet its elusive president. Determined to save Dragon Empire Builders from its crisis, Adam takes matters into his own hands and tracks down the person behind the acclaimed interior design company.

Hoping to finally free her conscience from guilt, Jia agrees to return to Manila and come clean about her sins. To help her, Adam makes the necessary arrangements to include his youngest daughter in Dragon Empire’s upcoming events despite Lucy’s disapproval. Later, Dana learns about her family’s long-kept secret.

Dana garners sympathy from her loved ones as her knowledge of her family’s long-kept secret takes a toll on her health. Guilty over their past affair David arranges to cancel his petition for annulment, while Jia books an earlier flight to Singapore. Despite their daughter’s current condition, Adam and Lucy decide to push through with Dragon Empire’s extravagant anniversary party.

Dana pulls on a show as she greets the Estrellas and her loved ones at Dragon Empire anniversary party. Finding an opportunity to face Jia alone, she then sheds facade to unleash her wrath on her half sister.

Still unsatisfied with her act of revenge, Dana plays victim and tries to paint Jia and David in a bad light to Adam. Understanding her daughter’s feelings, Lucy chooses to cover up for Dana upon learning about what she has done.

However, it all comes to naught when Adam is put in jeopardy after discovering Dana’s deception. With Lucy and Dana still keeping their grudges, tension runs high as Jia and Kai visit the Wong patriarch.

After his discharge from the hospital Adam holds a meeting to set the record straight between his family and his company. While Dana is away, Jia gets the time to bond with Michael at his school special events. Much to Lucy’s chagrin, Kai visits Adam as he recovers.


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