Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 14-18

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 14-18 Harry exposes Lucy as the culprit behind Jia’s son’s kidnap

Dana garners sympathy from her loved ones as her knowledge of her family’s long-kept secret takes a toll on her health. Guilty over their past affair David arranges to cancel his petition for annulment, while Jia books an earlier flight to Singapore. Despite their daughter’s current condition, Adam and Lucy decide to push through with Dragon Empire’s extravagant anniversary party.

Dana pulls on a show as she greets the Estrellas and her loved ones at Dragon Empire anniversary party. Finding an opportunity to face Jia alone, she then sheds facade to unleash her wrath on her half sister.

Still unsatisfied with her act of revenge, Dana plays victim and tries to paint Jia and David in a bad light to Adam. Understanding her daughter’s feelings, Lucy chooses to cover up for Dana upon learning about what she has done.

However, it all comes to naught when Adam is put in jeopardy after discovering Dana’s deception. With Lucy and Dana still keeping their grudges, tension runs high as Jia and Kai visit the Wong patriarch.

After his discharge from the hospital, Adam holds a meeting to set the records straight between his family and his company. While Dana is away Jia has the chance to bond with Michael at his school special event.

Much to Lucy’s chagrin, Kai visits Adam as he recovers. Lucy is taken by surprise when a former employee visits Dragon Empire. Despite Kai’s disapproval, Jia spends more time with Michael and finds herself growing closer to her nephew.

Meanwhile, Dana continues to undergo therapy to comply with Adam’s demands. Elsewhere, Gab is appalled upon hearing his mother’s plan. As Jia faces a life threatening illness, Harry grows guilty as his detestable decision of the past comes knocking at his door.

As if to rub more salt into her half sister’s wound, Dana uses Jia’s illness to dissuade Michael from going close to his aunt. Back to Dragon Empire, Amanda uses her brilliance in a bid to get nearer to the Wongs.

Despite David’s threats, Dana remains confident about winning custody of Michael. Elsewhere, Harry is plagued by guilt as Jia suffers from a relapse of her past condition. Tormented by his conscience, Harry unveils to Adam his regrettable agreement with Lucy in the past, sending the Wong couple into chaos.

Feeling betrayed and shocked over her brother’s revelation, Kai decides to keep Jia in the dark for the sake of her health. Elsewhere, Dana tries to tear David from Michael’s life.

Coming face to face with Kai, Lucy goes to great lengths to keep the truth about Michael from coming out. As the tension between the two women escalates, Adam urges them to keep the conflict within themselves in order to protect Jia and Dana.

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