Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 19-23

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 19-23 Dana finds out her mother’s long kept secret about Michael’s identity

Stressed by his parents’ ongoing marital conflict, Michael begins to act up at school. Jia’s instinct kicks in and worries about her nephew. Dana, on the other hand, remains adamant on separating her son from David.

Jia begins to question everything after receiving an anonymous text over her supposedly dead son. Later, Jia and Michael get stuck in an elevator . Bothered by the message she received, Jia asks Adam’s help in finding the truth about Michael.

Adam then tells Jia to undergo immediate DNA testing with Michael, unaware that Lucy is eavesdropping. With less than 48 hours in her hands Lucy makes desperate attempt to cover the truth.

Anxious over the DNA test results, Lucy thinks of a way to prevent Adam and Jia from learning the truth. Soon, she resolves to follow Manny and tries to convince him to reveal the findings to her first.

The DNA test reveals that Jia is not Michael’s mother, but she remains hopeful that her missing son is still alive. Lucy, meanwhile, breathes a sigh of relief after an unlikely ally decided to help her hide the truth. Dana’s jealousy drives her to confront David and her lingering feelings for her husband.

With Jia challenging her uncle to take the wraps off the truth, Harry reveals his reasons for selling her son years ago. Lucy continues to have a hard feelings toward Adam as he forgets their wedding anniversary. David begins to find answers after receiving a mysterious text about his missing child.

Fed up with their long standing feud with the Wongs, Kai refuses to let Jia get obsessed with proving that Michael is her son. In her search for the truth, Jia exhausts all means to track down Harry. Elsewhere, Dana stumbles upon the shocking truth about Michael . Amanda, meanwhile, sets a meeting with Adam.

Adam feels relieved after meeting Gab and confirming that he is not his son with Amanda. Meanwhile, Lucy’s decision to take Jia’s son backfires on her when Dana’s rage welcomes her return. Soon, Lucy and Dana come up with a plan to keep the truth about Michael under wraps.


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