Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 33-37

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 33-37 Kai is arrested for the death of Adam, Lucy and Dana execute plans to change Adam’s last will

Jia faces another chilling obstacle when she loses her work on her first day at a real estate company. Unbeknownst to her, Dana runs a smear campaign against her to block her from landing a job. Meanwhile, Adam makes strides in his investigation and receiving an important detail that would confirm his hunch on Lucy.

Lucy’s dreaded day has finally arrived. Enraged, Adam confronts his wife for deceiving him for years, unaware that someone is recording their conversation.

With Adam’s marriage on the rocks, Amanda pounces on the opportunity to drop a bombshell on the Dragon Empire president. On the other hand, Lucy becomes hysterical when she discovers that her husband stayed true to his threat.

Struggling to find a job, Jia confronts the supposed mastermind behind the smear campaign against her. Adam unleashes his wrath on Dana after he confirmed the involvement in the downfall of Jia’s company. Following his shocking discovery the Dragon Empire CEO arrives at an immediate decision regarding his position.

Meanwhile, Kai finally acquires a vital piece of evidence against Lucy. Elsewhere, before the company’s anniversary celebration, Adam writes his last will and testament. Enraged by her discovery, Kai confronts Adam for hiding the truth about Lucy’s involvement in Michael’s abduction.

In a shocking turn of events a gun shot, rings throughout the empty building floor, prompting Kai to return to Adam’s office. There she finds Adam hovering between life and death. Kai finds herself in a tight corner as Lucy blames her for Adam’s murder. Lucy, on the other hand gets devoured by grief and sorrow as she recalls her memories with her late husband.

Gracing Adam’s wake with her presence, Jia vows to attain justice for her beloved father’s death. The mourning air, however, turns into a tension-filled atmosphere when Jia comes face to face with Lucy. The authorities begin to suspect Lucy as their investigation on Adam’s death slowly unmasks her true colours.

Not long after, a piece of evidence surfaces and heightens Simon’s inkling about the Wong matriarch. Meanwhile, a still mourning Jia tries to stay strong as she heeds to Kai’s advice and ensure Michael’s safety amid their family’s dire situation. Simon and his colleagues conduct a search at Dragon Empire after receiving an anonymous tip regarding Adam’s case.

At the same time, Lucy is caught off-guard when the murder weapon ends up in her office, forcing her to keep it under wraps. Meanwhile, Jia gets invited in the reading of Adam’s last will or testament. Imprisoned, hope dims for Kai as Lucy files criminal charges against her.

Lucy and Dana bristles with range over Adam’s unfair division of inheritance. To make matters worse, Lucy learns about her late husband’s alleged affair with Amanda. The Del Mundo’s matriarch, on the other hand tries to forge a good relationship with Jia before basking in her newfound wealth. Meanwhile, Manny begins to unravel Gab’s secret.

Through the help of David and Patrick, Jia manages to get hold of Adam’s missing phone and attempts to get hold of some important of evidence. Unbeknownst to her, the phone is already in the hands of Lucy, who is desperately trying to sweep her husband’s last will and testament under the rug.

Meanwhile, Manny discovers a piece of information in Adam’s email that could send the Wong matriarch to spiral further into rage.


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