Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 6-10

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 6-10 Dana wakes from coma, Jia gives birth with Dana’s husband

Jia’s hard work in the company finally pays off, she receives good news about her promotion. As they celebrate the holiday with a heavy heart, the Wongs continue clinging to the hope that Dana will soon come out of the coma.

With the specialists exhausting all means to treat Dana, her family and friends prepare for the inevitable as they gather to bid their final goodbyes. Jia later takes the opportunity to express her regrets over letting her feelings get the best of her.

She decides to take the job opportunity abroad to keep her feelings for David under control. In his attempt to talk Jia out of leaving, David lets his feelings take over and k!sses her.

Seeing his daughter and son-in-law in an intimate situation, Adam seethes with anger and makes a rash decision. Enraged by the sight of David and Jia’s intimate moment, Lucy gets into an explosive confrontation with Kai and her daughter.

Kai becomes more compelled to do what is best for her and Jia. Meanwhile, Adam mulls over his worsening family problem. Elsewhere, David tries to find a way to apologise to Jia.

Jia drives all the way to Vigan in hopes of escaping her problems for a while, not knowing that David is already on her trail. Despite her attempts to turn David down, the two finally give in to their hearts’ desire.

Burdened with the regret of disowning his daughter, Adam resolves to reach out to Jia and Kai before they leave the Philippines to start a new life. Back at the hospital, Dana wakes up from her coma, sending shock waves to the Wongs.

Granting Adam’s request for her to stay in the country, Jia attempts to piece her life back to normal. However, her shame soon pushes her to leave and start a new life far away from the rest of the Wongs. Back in the Philippines, Dana tightly clings to David as she undergoes a series of therapy to regain her strength, unaware of the painful memories that will resurface from the dark corners of her mind.

Dana begins to notice that David is having a hard time reciprocating her l*ve. Unknown to her, David and the Wongs try their best to keep the devastating truth under wraps in order to protect her.

Jia, meanwhile, still gets haunted by her mistakes in spite of her attempt to start a new life in Singapore. The news of not being able to bear children anymore triggers Dana’s insecurities of David leaving her.

Soon, Dana becomes overly possessive of her husband, who plans on returning to Singapore. Elsewhere, an illness threatens to ruin Jia’s attempt in getting back on her feet amid her pregnancy.

Determine to fight for her and her baby’s life, Jia starts to undergo treatment while trying to keep her condition a secret from Adam. She soon makes a top decision regarding her pregnancy for the sake of her loved ones.

Meanwhile, David resolves to reach out to his wife in hopes of making amends and saving their marriage. Amidst the joy of having a new member in the family, Jia worries about her and her baby’s medical expenses.

Running out of options, Kai tries to reach Adam for the sake of her daughter and her grandchild’s urgent needs. Upon learning about the Estrellas’ dire situation, Lucy makes Harry a tempting offer.

An accident that takes away the joy of motherhood happens and Jia suffers amidst her medical situation. Jia is in denial that her son dies in the fire explosion at the hospital. What happens to Jia’s son and what tempting offer did Lucy gives to Harry? subscribe for your constant update on Love Thy Woman.


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