Love Thy Woman (Linyahan) Episode 1

Love Thy Woman (Linyahan) Episode 1 Lucy loses son over a curse, Jia is saved by David

In one’s life a person draws strength from two things and these are also source of one’s weakness and one’s trials, family and l*ve.

When a person is forced to choose between one over the other which of the two has more weight?

Is it l*ve which builds a void of one’s heart or is it family which completes one’s life?

This is how the tale starts in 1992 with Lucy, her husband, Adam Wong and daughter, Dana who pay a visit to Lucy’s ailing father.

Not happy to see her daughter’s return, he urges her to leave with Adam just like her Filipina mother did. Regret for ever eloping with Adam. She cries for forgiveness, trying to make her father touch his unborn male grandson she is carrying, the man curses his daughter.

“You will suffer, the way you made me suffer, that man, that child, your family will never be happy.”

Soon, the father died. Lucy in white attire, matching with a white vail storms the wake in the arms of Adam to mourn her dad, even stopped on the way she is not ready to lose the last moment to bid her father farewell.

As the customary rite is ongoing to peacefully lay her father to rest, a dark butterfly flies around her father’s portrait. Lucy suddenly is in labour.

Fast Forward, She and her family arrive in Manila, with the pangs of birth and losing her male child Lucy now believes her father’s curse has come to fruition. She suffers postpartum depression leading her to neglect her husband.

Fortune begins to smile at Adam. With a good news, Adam and his friend went to a bar. He shares his marital problem with his friend and receives an advice to find himself a suitor.

Kai, a bar singer comes to sing, later he comes across Kai being beaten by some two men. Adam comes to Kai’s defence and ends up getting hit with a bottle on his head. Kai sends him home to dress his wound.

In the house, Adam meets Harry, a kid brother of Kai who she takes care of after lossing her parents two years ago. Realising the financial problem of Kai, Adam becomes Kai’s knight in shining armour.

Soon, the two engage in an amorous relationship. Lucy’s friend spills the bean of her husband having a mistress to her. She sends her to the meeting place of Adam and Kai. There, she discovers Adam is expecting a child with Kai. She attacks Kai leading her to be in labour.

Hurt by her husband’s betrayal, Lucy decides to pack out but her friend talks her against it as she will be the loser. Lucy later admits her flaws and makes up with her husband, believing Adam made a mistake by involving with another woman.

Adam clears the air that he did not make a mistake, he decides to acknowledge Kai and his daughter. During Jai’s outdooring, Lucy storms there to welcome the mistress and Jia to the Wong family but she did that with malicious intent. Cunningly, she drives her husband away before the celebration ends.

Years later, Dana and Kai have grown to become charming ladies standing next two their father during the launch of Dragon Empire Builders. After her presentation is rubbished by her stepmother, Jia faces another bad news when Jimmy, her boyfriend sends her to the coffee shop to break up with her.

Hectic, stressed, heartbroken, a robber steps in and takes Jia’s phone, she screamed and a stranger rushes to her aid. Falling into his arms, both locked gaze for a moment before the stranger attacks the robber who threatens with a gun.

Arrived at Manila airport is Dana she meets her mother and and later goes to work to realise a surprise 50th birthday party is organised for her father. Full of herself she pushes her way through and pays no attention to the workers who are honouring her presence.

Adam and Lucy appear and the surprise is presented, Adam blows the candles on his cakes. A dinner is set where Jefferson and his family get seated. Jefferson is introduced as the President of the company and Dana smiles, knowing Jefferson is in l*ve with her.

Lucy is playing that match for both for the two families to maintain their social class and friendship. However, Dana has her own secret to share. Dana studied Architecture and graduated from university of Singapore making Jefferson happy to have such a woman as future wife.

Jia finally shows up and Kai helps her to change in the washroom. She tells the awful story that leads her to meet a super man, Chinese Clark Kent. Kai believes the universe has brought her someone after her break up with Jimmy.

“So soon?” Jia wonders.

The two join the family at the table. Adam introduces Jia as his youngest daughter. So anxious, wondering whether he would make it finally, he shows up. Dana heaves a sigh of relief while Jia is signaling her mother that the superman is in but to her dismay Dana introduces him as David Chao her boyfriend.

Suddenly, Jefferson and his family excused themselves, claiming they have received an emergency text and have to leave. Dana tells Jefferson to invite her to his wedding when he meets his dream woman.

During the introduction, David and Jia conclude that it is a small world. Dana looks surprised to realise the two know eachother. She asks how they met and Jia tells how David saves her from a robber. Adam thanked David for saving Jia.

Not enthused by what Dana has done, the family ask David lots of personal questions that David eventually tells them he is nobody as compared to them but makes his intentions clear to be a family man.

Later in the house, Lucy scolds her daughter but Adam is also not happy for Lucy to match his daughter with Jefferson. Dana thinks her father has accepted David but he is not happy with that surprise either, especially when she fails to tell them beforehand.

Elsewhere, Jia wonders why Adam acted that way while he never questions any relationship of Dana. Kai believes Dana and David relationship seems serious. She tells her daughter too bad that superman is taken but she will also find herself an Ironman.

Dana spends the night with David in a hotel. They have $e× bathe in the shower, something Dana has been longing to do the entire day. After their encounter, David wants them to tell her family their reason of coming home. He only has five days to spend in Manila so that he can marry her and leave for Singapore.

Dana wants them to wait before telling her parents, since is not easy for her. Feeling pressured, Dana asks of her leave, claiming she being stressed out, touching her tummy to signal him why she should not be stressed out.


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