Mea Culpa Episode 10

Mea Culpa Episode 10 Greco discovers he has a son with Lolita, Juris witnessed her mother scheming with Fina to expose her

Various people sit glued to their television set as they watched Dolores Miranda read the news on Amor who was found dead with scanty information on her d£ath. Greco called his friends for a conference call but Lucio rejected the call to Lolita.

The friends wondered how the corpse was able to reach Baguio and Juris told them to drop the matter since the important thing was Matilda able to get rid of the body without them being implicated.

The next day, Juris sent Leyna to school. Emil reminded Juris on what to do since Leyna could not grow without knowing who her biological mother was. Besides, the mother of the child was desperately searching for her daughter and he could not keep breaking his principles just to cover up for Juris.

Juris pleaded with him not to give up on her but Emil got upset and walked out on her, leaving Juris frustrated. Meanwhile, Fina arrived at the morgue to check her mother’s corpse. She cried and promised to get justice for her d£ath and also find her missing daughter.

Elsewhere, Drei went to his mother to query her on means she used to transport the body of Amor to Baguio but Matilda said the least he knew, the better. She reminded him that they were in campaign season and did not want anything to come in between their reputation. Drei was worried that the person who helped his mother could leave a stone turned which could lead the investigation back to her.

Matilda advised him to relax, she made sure she was not caught and asked Drei to take it as the news was, Amor never arrived in Manila. Juris relayed how disappointed Emil feels about her due to Leyna. She said they had a misunderstanding earlier and Drei asked her to give Emil time to get over the situation.

Dolores approached Fina to assure her of her help to find justice for Amor but Fina scolded her for entailing in her news the past crimes of her mother which she was even innocent. Dolores assured that she was doing her job and had no option. Fina then accepted the offer. She later received the autopsy result of Amor and was told she was hit with an object and her vital internal organs were frozen.

That, meant that she was kept in freezer for a while. Elsewhere, Lolita had a video chat with Juris and Gaylord and told them that her husband was innocent, he was not the one who k!lled Amor. She said there were less guards and he was behaving right to her but Juris and Gaylord doubted since that was what Lucio wanted her to believe, reason he was acting kind towards her. Juris for a moment thought Lolita was saying that due to a threat from Lucio.

Fina relayed the information she was having concerning the autopsy result to Dolores and she said the police linked the d£ath of her mother to her past crimes. Dolores also doubted the people would do that to Amor since she already served in jail and Fina said Amor did not even pursue the people after her jail term and believed the incident rather was linked to Juris and her friends.

She said she had earlier suspected Chloe to be her daughter but Lucio ran a test on the child and was proven that Lucio was the father of Chloe so Greco was rather having something to hide. The friends also met to talk on Amor’s case and were positive it would not be traced to them. As Greco was insisting that Lucio was behind it, Juris also did not want them to point fingers. They had to behave normal since they were innocent.

Dolores began investigation into the DNA test and realised the facility was temporary shut down due to some discrepancies which stemmed from fake DNA result of some individuals. Since the information was confidential, Dolores managed to get a staff and convinced him to speak out to help Fina find her child and the person also confessed.

Dolores found Benjamin, the man Lolita paid him and slept with him to temper with the test result. She told Fina and the latter rushed to Lolita’s office to squeeze the truth out of Lolita otherwise she would reveal to Lucio the secret of his wife. Meanwhile Lucio was searching for his wife. Lolita saw Dolores holding a DNA test result from the facility and she asked them to stop that.

She went inside and met her husband who was with Samuel. The boy was not feeling well so Lucio was called to go for him. In the car, Dolores gave Fina the original test result and she discovered that Samuel was not the father of Lucio, however, Chloe was. She then decided to see Greco and offered a deal to give the test result which Lolita was keeping in order for him to reveal where her daughter was.

She gave him time to think over. Lolita also vented her anger on Benjamin but the boy told her about how scared he was seeing Dolores. Lolita went to the clinic to also blackmail the head for a staff who has released a confidential information to a journalist. Least, did Lolita know that she was too late to curtail the situation.

Realising his girlfriend hidden secret, Greco stormed the office of Lolita to demand the truth. Lolita said the place was Lucio’s territory and promised to talk to him later and begged him not to tell the others. Lolita went to washroom and she recalled how her secret affair with Greco resulted in pregnancy. She attempted to tell him but rescinded and gave the pregnancy to her husband.

In their regular meeting, Greco who was bothered by how Lolita kept his son as secret asked his friend question on how they would behave if a l0ved one kept a secret or lied to them and Gaylord explained to him the difference between lies and secret keeping. Knowing that secret is kept just to protect a l0ved one, Greco pleaded with Gaylord to help him and Lolita since Fina now knew their secret.

Gaylord went to the colombarium to find Armand there and the latter assured that he did not hold anything against him and his friends just that he wanted someone to pay for the d£ath of Bogs. Dante was told by Yandro that the state prosecutor has processed and forwarded his case to court.

Armand also informed Fina about it but the woman did not see that as justice so she visited Dante to try to warn him against his plans but Dante was ready to serve in jail.

The family of Dante visited him and told him about the current problems they were facing and he assured that he would be out and their problems would be solved as he did all that for his family. Fina stayed around to eavesdrop.

Elsewhere, Lolita met Greco but due to her bodyguards she only talked to him on phone and refrained him from getting closer to her son as he was the favourite of Lucio. Fast forward, Juris overheard that Dolores was at the office to meet Fina so she went to hide to listen to their conversation.

Dolores asked Fina how they could link Bogs d£ath to her missing child since Dante would appear before the court soon but Fina still had her doubts. She believed Dante being a family man would do no such thing and Dolores promised her support to help her expose Juris and her friends secret. Juris got upset.


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