Mea Culpa Episode 11

Mea Culpa Episode 11 Dolores discovers Lucio is a child trafficking syndicate boss, Greco uses blackmail to gain Fina’s case from Yandro

Juris rushed to the washroom and wondered if her mother returned to ruin her life. She recalled her childhood experience of being abducted and compelled to beg arms. Emil who went to her rescue made her voice out her pains. Juris was traumatised as she struggled hard to hold back her tears and washed her hands consistently.

“I won’t let you ruin my life anymore,” she screamed and repeated her words.

Fina stormed the prosecutor’s office to confront Gaylord for sending an innocent man to prison while he knew quite well that Dante was innocent of the crime. She queried him how he would be able to sleep while knowing he has committed an injustice against a man whose family depended on him. Gaylord said he was only doing his job but Fina said he was smart so he should not forward the case to court.

Meanwhile, at the Agoncillo mansion, Juris and Leyna learnt multiplication while preparing her for school. Later, Gaylord arrived home to find Armand there. Armand was there to thank him for acting to bring justice to his d£ad brother, Bogs and brought some drinks and food to thank him.

Dolores was at Del Rio company and saw Lucio entering the elevator and she joined. She secretly followed the man to a big warehouse to discover that the man was a child trafficker and told Yandro about it.

Fina was not surprised since already Armand had done a background check on the man and found out that he was accused of many crimes yet he got his way through due to his wealth. Juris was upset with Dolores reportage and Gaylord was dumbfounded since the journalist was only doing her job.

Juris insisted that the anchor was a threat to them as she could dig out their secret while helping Fina and the next day a news would break on Gaylord that a renowned prosecutor was involved in a murder case. Drei was also surprised by his wife’s action and asked her if all was well with her. The friends then agreed on Greco taking charge of Fina’s case no matter what to prevent Dolores from getting close to the truth.

Fina visited Dante to force him to rescind on his decision but the man failed to see reason and warned Fina to leave. Mary rushed in to break the news that her mother was dead. Fina followed Mary to the morgue and was told her mother would not be allowed to be taken out of the morgue till her bills were cleared.

As Fina assured Mary of her help, the nurse returned to inform them that her mother’s remains could be sent home since her bills were sorted out, much to Fina’s dismay. Greco after discovering Lucio’s secret sent a spy to work for the syndicate as the child trafficking syndicate recruited new people to help in abducting the children. They planned to go to Cebu and the spy met Greco to inform him.

Later, Yandro set Greco incharge of Lucio’s case since he knew Greco was handling child trafficking issue. Greco told his friends about the new information on Lucio and alerted Lolita, demanding to run away with her kids but Lolita felt it was mere allegations against her husband for Greco to get close to Samuel.

While talking on phone with Greco, her husband arrived and she lied to him that she was talking to someone at the office. At the precinct, Dante called his boss to demand him to get him released since the boss couldn’t fulfill his end of the bargain to ensure his wife survive but his wife was d£ad. He threatened to confess if the boss failed to get him out.

Greco and Gaylord met up with Juris but Drei couldn’t attend due to his political campaign. In the same restaurant, Greco stumbled on the Chief of the NBI and took pictures of him and threatened to send them to his wife.

The Chief who did not want to be exposed accepted Greco’s condition of handling the Baniaga’s case so the Chief took the case from Yandro’s hands. Yandro was surprised to be relieved from the case as he had been pursuing it and wanted to bring it to an end.

Yandro later relayed the bad news to Fina and Armand, adding that he did not know the person who the case was given to. Fina began suspecting Greco and went to the cell of Dante to compel him to expose the person who he was covering. She asked whether Greco was behind that and Dante said Fina was after the wrong person. She also asked whether it was Lucio and Dante said he could not turn back on his boss.

Greco secretly met another NBI agent to give him the case of Baniaga and told him not to pursue it. He told his friends about it and Drei said since the case was still not closed they could not relax. Gaylord was however against it that they were allowing an amateur agent to handle the case of Bogs while the deceased was their friend. To Juris, that was the surest way to get Fina out of their backs but Gaylord said it was not about Fina anymore.

Fina stormed the NBI to confront Greco for sabotaging Yandro but he denied. Yandro appeared in the scene and sent Fina and Dolores to his office to reveal to them about his findings on Dante before the case was taken from his hands. He gave them an address of Dante’s relative who he was with him at the night of Bogs murder, proving he was not the actual culprit.

Fina together with Armand and Dolores traveled to Matagul, where Dante was and saw his sister who confirmed that Dante was with her and was surprised to even see the news of Dante being a murderer. She said Dante was there in search of a loan to pay for his wife’s hospital expenses to gain her better treatment so that night she allowed him and his daughters to pass the night there.

She lamented that she had not been sleeping with her conscience knowing Dante was falsely accused but she kept mute since she did not want to get involved in the case. The three investigators sat to know their next move. Fina told Dolores and Armand that she was not planning to confront Gaylord for trying to cover up but she would talk to him to make him see the need to pursue the real culprit.

Since Greco had taken over Fina’s case, Juris told Drei she wanted to travel to the State with Leyna to find a permanent cure for her ailment. Drei also said he would go with her. Due to his political career, Juris wanted him to stay and campaign and once everything was done he joins her but Drei said he would go wherever his family was.

Fina went to Gaylord’s office to stop him from processing Dante’s case since the man was innocent. She said there were witnesses who could testify Dante was not with Bogs so he should do the right things even to redeem his own reputation as a prosecutor and also to help her as a mother who was doing everything to find her child.

Fina tried to convince Gaylord that he grew up next to his mother and father and it would be injustice if her daughter grows without her. Also Dante had children and he had to take care of them. When she left, Gaylord thought of the sacrifices his parents made for him and their dreams of him being a great and honest prosecutor to continue their legacy.

He talked to his two assistants to ask of their findings and he discovered that Fina also lost the custody of her first son, Noah after her daughter got missing. Gaylord told his parents and they were sorry for Fina since she was being blamed for her missing child.

Elsewhere, Lucio’s attorney threatened Dolores to quit investigating about him. The attorney warned that his client would file slandering lawsuit against her for threatening his client. Dolores’ editor warned the journalist to quit her investigation since she did not have any evidence against Lucio for linking the man to a child trafficking syndicate and termed her act as mere allegations.

Meanwhile, Drei was introduced at a meeting and was commended for his good works. Matilda told the gathering that her son would also run as senator but Drei remained quiet. When he left, Tito told Matilda that her son had not plan for what she was telling him. Matilda indicated that he might not be ready until he got it.

Fina who had been brooding over how her child was growing without her guidance and felt sorry that what she passed through, growing up without her mother was also happening in her daughter’s life received a call from police from Baguio on a new lead on her mother’s death. She promised to be in Baguio for the information.


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