Mea Culpa Episode 12

Mea Culpa Episode 12 Juris confesses paying Dante to admit being the k!ller of Bogs, Gaylord offers to help Fina win Noah’s custody 

Fina arrived at Baguio City precinct and was told her mother owed one man with name Caloy Bulity and they suspected her death could be link to that debt although the officers were working to find Caloy to get to the bottom of it.

In Manila, Drei confronted his mother for planning to make him stand as a senator without first informing him. His mother said she being an incumbent Senator she knew what was best for him. However, Drei declared intentions of quitting politics to concentrate on his family.

Matilda was against that but Drei insisted that after his mayor tenure, he would travel to the United States to find a cure for his daughter’s ailment, thus he was prioritising his family over politics. Matilda objected, saying Leyna was not his flesh and blood and she was the only family he had, therefore he would not abandon his ambitions just for things like that.

After informing Leyna about her decision for them to travel abroad for her treatment, Juris began to have problems with Gaylord when the friends met. Juris informed her friends that she would be traveling with Drei and Leyna. Gaylord asked whether she wanted to run away from the mess but she said no, she was only doing that to get a cure for Leyna’s ailment.

Lolita also believed she was running away but Juris said even that would be better as it would not get the case with Fina complicated. Gaylord rejected and suggested they give back Leyna to her biological mother as that was all that Fina wanted.

“It’s my daughter Leyna who that Fina wants,” Juris disagreed.

“Fina gave birth to her and the girl spent few weeks with her.”

“When none of you wants to raise her…”

“It was me, I stepped in to raise her, it was me who l0ved her as her real mother.”

“Now you want us to give her up?”

“I don’t know why you could say those words,” Gaylord objected.

“But if Bogs was here, he knows what decision we are supposed to make!”

“What ever happened to our morals?”

“Well I don’t,” Juris hissed “because Bogs is d£ad.

“What the heck did his morals take him?”

“Answer me!”

“All the way to his grave!” Greco chipped in.

Drei tried to control his wife and both left while Lolita told Gaylord to stick to the plan. In Benguet, Fina went see her son and later went to meet a friend of Amor who confirmed that Amor did owe Caloy and her mother was trying to hide the issue from Fina since she did not want her to be worried. Fina claimed her mother did not tell her and believed it was a set up.

The woman told Fina that Caloy had been harassing Amor to pay off the debt. The police appeared in the scene to inform Fina that Caloy k!lled her mother as they confirmed that he was not at the workplace when the incident happened and we’re sure he murdered her and placed her in the cold factory.

Fina found the alibi bizarre and said per the traveling list her mother was part of those traveling to Manila but the police said Caloy might have adapted Amor before she joined the bus since her name was not part of the arrival list. Matilda went in search of Juris and threatened to reveal the identity of Leyna to Fina if she did not advice Drei and against his decision.

Emil consoled Juris and urged her to do the right thing to stop all those blackmail. Juris claimed she only l0ved Leyna and wanted to care for her and did not not want to give her up just like what her mother did to her. Fina visited Gaylord to ask of his help to dismiss Dante’s case since Armand was not ready to withdraw the case. She said she wanted to find her daughter and getting Dante behind bars wouldn’t help her.

Gaylord told Fina that he wanted to help her and Armand. Fina told Armand and asked him once again to withdraw the case but Armand wanted justice and asked Fina they should trust their judicial process. Gaylord visited Juris to inform her about his decision to do the right thing but Juris threatened to reveal to his family that he was gay.

She termed Gaylord as selfish for hiding his $exual preference from his parents while she only kept the truth from Leyna to protect her from getting hurt. Bothered by Juris’ threat, Gaylord informed his parents about him being a gay and his father hit him. Gaylord said he did not want to keep secret from them and wanted to reveal the truth.

Soon, Dante’s case was dismissed and Juris watching the news read by Dolores on the case, she got upset with what Gaylord has done as the opened case on Bogs’ d£ath would make Fina be on their back. Fina then told Armand that since the case was dismissed they had to get in touch with Dante to know the person who he covered up for.

Juris went to confront Gaylord for dismissing the case against Dante Galiego. Gaylord said he did his job since Dante was innocent and was doing that find the real culprit of Bogs death. He told Juris not to think of blackmailing him as he has come clean with his parent and he was relieved.

He told Juris to also speak the truth and she would feel that the burden on her shoulders is lifted. Juris said his parents might have accepted him being gay but would never accept him being a murderer because once she goes down, he would go down with her.

The next day, Drei visited Gaylord to try talking to him to make him see the need to watch his and Juris back since they were friends. Gaylord expressed his disappointment in Juris on how she threatened to reveal his $exual preference to his parents besides they were not bad people and they had to do what was morally right.

Elsewhere, Fina, Armand and Dolores went to Dante Galliego’s place but met his absence. They were told that the Galliego’s were out of the place. Meanwhile, Matilda got upset that Drei did not attend an important political meeting. Juris was however, scared that Drei following her to the hospital would rather create problems but Drei asked her not to worry since he did his duty as a married man.

Besides, Leyna wanted him to follow her to hospital. Drei realised something was still bothering Juris and she said it was about Dante since he was set free which meant that the case on Bogs was still opened and Fina would still be at their back. Drei told her not to worry since Dante was his former worker and if people found out, he would rather be in trouble.

Juris then confessed that he would not be in trouble, she would since she made him confess to k!lling Bogs after Drei sacked Dante for stealing from him to take care of his hospitalised wife who was suffering from leukemia.

A flashback showed Dante explaining to Drei after he was caught, that, he stole since he gad to take care of his wife who was seriously sick and his four children and he pleaded with him not to get him arrested. Drei said he did a wrong thing to steal, he would not get him arrested but sacked him instead.

Unknown to Drei, Juris was eavesdropping and she secretly met with Dante and offered him a deal to admit into k!lling Bogs and she would pay for his wife’s medical treatment, and pay the tuition fees of his four children and also ensured that he did not end up in prison.

However, after his wife’s d£ath, Dante wanted to expose her so she thought even dismissing the case covered her up so she quickly went to give Dante money for him to escape with his children. She knew Fina would stop at nothing till she uncovered the truth but Drei was against her act. Juris said he did all that for them and also to cover Greco since he was the one being accused of the d£ath of Bogs.

Drei then revealed that it was all his fault as he was watching the footage of Greco visiting Bogs and his mother intercepted it and paid someone to lie to the NBI to blame Greco. Juris said Matilda did that to protect him so did she. Meanwhile, Greco never stopped pursuing Samuel, Lolita’s son to buy him toys.

The boy showed his toy to Lucio and said a stranger bought it for him and Lucio queried Lolita but she said she did not see that stranger. Fina went to Greco’s office once again to seek his help to uncover the person who forced Dante to admit to a crime that he did not commit. Gaylord said he knew nothing about that and learnt from Fina that Dante has escaped after his case was dismissed.

Gaylord then offered to help her fight for the custody of her son Noah since he could not help her with Joy. He told her she needed to prove that she had good social, economic and moral life to win her seven years son custody. Later, Lolita found out that Greco was with her son again and her husband was also coming to the place so she took her son away and scolded Greco that evening when the friends met.

Lolita told her friends to talk to Greco since he wanted to kidnap Samuel. Greco denied kidnapping the boy. Drei tried talking to him not to add more troubles to their already existence trouble since his act would ruin Lolita’s marriage.

Greco then revealed to Drei that Samuel was his son and only wanted to be a father to the kid since his dad could not be a father figure to him. He did not want his son to suffer same fate. Drei was surprised to hear the confession.

After Dolores warned her against trusting Gaylord, Fina went to the prosecutor’s office to deliver the needed documents for Gaylord to kick-start the custody work. She asked Gaylord why he was helping her, whether he did something against her and wanted to use the custody case to make up for it but Gaylord denied. Juris came to find the two and was surprised to see both together.


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