Mea Culpa Episode 15

Mea Culpa Episode 15 Fina is arrested for kidnapping, DNA test proves Leyna is not Fina’s daughter

Fina and Armand went to see Noah but was not allowed in. She called her son and talked to him. She went to the police to force them to do something about the threat message she received on her son. The police said they would provide her son with maximum security.

She was also told that investigation was on going on Caloy, the suspect to find his hideout. Fina and Armand went to the cemetery and she promised Amor that she would find justice for her. Armand noticed that someone was spying on them so he alerted Fina but the guy hid. Fina then returned to give some stuffs she bought for Noah to send it to school.

The friends met and Drei was quite sure that what Greco did would make Fina stay put and be with her son instead of digging out the truth about her missing daughter, least did they know that Fina had suspected that she was close to the truth, reason her son was being dragged into the mess.

Fina promised Armand that she would not stop since she was close into finding the truth. She made it a point to get to Lena and asks her questions. At the funeral of Emil, Gaylord still did not agree with his friends on what they did since that was child endangerment and were dragging minors into the issue.

Juris said Fina started off with Bogs d£ath and later went to investigate each one of them, now she has fixed her eyes on Leyna which resulted in Emil’s d£ath so she would not forgive her. She then lamented and cried to Emil for forgiveness.

Juris got an assistant for her daughter. Soon, Fina appeared at the San Juan’s City hall and saw Leyna. She hugged her and Fina asked if she was planning to work there again. Juris appeared in the scene to demand the assistant to send Leyna inside. Fina claimed the child is hers and Juris slapped her. She asked the security to take Fina away and accused her of harassment and kidnapping.

Fina was put behind bars and was told to find a lawyer but Fina said she did not have money for lawyer and she called Dolores to inform her. Dolores did a live video and the news of Fina who has a missing daughter in her quest for finding her daughter landed her in jail. This compelled Matilda and Titong to step in.

Fina was released and she found out that Matilda got her released and the woman sent her to her senate office and made it clear that she understood her as a mother and also wanted her to understand her by not drag Drei’s name into the mud since he would run for the forthcoming elections. She asked what she would do for Fina to stop destroying the name of her family and Fina said she wanted a DNA test with Leyna.

Matilda agreed and got Fina interviewed on another media channel which Fina expressed her gratitude for being released by the kind courtesy of the senator and also for pledging to help her find her daughter. Dolores got disappointed when she saw the news. She later warned Fina on the people that she was trusting.

Fina chose the health centre and Dolores escorted her to conduct the test. She and Juris quarrelled at the place and also put Dolores in her place. Dolores believing that her daughter was dead did not recognise Juris when she came face to face with her. The test was conducted and the result was out within two weeks time. Fina read it and it was 00.1per cent which meant that Leyna was not her daughter.


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