Mea Culpa Episode 16

Mea Culpa Episode 16 Fina finds her supposed daughter, Greco finds proof against Lucio

Mea Culpa Episode 16 Fina finds her supposed daughter, Greco finds proof against Lucio

As Fina came out of the lab, Dolores suggested they conduct a second test but Fina did not want to become a bother or worry Leyna. Matilda told Dolores to contact her should Fina need any assistance in finding her missing daughter.

That night, Juris had a dream of her shooting Fina and believed she had k!lled Fina. Drei woke up to tell her it was a mere dream. While Fina believed she was back to square one in finding Joy, a strange woman by name Zoila appeared with Dolores to introduce Christie as the daughter of Fina.

She explained that Barbara was her cousin and once she saw Fina pleading for anyone who had seen her daughter, she was scared she would be implicated in Barbara’s kidnapping issue so she brought Christie since she could no longer treat her medical condition. She also gave a baby’s attire that “J” was written on it.

In order to ascertain whether or not Christie was her daughter, Juris had a DNA test with the girl and herself. The result turned out to be positive. Dolores featured it in the news and Gaylord and Lolita became upset after the five friends watched the news. They queried the person behind the act and it turned out to be Juris.

Juris recalled going to Matilda’s office to thank her for helping her out. Matilda said their problem was half way solved. She said Fina for now would not worry them but since she was searching for her daughter she might returned so they had to give Fina what she wanted not necessarily by giving Leyna to them.

Juris then initiated the plan and went to the old stuffs of Leyna to find the baby dress, Leyna was wearing when found in Baguio. Gaylord said they would be charged with child abuse, Obstruction of Justice, kidnapping among others and disagreed with Juris.

Lolita sided with Gaylord and told Juris that after tempering the DNA test result of Leyna, it was okay for her to live in peace. Juris insisted that it was the only way to get Fina from her back. Greco advised them to let the issue stay in there.

Fina then stayed with Christie and made her start addressing her with mother. She made her eat good food and told her they would soon get reunited with her senior brother, Noah in Baguio. She realised some cigarette bruises on the back of Christie and the girl told her how Felix, her adoptive father maltreated her.

She started to have a routine check on Christie and was confirmed to be anemic and had not been eating well. Fina was told to add iron to the food of Christie. Matilda asked Juris for a favour to make a party member’s son who raped someone go scot free but Juris said the girl was a minor, just 14years and would not allow the man to go scot free.

Matilda was surprised as to how Juris turned her down. Juris told Drei and the latter told his wife that his mother wanted to save the image of the party. Drei then received a call from Greco to find out that Bogs case was no longer in his hands but in the hands of Yandro. This made them shiver.

Armand visited Fina and she told him how badly she felt for her daughter due to the mistreatment she passed through. Armand asked to speak to Christy’s foster parents since they might know something about Bogs. Elsewhere, Zoila showed the money they got to Felix talking about how useful Christy was to them when Manuel arrived.

At the NBI, Armand told Yandro to do a background check on Barbara’s cousin Zoila. Right then, Greco arrives confronting Yandro about getting back Bogs case because Bogs was his friend and he is the one supposed to handle the case but Armand tells him the case didn’t move forward when he was in charge but Greco said it’s not true so Yandro asked why he doesn’t want anyone handing the case and if he is hiding something because he is only doing his job.

Lolita helped the kids with their homework when Lucio arrived to join them and right then they watch the news about a syndicate member turning himself in to become a state witness.

Lucio received a call and Lolita spied on him. Lucio met up with his henchmen and instructed them on what to do. Greco’s spy oscar also introduced to Lucio as their new recruit. Oscar then called Greco to inform him that Lucio was indeed the boss of the syndicate.

Fina went to see Noah and introduced him to Christy. Fina took her two kids to Amor’s grave and promised not to stop until she justice for her. Matilda and Titong treated Drei to lunch with other members of their party. They asked Drei for his opinion about the d£ath penalty and he said he believed in giving people a second chance.

Fina took Joy and Noah to an eatery. Armand called Fina telling her that they couldn’t find any documents about Zoila so they would keep on with the investigation. Noah saw Christy pickpocketing a man and reported her to Fina.

Fina scolded her so Christy told her that Zoila taught her that since they always made her steal surprising Fina. Later, Fina told her friend about what Joy told her and called Armand that she wanted to go with him to see Zoila.

The Next Day, Fina and Armand went to see Zoila and her husband Felix but they were informed about how some men came to pick them up and they haven’t been back since. Felix pressured Ziola to call her boss to demand for more money which she did.

Titong informed Matilda and Drei about Zoila calling Manuel often demanding more money but Matilda did not want to give in since they would keep demanding more so Titong told Manual to cut off Zoila’s contact with him.

Dolores decided to call Zoila but the phone was with Manuel who discarded the sim card. Fina arrived home with Armand to find out that her money was missing and her friends accused Christy but she denied it. Later, Armand and Fina talked about how rude Christy was. Armand encouraged her not to give up on her.

At home, Juris watched the portrait of Emil and cried. She recalled when she was bull!ed in highschool for being adopted until Emil came to defend her, how Emil used to calm her down after she had nightmares, how he took her to the hospital and the doctor said she was suffering from trauma and anxiety and Emil promised to always be with her. She smelt his shirt and began to cry when Leyna arrived and she promised they would always be together.

Later, Fina found the missing money in the pocket of Christy who was asleep. The Next Day, she apologised to her friends and asked to leave Christy with them.

Elsewhere, Greco called Lolita to inform her that he has a proof that Lucio was indeed the head of the syndicate kidnapping and selling children so she should leave Lucio already since he was a criminal. Lucio interrupted them and Lolita pretended to be talking to Juris.


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