Mea Culpa Episode 2

Mea Culpa Episode 2 Bogs attempts to commit suicide, Fina’s mother in-law fight with her for the custody of the children

The six young lawyers arrived at their rented apartment in Baguio. Drei went to buy baby foods and they agreed on who would cater for the baby. Juris appointed herself since no one was in the capacity to take care of the child.

Greco was surprised that Juris could take care of babies and Drei talked about how Juris grew up in orphanage and her adopted father took care of her at the age of seven. Juris retorted that it was at the age of 10 and urged her friends to ask her about anything instead of asking third parties.

They traveled back to their destination and at a filing station Fina came across Juris who was making a call with her dad. Fina was still searching for the baby as well as the woman who posed off as nurse to make away with Joy. She used the cartography of the kidnapper to search for her but to no avail.

Juris and her friends arrived home. They told her she could call to ask them anything should she be in need for anything for the baby. Juris advised Greco and Lolita to keep it down as Lolit was a married woman. Lolita tried to end things with Greco.

She was not having that courage to divorce her husband for her friend since her husband was an influential person and asked Greco they should maintain their friendship. Greco was poised on waiting for her.

Drei wanted to stay over and sleep in his car but Juris refused and asked him to go home. Drei went home to find his mother holding a party to announce her candidature for the senator position. Drei received a call from Juris as the baby couldn’t eat and she sent her to hospital only to discover that the baby was allergic to egg.

The two decided to give the baby up for adoption. When they went Juris recalled her bitter childhood that her father and mother always fight. The mother always thought of her work and cared less about her family. Juris father later gave her up for adoption, telling her that there were bad people after him and once everything was over he would return for her but didn’t.

Juris ran from the orphanage and became a street child. She was bullied by peers and was later kidnapped by child trafficking syndicate and her adopted father cornered the syndicate together with the police and set them free. Juris saw the baby crying and she took the baby back from the nuns and went away with the baby.

Matilda got home and couldn’t find Drei. She realised her son had even cancel all of his meetings and has rescheduled them for the following week. She called Juris father and the man went home to find the six friends with the baby. The six friends were looking through newspapers to find any news about the body they buried and the baby.

Their television was also on news channel as Fina was shown on the news, that was when Juris father appeared to ask his daughter what happened to her and about the baby which distracted them. Greco told him that they found the child abandoned at the corridor and they took her in. Thy believed the child could be a student’s child and did not have that capacity.

Juris said she wanted the child and the man said the humans were not puppy that when one wanted them they keep it. There were legal process that one has to pass through to adopt the child.

Drei now further explained that the baby got sick so Juris sent her to the hospital the previous night which made the man understood that it was not Juris who was actually sick but the baby as Matilda had told told him. Later, Juris and her father sent the baby for adoption and the man told her if she do that she would not see the child again. Juris named the child Lena, a name she saw in a magazine about a model.

Her father said the meaning of the name was Truth so the name would serve as a guiding principles for her to always say the truth.

“What if the truth will hurt people?”

“That is a tough question but I will say follow your conscience.”

The six friends except Bogs swore an oath during their graduation. Soon, Greco went to NBI training, Gaylord prosecuting papers were processing and Lolita was introduced to head the legal department of her husband’s firm. Later in the washroom, she overheard some of the legal workers gossipping about her and she came out for them to see that she heard their ugly conversation about her.

Drei also swore into the National Democratic Alliance as a political figure. Bogs however, wanted to commit suicide. Elsewhere, Fina assured her mother that they would find the baby. Fina lamented that if her husband Romeo was there the incident wouldn’t have happened.

A Flashback showed that Romel told Fina about a trip to Dolha, Qatar to seek for greener pastures and to raise money to cater for the family. However, an accident occured and he d!ed. Fina who had gone for her mother, Armour from Manila Bureau of Corrections was taken out for good meals and she apologised for being out of Fina’s life for 10years and also giving her up to her sisters which made Fina unable to complete school.

Fina told her to forget about the past for them to move on. She introduced her mother to the workers who were merely farmers. Soon, she received a call from Qatar about the death of her husband. The mortal remains of Romel was rushed to Philippines and a wake was held for him. His mother came and accused Fina for the death of her son and threatened to gain the custody of her son’s children.

Meanwhile, Juris worked at Golmez-Villa Manalastas Law firm. Her father called her to tell her that the baby was sick and was sent to St John’s Hospital. The doctor diagnosed the baby of anaemia and gave some diet that could make the baby get well. Juris told Drei that she wanted to tell her father the truth.

“What was that?

“Tell me the truth about what? Juris?”


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